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JAMES MONTGOMERY is admitted by all the critics to be at the head of the religious poets of the present age. Since the bard of Olney, no one has surpassed him in purity of sentiment or fervour of devotion. For half a century he has been slowly and constantly increasing in the popular favour, and his reputation has now a compass and a solidity which forbid all thought of its decay.

Of the throng of competitors among whom he has won his laurels, CRABBE, BYRON, SOUTHEY, COLERIDGE and CAMPBELL have gone before him into the region of the Unknown; and ROGERS and WORDSWORTH, his venerable brothers, are permitted with him to linger at the gates of the Future and listen to the applauses of posterity. They are the noblest impersonations of Piety, Philosophy, and Taste, and they are all immortal.

In the last and completest edition of his works, published recently in London, Mr. MONTGOMERY has given in various prefaces and notes an account of his

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