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Cobloaf, a crusty, uneven loaf Control, to confute

Curiosity, finical delicacy, soruCock, cock-boat Convent, to serve or agree

pulousness or captiousness Cockle, a weed

Convented, cited, summoned Curious, scrupulous Cockled, inshelled like a cockle Conversation, familiar inter-Curled, ostentatiously dressed Cock-shut-time, twilight (apple course, conduct, behaviour Currents, occurrences Codling, anciently an immature Converse, interchange

Cursed, under the influence of a Coffin, the cavity of a raised pie Conversion, change of condition malediction Cog, to falsify, to lie, to defraud Convertite, convert

Curst, petulant, crabbed, shrewd. Cognizance, the badge or token Convey, to perform slight of

ish or mischievous, severe, Coigne, corner

hand, to manage artfully harsh, vehemently angry Coil, bustle, stir

Conveyance, theft, fraud (convict Curstness, ill-humour Cold, naked

[tion Convince, to overpower, subdue, Curtail, a cur of little value Collect, to assemble by observa- Convicted, overpowered, baffled Curtal, a docked horse Collection, corollary, consequence Convive, to feast

Curtle-ax, or cutlace, a broad. Collied, black, smutted with coal Cope, to encounter, to engage


(tard or pie Collier, formerly a term of the Cope, covering

Custard-coffin, the crust of a cus. highest reproach

Copped, rising to a cop, or head Customer, a common woman Colour, pretence

Copy, theme [couragement Cut, a horse
Colourable, specious

Coragio, an exclamation of en- Cyprus, a transparent stuff
Colours, appearances, deceits Corinthian, a wencher
Colt, to fool, to trick
Corky, dry, withered, husky

Co-mart, a joint bargain

Corners, by-places
Combinate, betrothed
Corollary, surplus

Daf or doff, to do off, to put
Combine, to bind
Coronet, a crown

Dally, to play or trifle (aside Combined, bound by agreement Corrigible, corrected

Damn, condemn Comforting, aiding

Costard, the head

(nary Danger, reach or control Commence, to give a beginning Coster-monger, meanly, merce. Dank, wet, rotten Commended, committed

Cote, to overtake. [garded Danskers, natives of Denmark Commission, authority, power Coted, quoted, observed, or re- Dare, to challenge or incite Commodity, interest, profit Cotsale, Cotswood in Gloucester-Dark-house, a house made glooms Commonty, a comedy

Covered, hollow

[shire by discontent Compact, made up of

Count, to make account, to rec- Darkling, in the dark Companion, fellow

(man Darraign, to arrange, put in or. Company, companion Count Confect, a specious noble. Daub, to disguise

(der Comparative, a dealer in compa- Countenance, false appearance, Daubery, falsehood and imposiCompare, comparison (risons hypocrisy

(trait Day-bed, a couch

[tion Compassed, round

Counterfeit, a likeness, a por. Day-light, broad day Compassionate, plaintive (ciates Counter points, counterpanes Day-noman, dairy-maid Competitors, confederates or asso. County, count, earl

Dear, best, important, dire Complements, accomplishments Cower, to sink by bending the Dearn, lonely, solitary Complexion, humour


[large tub Death-tokens, spots appearing on Comply, to compliment [tion Cowl-staff, a staff for carrying a those infected by the plague Compose, to come to a composi.Coy, to soothe or stroke

D boshed, debauched Composition, contract or bargain, Coyed, condescended unwillingly Decay, misfortunes

consistency, concordancy Coystril, a coward cock, a mean Deceivable, deceptious Composture, composition, com- or drunken fellow

Deck, to cover, a pack Comptible, submissive (postCozier, a tailor or botcher Decline, to run through from first Con, to know [thoughtCrab, a wild apple

Declined, the fallen

(to last Conceit, fanciful conception, Crack, dissolution

Deem, opinion, surmise Concent, connected harmony in Crack, a boy or child, a boy.child Defeat, destruction general [lution Cranks, windings

Defeatures, features, change of Conclusion, determination, reso. Crants, chants

features for the worse Conclusions, experiments

Crare, a small trading vessel Defence, art of fencing Concupy, concupiscence.

