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HIS volume is issued in connection with “Easy

Rhymes and Simple Poems," and Bowman's “Poetry, Ancient and Modern,” being the addenda to the former and stepping-stone to the latter. The three volumes embrace a wide and varied selection of choice poems from British Authors, also a few from Transatlantic sources; and here we desire to express our thanks for the use of some copyright contributions, the authorship of which has been duly acknowledged. In the present edition care has been taken that the pieces chosen should not be of an excessive length, but, both in sentiment and variety, well adapted to the tastes and capacities of the young; and that it may be welcomed in the home circle and in schools is the earnest wish oi the Compiler.

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There is an Ancient Man. The Buried Flower Duty of Prayer Stanzas on the Sea........... King Canute Seaside Thoughts Path of Life.. The Irish Maiden's Song. England's Oak Oh, where do Fairies hide their heads? I remember, I remember. Home Joys Victoria's Tears A Thought of Home at Sea... Hunting Song .. Blessed are they that mourn The Soldier's Dream Men of England... Vision of Belshazzar Adieu to his Native Land The Harper From the Ancient Mariner The Old Arm-Chair Try Again...... Hallowed be Thy Name The Gipsy Child..... The English Ship by Moonlight The Wakening Life and Death The Englishman




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