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Psalm 81. LXXVIII. Instruction of David to his

people, before the dismissal of the assembly; and when, after the conclusion of peace-offerings, he blessed them, and gave every man and woman a cake, a flaggon of wine, and a portion of meat. 2 Sam. vi. 18, 19.

SECTION V. Psalms composed by David, and addressed to the priests and levites, after he had established their course in the service of the ark at Mount Zion. 1 Chron. xvi. 27–43.; and also psalms composed by him for the service of the ancient tabernacle, which, after the ark was transported to Mount Zion, still remained at Gibeon. i Chron. xxi. 29. Psalm 82. CXXXIV. Exhortation to the levites

who attended in the tabernacle, to praise the Lord continually day and

night. I Chron. xvi. 4–37. Psalm 83. CXXXV. Psalm of praise : the two

first verses addressed to the levites, the rest sung by the levites to the house of Aaron, the congregation of Israel, and the strangers within the gates. All that fear the Lord being called on to praise and bless his name. i Chroo.

xvi. 4–37. Psalm 84. CXXXVI. Psalm of praise composed by David for the use of Sadoc, Jeduthun, and those whom he appointed to maintain the ancient tabernacle

at Gibeon. 1 Chron. xvi. 39-42. Psalm 85. CL. Psalm of instruction, for the

bands of singers, and players on musical instruments, established by David.

1 Chron. xvi. 5, 6. Psalm 86. LXXXI. This psalm, as well as the

four preceding, were addressed to the priests and levites; and were to be performed at the feast of trumpets; to instruct the congregation respecting that festival, which was celebrated the first day of the seventh month, which was the first day of the civil year.

CLASS VI. Psalms composed by David on occasion of his great wars, his enormous sin, and his deep repentance. Year of the world 2960. Of David's age 41. Before Christ 1040. Of David's reign 11.

SECTION I. Psalms composed by David on occasion of his wars against the Philistines, Moabites, Syrians, and Idumaans.

Psalm 87. II. Psalm of instruction on the

conspiracy of kings and people, viz. the Syrians, Hamathians, Edomites, Amalekites, and Ammonites; who leagued together in support of the Philistines, Moabites, and other heathen nations, against whom David declared war; to drive them out of the promised land, from Egypt unto Euphrates; which country God had promised to take from the heathen, and to bestow on Abraham and his seed. See

2 Sam. viii. 1-14. Psalm 88. LX. Complaint and prayer of David,

on account of the ravages committed on his territories by the Philistines and Moabites; and by the Syriaps, Amalekites, Ammonites, and Idumæans, their

allies. See 2 Sam. viii. 1-14. Psalm 89. CVIII. Anthem of praise and prayer,

when, after having conquered the Moabites and Syrians in the Valley of Salt, David marched against the Edomites or Idumæans. See 2 Sam. viii. 1-14. This psalm is compounded of

the 57th and the 60th. Psalm 90. XLVI. Anthem of praise of David,

after he had subdued both the Philis

tipes and Moabites, and the other heathen nations who were in league with them; to endeavour to make void the promise God had made to give the holy land to Abraham and his seed, and to drive the heathen out, to the end that his name might be exalted, and his power known in all the earth.

2 Sam. viii. 1-15. Psalm 91. CXVII. Anthem composed by David,

after he had conquered the Philistines, Moabites, and their heathen allies; calling upon them to acknowledge and turn to the only true God, and expressive of his own thanksgiving. 2 Sam. viii. 1-16.

SECTION II. Psalms composed by David on occasion of his wars against the Ammonites and Syrians, and upon his repentance of his own heavy guilt in the case of Uriah. Psalm 92. XX. Prayer composed by David for

his people to offer on his behalf, when he went out against the Moabites and Syrians, their allies; the former having first maltreated his ambassadors, and then declared war against him. 2 Sam. xvi, 1-19.

Psalm 93. LI. Penitential prayer of David after

the atrocious crime into which he fell in the following year, when he sent forth Joab against the remains of the Ammonites, and caused Uriah to fall in battle unjustly. 2 Sam. xi. Nathan, the prophet, being sent of the Lord to warn David of his sin, he com

posed this psalm. 2 Sam. xii. 1-25. Psalm 94. XXXII. Anthem of praise, prayer,

and renewed dedication of David, on going to the tabernacle after the pardon of his crime; and his vow to endeavour to repair, as much as might be, the great scandal he had occasioned his

subjects. 2 Sam. xii. 1-25. Psalm 95. XX. Anthem of thanksgiving, com

posed by David on the complete success of his arms against the Ammonites and their Syrian allies. The capital city Rabbah having yielded to Joab after a long siege, and David having entered their city, was crowned there with the diadem of the king of Moab. 2 Sam. xii. 26-31.

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