Craven, a degenerate, dispirited Defend, to forbid Condition, tem per, character, cock

[cowardly Defensible, furnishing the means qualities, vocations or inclina. Craven, mean, cowardly, to make Defiance, refusal (of defence Condolement, sorrow [tions Create, compounded, or made up Deformed, deforming Conduct, conductor

Credent, creditable, credible Deftly, dexterously, with adroit. Coney-catched, deceived, cheated Credit, account, information, cre. Defy, to refuse, to distain (ness Coney-catcher, a cheat, or sharper dulity

[beacon Degrees, steps Confession, profession

Credit, a great light set upon a Delay, to let slip
Conject, conjecture
Cressive, increasing

Demerits, merits
Conjecture, suspicion (to consume Crest, the top, the height Demise, to grant
Confound, to destroy, to expend, Crestless, those who have no right Demurely, solemnly
Confounded, worn or wasted

to arms

(bent, hollow Denay, denial Consent, to agree

Crisp, curling, winding, curled, Denied, disbelieved or contemned Consent, conspiracy, will, assent, Critic, cynic

Denier, the twelfth part of a Consigned, sealed (united voice Critical, censorious

French sou Consist, to stand upon

Crone, an old worn-out woman Denotements, indications or dig. Consort, company

Crossés, money stamped with a Deny, to refuse (coveries Consort, to keep company with Crow, to exult over (cross Depart, to part Constancy, consistency, stability Crow-keeper, a scare-crow Departing, separation Constant, firm, determined Crown, to conclude

Depend, to be in service Constantly, certainly, without Cronined, dignified, adorned Deprive, to disinherit [roots fluctuation Crornet, last purpose

Deracinate, to force up by the Contemptible, contemptuous Cry, a troop or pack

Derogate, degraded, blasted Continent, the thing which con. Cue, in stage cant, the last words Descant, a term in music Continents, banks of rivers (tains of the preceding speech

Desert, merit Continuate, uninterrupted Cuisses, armour for the thighs Deserved, deserving Contraction, marriage contract Cullion, a despicable fellow Design, to mark out Contrarious, different

Cunning, sagacity, knowledge Despatched, bereft Contrive, to spend and wear out Curb, to bend or truckle

Desperate, bold, adventurous



Detected, charged or guilty


Extremes, extravagance of con-
Determined, ended

duct, extremities
Dibble, an instrument used by gar- Eager, sour, sharp, harsh Eyases, young nestlings
Rich, dit or do it [deners Eanlings, lambs just dropt Eyas musket, Infant lilliputian
Dickon, familiarly for Richard Ear, to plough

Eye, a small shade of colour
Die, gaming

Ensy, slight, inconsiderable Eyliads, glances, looks. See Oei.
Diet, regimen

Eche, to eke out
[ness Eyne, eyes

fliads Diet, to oblige to fast

Ecstasy, alienation of mind, mad-
Difused, extravagant, irregular Effects, affects, or affections, ac-

Digress, to deviate from the right tions, deeds effected
Digression, transgression
Eftest, deftest, readiest

Face, to carry a foolish appear.
Dint, impression

Egypt, a gipsy Direction, judgment, skill

Eld, old time, or persons Faced, turned up with facings Disable, to undervalue

Element, initiation, previous Facinorous, wicked Disappointed, unprepared


Fact, guilt Disclose, to hatch

Embossed, inclosed, swollen, puffy Factious, active
Discontenting, discontented Embowelled, exhausted

Faculties, medicinal virtues, of
Discontents, malcontents
Embraced, indulged in

fice, exercise of power
Discourse, reason
Eminence, high honours

Fadge, to suit or fit Disdained, disdainful

Empery, dominion, sovereign Fading, the burthen of a song Disease, uneasiness, discontent command

