A Poetical Translation of the Works of Horace: With the Original Text, and Critical Notes

A. Miller, 1750
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Página 134 - Antoni, quotiens in altos nubium tractus; ego apis Matinae more modoque grata carpentis thyma per laborem plurimum circa nemus uvidique 30 Tiburis ripas operosa parvus carmina fingo.
Página 175 - Before great Agamemnon reign'd, Reign'd kings as great as he, and brave, Whose huge ambition's now contain'd In the small compass of a grave; In endless night they sleep, unwept, unknown, No bard had they to make all time their own.
Página 63 - Thro' watchful guards its passage make, And loves thro' solid walls to break : From gold the overwhelming woes That crush'd the Grecian augur rose : Philip with gold thro...
Página 115 - Fainting beneath the sweltering heat, To cooling streams and breezy shades The shepherd and his flocks retreat, , While rustic sylvans seek the glades ; ,Silent the brook its borders laves, Nor curls one vagrant breath of wind the waves.
Página 195 - So branching Aufidus, who laves The Daunian realms, fierce rolls his waves, When to the golden labours of the swain He meditates his wrath, and deluges the plain.
Página 147 - Intrepid, fierce, beget th' unwarlike dove. FRANCIS. From my own Apartment, June 23. HAvING lately turned my thoughts upon the considerations of the behaviour of parents to children in the great affair of marriage, I took much delight in turning over a bundle of letters, which a gentleman's steward in the country had sent me some time ago.
Página 79 - Gentle cask of mellow wine, And of equal age with mine ; — Whether you to broils, or mirth, Or to madding love, give birth; Or the toper's temples steep Sweetly in ambrosial sleep; For whatever various use You preserve the...
Página 5 - I lay Near to my natal soil, around my head The fabled woodland doves a verdant foliage spread ; Matter, be sure, of wonder most profound To all the gazing habitants around, Who dwell in Acherontia's airy glades, Amid the Bantian woods, or low Ferentum's meads. By snakes of poison black, and...
Página 149 - Yet sage instructions, to refine the soul And raise the genius, wondrous aid impart, Conveying, inward as they purely roll, Strength to the mind, and vigour to the heart : When morals fail, the stains of vice disgrace The fairest honours of the noblest race.
Página 2 - Non hoc iocosae conveniet lyrae : Quo, Musa, tendis ? Desine pervicax 70 Referre sermones deorum et Magna modis tenuare parvis. Descende caelo et die age tibia Regina longum Calliope melos, Seu voce nunc mavis acuta, Seu fidibus citharaque Phoebi.

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