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Psalms composed from the year of the world 2934 to 2942. From before Christ 1066 to 1058. From the consecration of David, at the age of sixteen, till his persecution by Saul, after slaying Goliath, at the age of twenty-four. Reign of Saul, 26th to the 34th year. .

SECTION 1. Consecration Psalms composed A.M. 2934. B.C. 1066. Year of Saul's reign 26. Age of David 16. Psalm 1. I. Psalm at the consecration of David

by the Prophet Samuel. 1 Sam. xvi. 13. Psalm 2. CXIII. "Composed by David on his

consecration. 1 Sam. xvi. 13.

SECTION II. Psalms composed by David after his consecration, whilst he tended his flocks at Bethlehem. Including the period of his short stay with Saul, to whom he ministered during his malady; after which he again returned to keep his sheep. See 1 Sam. xvi. 13-23, and xvii. 13–15. This period includes about eight years. Psalm 3. VIII. Psalm for the midnight watch. Psalm 4. XIX. Psalm for the morning watch. Psalm 5. CIV. Psalm for removing from place

to place, according to the season, with

his flocks. Psalm 6. CXLVIII. Composed after David's re

turn from the court of Saul to Beth: lehem. 1 Sam. xvi. 19-23. and xvii. 15.

SECTION III. Psalms composed by David, at the age of twenty-three, upon the occasion of his combat with Goliath, the champion of the Philistines. 1 Sam. xvii. 1-40. Psalm 7. CXXXI. Psalm composed previously

to the combat with Goliath; when David was accused of pride and haughtiness by Eliab, bis eldest bro

ther. 1 Sam. xvii. 28. Psalm 8. CXLV. On David's victory over Go

liath. Eccles. xlvii. 1-6. and 1 Sam. xvii. 41-58. and xviii. 1-5,

- CLASS III. Psalms composed by David during the persecution of Saul. This period commences at the death of Goliath, when David was twenty-three years of age; it concludes at the death of Saul, when David had attained the age of thirty; it includes seven years. It commences A.M. 2941. B.C. 1059. Year of the reign of Saul 33. Age of David 23.

SECTION 1. Including the Psalms composed from the beginning of the persecution of David, until after his return from his first retreat into the land of the Philistines. Psalm 9. XI. Probably composed in answer to

the advice of friends, who urged David to flee from the perils by which he appeared encompassed in the court of

Saul. Psalm 10. V. Prayer of David on receiving ad

vice from Jonathan. Sam, xviii. 1-5.

and xix. 1-3. Psalm 11. LIX. Prayer of David when his

house was beset in the evening by messengers from Saul. 1 Sam. xix.

4-11. Psalm 12. LXX. Prayer of David at Samuel's

house of Naioth in Ramah, whither be

fled for refuge. 1 Sam. xix. 12-23. Psalm 13. XCI. Psalm of praise of David, on

his deliverance from Saul and his emissaries, at Samuel's house of Naioth in Ramah. 1 Sam. xix. 2–24. and

XX. 1. Psalm 14. VII. Prayer of David after his inter

view with Jonathan, after his flight from Naioth in Ramah. I Sam. XX.

1-24. Psalm 15. LXIV. Prayer of David after Jona

than had warned him by shooting

arrows. 1 Sam. xx. 24–43. Psalm 16. XXXIV. David's anthem of praise,

op bis deliverance in the court of Achish, king of Gath. 1 Sam. xxi. 1-15. and xxii. 1.

SECTION II. Psalms composed by David during his retreat in the cade of Adullam, in the tribe of Judah, after he had escaped from the hands of Achish, king of Gath, and the Philistines. s 1 Sam. xxii, 1. Psalm 17. LXXXVIII. Composed in the cave

of Adullam, whither David had retired; and remained alone as in a sepulchre, forgotten by his friends, and free from the pursuit of his enemies. 1 Sam.

xxii, 1. Psalm 18. XLII. Composed by David on taking leave of the Holy Land, to seek a refuge for himself and his aged parents

in Mizpeh of Moab. 1 Sam. xxii. 3, 4. Psalm 19. 1. The inauguration Psalm of the

Prophet Samuel for David; used by him as an instruction to his men. 1 Sam. xxii. 1, 2.

SECTION III. Including the Psalms composed by David on occasion of the calumny of Doeg, and the murder of the priests and inhabitants of the city of Nob; after his return from Moab, and retreat in the forest of Hareth, which is situated in the tribe of Judah. Psalm 20. LII. Composed on Doeg's denun

ciation of David's visit to Nob, and Abimelech's kindness. 1 Sam. xxii.

3–10. Psalm 21. XCIV. Complaint and prayer of

David, on hearing of the massacre at

Nob. 1 Sam. xxii, 11-23. Psalm 22. XII. On the desertion of some of

David's friends at the same period. · 1 Sam. xxii. 1-23.

SECTION IV. Psalms composed by David in the wilderness of Ziph; whither he retired, after he left the forest of

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