[contention Fain, fond Diseases, sayings

Emulation, rivalry, envy, factious Fair, beauty, complexion, fairness
Disgrace, hardship, injury Emulous, jealous of higher autho- Fair-betrothed, fairly contracted,
Dislimns, unpaints, obliterates Encave, to hide

honourably affianced
Dispark, to destroy a park Enfeoff, to invest with possession Faith, fidelity
Disponge, discharge as a sponge Engine, instrument of war, mili- Faithful, not an in fidei
Dispose, to make terms, to settle tary machine, the rack

Faithfully, fervently
Engross, to fatten, to pamper

Faitors, traitors, Tascals
Disposition, frame

Engrossments, accumulations Fall, to let fall, to drop
Disputable, disputatious
Enkindle, to stimulate

Fall, an ebb
Dispute, to talk over
Enmen, to coop up

False, to make false
Dissemble, to gloss over

Ensconce, to protect as with a fort Falsely, dishonestly, treacherousDissembling, putting dissimilar Enseamed, greasy

Falsing, falsifying things together. Enshield, shielded

Familiar, a demon Distaste, to corrupt, to change Entertain, to retain in service Fancy, love [power of love to a worse state

Entertainment, the pay of an Fancy-free, exempt from the Distemper, intoxication

army, admission to office Fang, to seize or gripe Distemperature, perturbation Entreatments, the objects of en- Fanged, possessed of fangs Distem pered, ruffled, out of hu- Envy, hatred or malice [treaty Fans, ancient mour

(rate bodies Ephesian, a cant term for a toper Fantastical, creatures of fancy Distraclions, detachments, sepa. Equipage, stolen goods

Fap, drunk
Distraught, distracted
Erenhile, just now

Far, extensively
Diverted, turned out of the course Erring, wandering

Farced, stuffed Dividable, divided (of nature Escoted, paid

Fashions, farcens or farcy Division, the pauses or parts of Esil, a river so called, or vinegar Fast, determined, fixed musical composition

Esperance, the motto of the Percy Fat, dull Divulged, spoken of

Espials, spies

[family Fate, an action predetermined by
Doctrine, skill
Essential, existent, real

Favour, countenance, features,
Doff, see Daff
Estimate, price

indulgence, pardon, appearance
Dole, lot, allowance
Estimation, conjecture

Fear, the object of fear, danger
Dolphin, the Dauphin of France Eterne, eternal [equal, fellow Fear, to intimidate
Don, to do on, to put on

Even, calm, equitable, temperate, Feared, frightened
Done, expended, consumed
Even, to act up to

Fearful, timorous, formidable
Examined, questioned, doubted Feat, ready, dexterous
Double, full of duplicity
Excrement, the beard

Feat, an exploit
Doubt, to fear

Excrements, the hair, nails, fea. Feated, formed, made neat Dout, to do out, extinguish

thers of birds, &c.

Feature, beauty in general, cast Donle, a feather

Execute, to employ, to put to use and make of the face Down-gyved, hanging down like Execution, employment or exer- Federary, a confederate

what confines the fetters round Erecutors, executioners (cise Fee-grief, a peculiar sorrow the ancies

Exempt, excluded [confession Feeder, an eater, a servant
Drab, whoring

Exercise, exhortation, lecture, or Feere, or Pheere, a companion, a
Draught, the jakes
Erhule, hale or lug out

Feet, footing

[husband Drann, embowelled, exonerated Exhibition, allowance

Fell, skin Dread, epithet applied to kings E.rigent, end

[spirits Fell-feats, savage practices Drew, assembled

Exorcist, a person who can raise Fellon, companion [fence Dribbling, a term of contempt Expect, expectation

Fence, the art of, or skil in de Drive, to fly with impetuosity Expedient, expeditious

Feodary, an accomplice, 3
Drollery, a show performed by Expiate, fully completed

Fester, to corrupt (federate
Drugs, drudges (puppets Erpostulate, to inquire or discuss Festinately, hastily
Drumble, to act lazily and stupidly Ex posture, exposure

