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Particulars of Chatterton. Ireland and the Black Letter

Bible's Confessions

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The Benevolent Nobleman. Sans Souci Park
Intrepidity of George III. Dutens's Memoirs of a Tra-


Picturesque Description of Edinburgh and its Vicinity.

Bristed's Edward and Anna

The Common Lot. Montgomery's Poems

Ludicrous Conduct of an African Sovereign. Durand's
Voyage to Senegal

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God's Providence. Dutens's Memoirs of a Traveller

The Mariner's Dream. Naval Chronicle, Vol. XVI.


Justification of the Queen of Naples. Kotzebue's Travels

in Italy

Character of the Emperor Alexander.

The Text aud

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The Unnatural Son. Dutens's Memoirs of a Traveller
Ludicrous Eclaircissement. Spirit of the French Anas
Handel's Music. Forbes's Life of Dr. Beattie
On the Custom of saluting a Person when he sneezes.
Translations from the Greek Anthology

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The Use of Three Wives. Spirit of French Anas
Interesting Particulars relative to the Royal Tiger of Ben-
Captain Williamson's Wild Sports of the


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The Royal Institution. Surr's Winter in London
Account of the present State of Dublin Castle. Sir J.

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Manners of the Abipons, and other Savage Nations of
South America. Helms's Travels to Peru

Clapton House, at Stratford-on-Avon. Ireland's Con-

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