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Página 260 - Under circumstances thus unfavourable, he was induced, in 1809, to accept an office from the new Westphalian court of Jerome Buonaparte, of the situation of Maestro di Capella. Fortunately, however, for the honour of Vienna and of Austria, the archduke Rodolph, and the princes Lobkowitz and Kinsky, induced him to rescind his determination.
Página 20 - No one can conceive," Beethoven wrote to the Baroness Droszdick, " the intense happiness I feel in getting into the country, among the woods, my dear trees, shrubs, hills, and dales. I am convinced that no one loves country life as I do. It is as if every tree and every bush could understand my mute inquiries and respond to them.
Página 124 - Here," said Beethoven, putting a roll of score paper in Earth's hands, " look at that. I have just finished it, and don't like it. There is hardly fire enough in the stove to burn it, but I will try.
Página 67 - Verona salai ; and, notwithstanding all this confusion, he constantly eulogised, with Ciceronian eloquence, his own neatness and love of order ! When, however, for whole hours, days, and often weeks, something mislaid was looked for, and all search had proved fruitless, then he changed his tone, and bitterly complained that everything was done to annoy him. But the servants knew the natural goodness of their master; they suffered him to rave, and in a few momenta it was all forgotten, till a similar...
Página 14 - Though born with a fiery, active temperament, even susceptible to the diversions of society, I was soon compelled to withdraw myself, to live life alone. If at times I tried to forget all this, oh how harshly was I flung back by the doubly sad experience of my bad hearing. Yet it was impossible for me to say to people, "Speak louder, shout, for I am deaf.
Página 131 - was most brilliant and striking; in whatever company he might chance to be, he knew how to produce such an effect upon every hearer, that frequently not an eye remained dry, while many would break out into loud sobs; for there was something wonderful in his expression, in addition to the beauty and originality of his ideas, and his spirited style of rendering them.
Página 136 - Beethoven's outthrown right hand so smart a blow on the mouth, that the poor boy let fall the light from terror. The other boy, more cautious, had followed with anxious eyes every motion of Beethoven, and by stooping suddenly at the eventful moment he avoided the slap on the mouth. If the public were unable to restrain their laughter before, they could now much less, and broke out into a regular bacchanalian roar. Beethoven got into such a rage, that at the first chords of the solo, half a dozen...
Página 84 - Zauberflöte will ever remain his greatest work ; for in this he first showed himself the true German composer. In Don Giovanni he still retained the complete Italian cut and style, and moreover the sacred art should never suffer itself to be degraded to the foolery of so scandalous a subject...
Página 230 - Beethoven ... as he spoke in the purest language to all men, the German spirit has through him redeemed the spirit of humanity from deep ignominy. For inasmuch as he again raised music, that had been degraded to a merely diverting art, to the height of its sublime calling, he has led us to understand the nature of that art, from which the world explains itself...
Página 98 - I, come together, even the high and mighty perceive what is to be considered great in men like us. Yesterday, on our way home, we met the whole Imperial Family. We saw them coming from a distance, and Goethe separated from me to stand aside: say what I would, I could not make him advance another step.

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