Festival terms, splendid phrases
Dry, thirsty
(to me Express, to reveal

Fet, fetched

Clogs Ducdame, duc ad me, bring him Expulsed, expelled

Fen, in short, in few words Dudgeon, the handle of a dagger Exsufflicate, contemptible, abo. Fico, a fig Due, to endue, to deck, to grace Extend, to seize (minable Fielded, in the field of battle Dull, melancholy, gentle, sooth-Extent, in law, violence in general Fierce, proud, hasty, vehement, ing [ble Extern, outward

Fig, to insult

(rapid Dull, to render callous, insensi. Ertirped, rooted out

Fights, clothes hung round a a person stupidly uncon- Extracting, that which draws ship to conceal the men from cerned

away from every thing but its Dump, a mournful elegy

own object

File, a list Dup, to do up, to lift up

Extravagant, wandering Filed, defiled

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the enemy

Filed, gone an equal pace with Friend, a lover, a term applica-| Gourds, a species of dice
Fills, the shafts

ble to both sexes, a paramour

Gouts, drops
Filths, common sewers
Friend, friendship

Grace, acceptableness, favour
Fine, the conclusion
Friend, to befriend

Grace, to bless, to make happy Fine, full of finesse, artful Frippery, a

shop where old Gracious, graceful, lovely Fine, to make shows, or specious clothes were sold

Grained, furrowed, like the grain Fineless, boundless, endless Frize, a cloth made in Wales of wood, died in grain or inFirago for Virago [fire-work From, in opposition to


(thanks Fire.drake, will-o'-the-wisp, or a Fronted, opposed

Gramercy, grand mercy, great Fire-new, bran-new, new from the Frontier, forehead

Grange, the farm-house of a mo. Firk, to chastise [forge Frontlet, a forehead cloth

nastery ; a lone house First, noblest, most eminent Frush, to break or bruise

Gratillity, gratuity
Fit, a division of a song
Frustrate, frustrated

Gratulate, gratifying, acceptable Fitchew, a polecat

Fulfilling, filling till there be no Grave, to entomb Filly, exactly

Full, complete (room for more Graves, or greaves, armour for Fives, a distemper in horses Fullams, loaded dice

Greasily, grossly (the legs Flap-dragon, a small inflammable Fullest, most complete and per- Greek, a bawd, or pander substance, which topers swal. Funniter, fumitory

[fect Green, unripe, not fully formed low in a glass of wine Furnished, dressed

Greenly, awkwardly, unskilfully Flap-jacks, pan-cakes

Greets, pleases Flask, a soldier's powder-horn


Grief, pain, grievances Flatness, lowness, depth

Griefs, grievances, wrongs Flaw, sudden violent gust of wind Gabardine, a loose felt cloak Grievances, sorrows, sorrowful af Flayed, stripped Gad, a pointed instrument

Grieve, to lament for (fections Flecked, spotted, dappled, streak. Gain-giving, misgiving

Grise, a step Fleet, to float

[edGainsay, to unsay, deny, contra-Grossly, palpably Fleeting, inconstant

Gait, way or steps

[dict Groundlings, the frequenters of Fleshment, first act of military Galliard, an ancient dance

the pit in the playhouse
(of a hound Galliasses, a species of galleys

Growing, accruing
Flewed, having the flews or chaps Gallonglasses, heavy armed foot Guard, defence
Flickering, fluttering like the Gallow, to scare or frighten Guard, to fringe or l ce
motion of a flame
Gallymamfry, a medley

Guarded, ornamented
Flight, a sort of shooting Game, sport, jest [a wanton Guards, badges of dignity
Flourish, ornament
Gamester, a frolicksome person,

Guerdon, reward
Flote, wave
Gaping, shouting or roaring

Guerdoned, rewarded
Flush, mature, ripe
Garboils, commotion, stir

Guiled, treacherous
Foeman, an enemy in war Garish, gaudy, showy

Guinea-hen, a prostitute
Foin, to thrust in fencing
Garner, to treasure up

Gules, red, a term in heraldry roizon, plenty

Gasted, frightened

Gulf, the swallow, the throat Folly, depravity of mind Gandy, a festival day

G-stones, cannon-balls Fond, foolish, or prized by folly Gands, baubles, toys

Gurnet, a fish resembling a piper Fonder, more weak or foolish Gaze, attention

Gust, taste, rashness Fondly, foolishly [head of a fool Gear, a general word for things Gyve, to catch, to shackle Focls zanies, baubles with the Geck, a fool

