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CLASS VII. Psalms composed by David during the revolt of his son Absalom. David was sixty-two years of age when it commenced. The judgment denounced by Nathan, (2 Sam. xii. 10.) upon David's great crime having thus commenced twenty-two years after the sin which had occasioned it had been pardoned ; probably to mark the continual humiliation which should abide on the heart before God, even for long past offences. According to St. Jerome, the revolt of Absalom lasted only sis months. Year of the world 2980. Of David 62. Before Christ 1021.

SECTION 1. Psalms composed by David on being first informed of the conspiracy of Absalom; when he fled from Jerusalem, and passed the brook Kedron to avoid falling into his hands. 2 Sam. xv. 1-30. Psalm 96. III. Complaint and prayer of David

to implore the Divine protection, and to reanimate his own confidence in God, on being first informed, by an

especial messenger, that the hearts of all the people were gone after his son

Absalom. 2 Sam. xv. 1–13. Psalm 97. L. Psalm composed by David to

encourage and instruct the people who accompanied him, when, having left Jerusalem on foot, he halted at some distance from the city. 2 Sam. xv.

13-17. Psalm 98. XLIII. Psalm beautifully expressive

of David's faith and confidence in God; and of his deep sorrow when he sent back Zadok and Abiathar with the ark of covenant, which the priests and levites had taken out of the tabernacle and brought with them; and when David and his little company pursued their way barefoot and weeping, with their heads covered, up the Mount of Olives. 2 Sam. xv. 18-30.

SECTION II. Psalms composed by David on reaching the summit of the Mount of Olides. Psalm 99. LV. Affecting prayer of David, when

ascending the Mount of Olives weeping, with his head uncovered and his feet, bare, surrounded by his little band

of faithful followers, he learnt that Achitophel the Gibeonite, his chief counsellor, had joined the rebellion of

Absalom. 2 Sam. xv. 30, 31. Psalm 100. XXV. Prayer of David when, hav.

ing with his little band gained the summit of the Mount of Olives, he turned back to look once more towards the holy city, and the tabernacle, which crowned the summit of Mount Zion ; and fell down and worshipped at the

top of the mount. 2 Sam. xv. 32. Psalm 101. XLI. Prayer and thanksgiving of

David when his friend Hushai, the
Archite, came and joined him on the
Mount of Olives, and took part in his
affliction. 2 Sam. xv. 32–37.

SECTION III. Psalms composed by David, near or at Bahurim, in the tribe of Benjamin ; whither he halted to rest, on leading the Mount of Olives. 2 Sam. xvi. 5 and 14. Psalm 102. XXXIX. Prayer of David when,

being arrived at Bahurim, in the tribe of Benjamin, he was railed at and charged with imprecations by Shimei. 2 Sam. xvi. 5–13.

Psalm 103. XXXVIII. Prayer of David in his

exceeding trouble, anguish, and sorrow at Bahurim. He humbles himself before God, and calls to mind his own crime, as the primary cause of his misfortunes. He alludes in this psalm to the perfidy of Achitophel, and others. 2 Sam. xvi. 14. to the end.

SECTION IV. . Psalms composed by David in the desert of Judæa, whither he retired after having previously rested himself at Bahurim. See 2 Sam. xv. 23. xvi. 14. and xvii. 16. Psalm 104. LXI. Prayer of David in the desert

of Judæa, whither he had retired after taking a short repose at Bahurim, in the tribe of Benjamin. 2 Sam. xv.

23. 28. xvi. 14. and xvii, 16. Psalm 105. LXIII. Prayer of David in the

desert of Judæa, near the lake Asphaltis. He represents his earnest wish again to see the tabernacle, and foretels the downfal of his enemies., 2 Sam.

xvi. 14. and xvii. 16. Psalm 106. LXXXIV. Beautiful anthem of

praise and prayer of David, in the horrible wilderness of Judæa ; which was,

many centuries afterwards, the scene of our Saviour's temptation. 2 Sam.

xv. 23. xvi. 14. and xvii. 16. Psalm 107. CIX. Prayer of David on being

informed what had passed in the council of Absalom, at which Achitophel presided. 2 Sam. xvi. 15 to the end, and xvii. 1-21.

SECTION V. Psalms composed by David after that, accompanied by his faithful followers, he had passed beyond Jordan, in consequence of the information he had received from Hushai, through the medium of Zadok and Abiathar, of what had taken place in the council of Absalom, at which Achitophel presided. See 2 Sam. xvii. 21-23. Psalm 108. XIV. Reflections of David on the

primary cause of the monstrous wickedness of Achitophel, and of his son Absalom, and the delusion of his people in following them. He prays for them, and earnestly looks forward to that time when he shall again be restored to his throne in Jerusalem, to the joy and deliverance of his people. 2 Sam.

xvii. 21-23. Psalm 109. LIII. Similar to the last, and on

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