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apology for again laying before our readers a series of elegant literature, well calculated to edify and amuse them.

The extraordinary circulation of our former volumes, which have long since found their way into every district of our empire, renders superAuous any prefatory remarks on the plan and objects of this work, which are now sufficiently understood; and the success of which has given us much reason for self-congratulation, from the reflection, that the cause of morality has been seconded in no small degree by our simple exertions. ,

We will challenge the most rigid observer to produce from any of our volumes, notwithstanding the number of light articles which may be found in them, a single passage which can give offence to the most delicate mind, or militate in the smallest degree against those moral and religious principles which are the true and only bonds of virtuous society.

A serious apology, however, is due to our, readers, in consequence of their numerous applications for the present volume, which has unluckily been detained in the press several months

beyond the usual period of publication: a variety of causes have contributed to the delay; but it has enabled us to make several improvements in our plan, which will not fail to prove acceptable. We have, for example, not only had an opportunity of examining with attention, the great variety of works which the last year has added to British literature ; but we have also incorporated the essence of, and criticisms on many works, particularly those of fancy, with which the present season has abounded; and thus we have inserted not only a much greater number of articles, but have admitted a far more interesting selection than on any former occasion.

In the present volume will be found a number of excellent pieces which have been transmitted to us for the part which is devoted to original communications; and we shall feel much satisfaction in being enabled annually to increase this portion of our miscellany, with similar and more abundant materials.

The correspondents who have favoured us with observations on our last volume will be pleased, generally, to accept our thanks and gratitude for the trouble which they have taken. We have, m the present volume, complied with the request of the ladies at Christchurch, by translating all the mottos which we have taken from the foreign or classical langnages; but the translations of such as have appeared in the preceding volumes, must be deferred till the publication of new editions ; which, from the small number of copies in hand, will speedily be necessary.


Account of the Bagne, or Prison of Constantinople, with

the History of an unfortunate Turkish Chief.

Pouqueville's Travels in the Morea .... 52

Hymns to the Evening Star. The first from Translations

from the Greek Anthology. The second from a

London Newspaper ...


Account of the celebrated Baron Trenck. Dutens's Men

moirs of a Traveller now in Retirement . . . . 59

On the Summer Solstice. Graves's Triflers . . . . . 61

Triumph of the Art of Hair-Dressing over Philosophy.

Kotzebue's Travels in Italy ........ 63

Particulars of Chatterton. Ireland and the Black Letter

Bible's Confessions . .. .. . .. .. 66

Taste and Fashion. Mrs. Robinson's Poems . : ... 70

The Benevolent Nobleman. Sans Souci Park ... 71

Iutrepidity of George III. Dutens's Memoirs of a Tra- .

: veller . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82

Picturesque Description of Edinburgh and its Vicinity.

Bristed's Edward and Anna ......83

The Common Lot. Montgomery's Poems ...... 89

Ludicrous Conduct of an African Sovereign. Durand's

Voyage to Senegal .......... 91

God's Providence. · Dutens's Memoirs of a Traveller . . 94

The Mariner's Dream. Naval Chronicle, Vol. XVI. . . 95

Justification of the Queen of Naples. Kotzebue's Travels

in Italy ... . . . . 98

Character of the Emperor Alexander. The Text and

Classical Notes from an Anonymous quarto

Poemn lately published; with farther Ilustra-

tions of the Emperor's Character, from Kot-

sebue .............. 101

The Prisoners of Banditti. Carey's Secrets of the Castle . 114

Lines on visiting the Tomb of Julia, by a Young Noble-

man. Anon. . . . . . . . . . . . . 125

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