[or matters Gyves, shackles Foot-cloth, a housing covering the General, generality body of the horse, and almost General, compendious

H Teaching to the ground

Generation, children For, for that, since, because Generosity, high birth

Hack, to become cheap and vul. Forbid, under interdiction Generous, most noble

Haggard, a species of hawk (gar Force, power

Gentility, urbanity

Haggard, wild Force, to enforce, to urge

Gentle, noble, Figh-minded, be- Hair, complexion or character Force, to stuff

longing to gentry

Happily, accidentally, fortunately Forced, false

Gentry, complaisance

Happy, accomplished Fordid, destroyed

German, akin

Hardiment, bravery, stoutness Fordo, to undo, to destroy Germins, seeds begun to sprout

Harlocks, wild mustard Foredone, overcome

Gest, a stage or journey

Harlot, a cheat Forfended, prohibited, forbidden Gib, a cat

Harp, to touch on a passion Foreign, employed in foreign em. Gifts, endowments

Harrow, to conquer, to subdue Forepast, already had (bassies Giglot, a wanton wench [or 2s. Harry, to use roughly, to harass Fore-slow, to be dilatory, to loiter Gilder, a coin valued at is. 6d. Having, estate or fortune, proForestall, to prevent by anticipa- Gilt, gilding, golden inoney

motion, allowance of expense tion Gimmall, a ring or engine

Haviour, behaviour Forgetive, inventive, imaginative Ging, a gang

Haught, haughty Forked, horned

Gird, a sarcasm or gibe, emotion Haughty, high, elevated Formal, not out of form, regular, Gleek, to joke or scoff, to beguile Haunt, company [school

sensible, in form, in shape Glimmering, faintly illuminated Hay, a term in the fencing. Former, foremost

by the stars

[upon Head, the source, the fountain Forspent, wasted, exhausted Gloze, to expound, to comment Head, body of forces Forspoke, contradicted, spoken Glut, to englut or swallow up Heart, the most valuable or preForthcoming, in custody' (against Gnarled, knotted

Heat, heated

[cious part l'orwearied, worn out

Good-deed, indeed, in very deed Heat, violence of resentment Foul, homely, not fair

Good-den, good evening,

Heavy, slow For, a cant word for a sword

Good-life, of a moral or jovial turn Hebenon, henbane Forship, mean, cunning

Good jer, gougere, morbus galli. Hefted, heared Frampold, peevish, fretful, or Gorbellied, fat and corpulent [cus Hefts, heavings

(prison Frank, a stý

(cross Gossips, tattling women who at- Hell, an obscure dungeon in a Franklin, a little gentleman or tend lyings-in

Helmed, steered through freeholder

(nerous Gossomer, the white cobweb-like Hence, henceforward Free, artless, free from art, ge- exhalations that fly about 'in Henchman, a page of honour 30 Pret, the stop of a musical in. hot sunny weather

Hent, seized or taken possession strument, which regulates the Government, evenness of temper, Hereby, as it may happen Cof yibration of the string

decency of manners

Hermits, beadsmen

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Hest, behest, command [height Induction, entrance, beginning, Kinged, ruled by**
High-fantastical, fantastical to the preparations

Kinsman, near relative
High-repented, repented to the Indurance, delay, procrastination Kirtle, part of a woman's dress
Hight, called
[utmost Infinite, extent or power

Knave, servant
Hilding, a paltry cowardly fellow Ingaged, sometimes for unen- Knife, a sword or dagger
Hint, suggestion, circumstance Ingraft, rooted, settled (gaged Knots, figures planted in box
Hiren, a harlot
Inhabitable, not habitable

Know, to acknowledge
His, often used for its
Inherit, to possess

Know of, to consider
Hit, to agree

Inhibit, to forbid Hoist, hoisted

Inhopped, enclosed, confined
Hold, to esteem

Inkhorn-mate, a book-mate
Holla, a term of the manege Inkle, a kind of tape, crewell or Labras, lips
Holy, faithful


Laced mutton, a woman of the Home, completely, in full extent Inland, civilized, not rustic


{or page Honest, chaste

Insane, that which makes insane Lackeying, moring like a lacter
Honesty, liberality
Insconce, to fortify

Lag, the meanest persons
Honey-stalks, clover flowers
Insculped, engraven

Lances, lance-men
Honour, acquired reputation Inseparate, inseparable

Land-damn, to destroy in some Hoop, a measure

Instance, example, proof Lands, landing places {var Hope, to expect Instances, motives

Lapsed, time suffered to sitp
Horologe, clock
Insuit, solicitation

Large, licentious
Hox, to bam-string
Intend, to pretend

Lass-lorn, forsaken of his mis. Hull, to drive to and fro upon the Intending, regarding [tion Latch, to lay bold of (tress

water, without sails or rudder Intendment, intention or disposi- Latched, or letched, licked over Humorous, changeable, humid, Intenible, incapable of retaining

Late, lately. moist

Intention, eagerness of desire Lated, belated, benighted Hungry, steril, unprolific

Intentively, with full attention Latten, thin as a lathHunt-counter, base tyke, worth- Interessed, interested

Lavoltas, a kind of dances less dog

(morning song Intergatories, interrogatories Laund, lawn Hunts-up, the name of a tune, a Intermission, pause, intervening Lay, a wager Hurly, noise (sity time

(be cut Leaguer, the camp Hurtling, merry with impetuo- Intrenchant, that which cannot Leasing, lying Husbandry, thrift, frugality Intrinse, intrinsicate

Leather-coats, a species of apple
Huswife, a jilt
Invention, imagination

Leave, to part with, to give arsy
Inwardness, intimacy, confidence Leech, a physician
Iron, clad in armour

Leer, feature, complexion Irregulous, lawless, licentious Leet, court-leet, or court of the Ice-brook, a brook of icy qualities Issues, consequences, conclusions

manor l' fecks, in faith (in Spain Heration, citation, or recitation Legerity, lightness, nimbleness Ignomy, ignominy

Leges, alleges Ill-inhabited, ill-lodged


Leiger, resident Ill-nurtured, ill-educated

Leman, lover, mistress Images, children, representatives Jack, a term of contempt Lenten, short and spare Imaginary:. produced by the Jack-a-lent, a puppet thrown at L'envoy, moral, or conclusion of power of imagination [view in Lent

Let, to hinder

(a poem Imbare, to lay open or display to Jack guardant, a jack in office Let be, to desist Immanity, barbarity, savageness Jaded, treated with contempt, Lethe, death Immediacy, close connection worthless

Lend, ignorant, idle, Wicked Imp, to supply

Jar, the noise made by the pen-Lendly, wickedly Imp, progeny,

dulum of a clock

Libbard, or lubbar, a leopard Impair, unsuitable (partial Jauncing, jaunting

Liberal, licentious or gross in Impartial, sometimes used for Jesses, straps of leather by which Liberty, libertinism [language Impawned, wagered and staked the hawk is held on the fist License, an appearance of licenImpeach, to bring into question Jest, to play a part in a mask

tiousness Impeachment, reproach or impu- Jet, to strut

Lie, to reside, to be imprisoned tation, hinderance

Jovial, belonging to Jove Liefest, dearest Imperious, imperial

Journal, daily [agitation Lieger, an ambassador at a fo. Imperseverant, perseverant Impeticos, to impetticoat or im. Jump, hazard, to venture at Jump, to agree with, to put into Lifter, a thief (reign court

Light o' love, a dance tune Importance, importunacy (pocket Jump, just

Lightly, commonly, in ordinary Importance, the thing imported Justicer, justice, judge

Lightness, levity

[course Importing, implying, denoting Jut, to encroach

Like, to compare Impose, injunction, command Jutty, to project

Likelihood, similitude (virtue Impositions, commands (ceivable Juvenal, a young man

Likeness, specious or seeming Impossible, incredible or incon

Liking, condition of body [ling Impress, to compel to serve


Limbeck, a vessel used in distil. Impress, a device or motto

Limbo, a place supposed to be in Impugn, to oppose, to controvert Kam, awry, crooked

the neighbourhood of hell Incapable, unintelligent [colour Keech, a solid lump or mass Lime, bird-lime Incarnardine, to stain of a red Keel, to cool

Lime, to cement [with bird-lime Incensed, incited, suggested Keep, to restrain, to dwell, to Limed, entangled or caught, as Inclining, compliant

Keisar, Cæsar

[reside Limit, appointed time [derly Inclip, to embrace

Kernes, light-armed Irish foot Limited, appointed, regular, or. Inelude, to shut up, to conclude Key, the key for tuning, a tun. Limits, estimates, calculations Inclusive, enclosed


Line, genealogy
Incony, or kony, fine, delicate Kicksy-nicksy, a wife

Lined, delineated
Incorrect, ill-regulated
Increase, produce

Kiln-hole, a place into which Link, a torch of pitch?

coals are put under a stove Linstock, the staff to which the Indent, to bargain and article Kind, nature, species

match is fixed when ordnance Inder, something preparatory Kindless, unnatural Indifferent, sometimes for differ. Kindly, naturally

List, the bound or limit [is fired

Lither, flexible, yielding Indite, to convict [ent, impartial Kindly, kindred »

Little, miniature

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Livelihood, appearance of life Medicine, a she-physician Muffler, a kind of dress for the
Livery, a law phrase belonging to Meed, reward

lower part of the face the feudal tepures

Meed, merit, desert, excellence Muliters, muleteers
Living, estate, property
Meet, a match

Mulled, softened and dispirited
Living, speaking, manifest, ac. Meiny, people, domestics

Multiplied, multitudinous Loach, a small fish

(tual Memories, memorials, remem. Multiplying, multiplied Lob, looby, a term of contempt brances

Multitudinous, full of multitudes Lockram, some kind of cheap linen Memorized, made memorable Mummy, the balsamic liquor of Lode-star, the leading or guiding Memory, memorial

Muntane, worldly Lodged, laid by the wind (star Mephistophilus, the name of a Mure, a wall Loffe, to laugh

spirit or familiar

Murky, dark
Loggats, a game played with pins Mercutante, a merchant

Murrain, a plague in cattle
Longing, longed for (of wood Mere, exact, entire, absolute Muse, to admire, to wonder
Longly, longingly
Mered, mere

Must, a scramble
Loof, to bring a vessel close to the Mermaid, siren

Mutine, to rise in mutiny
Loon, or lown, a base fellow (wind Messes, degrees about court Mutines, mutineers
Lop, the branches

Metal, temper
Lot, a prize
Metaphysical, supernatural

Lottery, allotment

Mete-yard, measuring-yard
Lover, a mistress
Memed, confined

Napkin, handkerchief
Lown. See Loon

Micher, a truant, a lurking thief Napless, threadbare
Lonted, treated with contempt Miching, playing truant, skulking Native, formed by nature
Lonts, clowns

Mien, countenance [about Nature, natural parent
Losel, worthless, dishonest Mince, to walk with affected de- Nay-word, a watch-word or by
Lubbar. See Libbard

[reminding Neat, finical

Lullaby, sleep, in house, i. e. Minding, calling to remembrance, Neb or nib, the mouth
Lunes, lunacy, frenzy (cradle Mineral, a mine (of contempt Neeld, needle
Lurch, to win
Minnon, a small river fish, a term Neif, fist

Lure, a thing stuffed to tempt the Minstrelsy, office of minstrel Nephew, a grandson or any lineal
Lush, rank, luscious (hawk Misconceived, misconceivers Nether-stocks, stockings
Lust, inclination, will

Miscreate, ill-begotten, illegiti-Newness, innovation
Lustick, lusty, cheerful, pleasant Misdoubt, to suspect (mate Nent, the eft
Lusty, saucy

Miser, a miserable creature Next, nearest
Luxurious, lascivious
Misery, avarice

Nice, silly, trifling
Luxuriously, wantonly
Misprised, mistaken

Nick, reckoning or count
Lurury, lust

Misprising, despising, or under- Nick, to set a mark of folly on Lym, a species of dog

Missives, messengers {valuing Nighted, made dark as night

Mistaken, misrepresented Night-rule, frolic of the night
Mistempered, angry

Nine men's morris, a game
Misthink, to think ill

Nobility, distinction, eminence
Mace, a sceptre

Mistress, the jack in bowling Nobless, nobleness Mad, wild, inconstant

Mobled, or mabled, veiled, grossly Noddy, fool, a game at cards Made, enriched


Noise, music Magnificent, glorying, boasting Mode, the form or state of things Nonce, on purpose, for the turn Magnifico, a chief man or grandee Model, image, representative, Nook-shotten, that which shoots at Venice copy

into capes

Mailed, wrapped up, covered with Modern, trite, common, meanly Northern-man, vir borealis, a
Main-top, top of the mainmast Modesty, moderation (pretty Note, notice, information, remark
Make, to bar, to shut
Module, model, pattern

Novice, a youth
Makest, dost
Moe, or mowe, to make mouths

Novum, some game at dice
Malkin, 3 scullion, a coarse wench Moiety, a portion

[ing Nourish, to nurse Mall, Mrs. alias Mary Frith, or Mollification, pacification, soften- Nowl, a head Moll Cutpurse

Mome, a dull stupid blockhead Nurture, education Mallecho, mischief

Momentany, momentary (sary Nuthook, a thief
Mammering, hesitating

Month's mind, a popish anniver-
Mammets, puppets
Mood, anger, resentment, manner

Mammock, to cut in pieces Moody, melancholy
Man, to tame a hawk

Moon-calf, an inanimate shapeless Obligations, bonds [tion to Manacle, a handcuff

Moonish, variable (mass Observed, paid respective atten Manage, conduct, administration Mope, to appear stupid

Observing, religiously attentive Mandruke, a root supposed to Moral, secret meaning (morris Obsequious, serious, as at funeral

have the shape of a man Morisco, Moor or Moorish, or obsequies, careful of Mankind, masculine (confines Morris-pike, Moorish pike Obsequiously, funereally Marches, the borders, limits, or Mortal, murderous, fatat [fatally Obstacle, obstinate Marchpane, a species of sweet- Mortul-staring, that which stares Occupation, men occupied in bu. meat

Mortified, ascetic, religious Occurrents, incidents (siness
Martial-hand, a careless scrawl Most, greatest

Oe, a circle [eye. See yliads
Martlemas, the latter spring Motion, a kind of puppet-show Oeiliad, a cast or glance of the
Match, an appointment, a com- Motion, divinitory agitation O'erdied, died too much
Mate, to confound
(pact Motion, desires

O'er-looked, slighted
Maled, amated, dismayed
Motions, indignation

O'er-parted, having too consider.
Meacock, a dastardly creature Motive, assistant or mover, that able a part
Mealed, sprinkled or mingled which contributes to motion O'er-raught, over-reached
Mail, the tenor in music

Mould, earth

{pieces O'er-wrested, wrested beyond the M ean, the middle Mouse, to mammock, to tear to of, through

(truth Means, interest, pains

Mouse, a term of endearment Offering, the assailant
Measure, the reach
Mouse-hunt, a weasel

office, service [apartments Measure, a stately solemn dance More. See Moe sure of corn Offices, culinary or servants' Measure, means

Moy, a piece of money or a mea-old, frequent, more than enough Meazels, lepers

Much, an expression of disdain old age, ages past Medal, portrait

Much, strange, wonderful Once, sometime Meddle, to mix with

Muck-water, drain of a dung-hill Oneyers, accountants, bankers

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