A Reply to the "Exposé Des Droits de Sa Majesté Très Fidèle, Donna Maria II.": Expressly Written and Lately Printed in Paris, for the Purpose of Exhibiting the Rights of D. Pedro and Those of His Daughter, to the Throne of Portugal

J. Richardson, 1830 - 239 páginas

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Página 219 - To whom we do acknowledge all Faith and constant Obedience, with all hearty and humble Affection ; beseeching God, by Whom Kings and Queens do reign, to bless the Royal Prince Edward the Seventh, with long and happy Years to reign over Us.
Página xxi - His Majesty has exerted himself for some time past, hi conjunction with His Majesty's Ally, the King of France, to prevent such an aggression ; and repeated assurances have been given * by the Court of Madrid of the determination of His Catholic Majesty neither to commit, nor to allow to be committed, from His Catholic Majesty's territory, any aggression against Portugal.
Página xxxix - Town, shall be besieged or blocked up by the power of Castile, or any other Enemy, he will afford timely assistance of Men and Shipping, according to the exigence of the circumstances, and proportionable to the necessity of the King of Portugal.
Página xxi - Majesty has learned, with deep concern, that notwithstanding these assurances, hostile inroads into the territory of Portugal have been concerted in Spain, and have been executed under the eyes of Spanish authorities by Portuguese regiments, which had deserted into Spain, and which the Spanish Government had repeatedly and solemnly engaged to disarm and to disperse. " His Majesty leaves no effort unexhausted to awaken the Spanish Government to the dangerous consequences of this apparent connivance.
Página xiv - ... seven centuries will permit ; and finally, this charter has prototypes among other nations who are esteemed among the most civilized and the most happy. It is our duty to await tranquilly the execution of this charter, and of the preparatory acts which it prescribes. If any among you should, by words or actions, aggravate resentments, excite hatred, or inspire vengeance, and interpose between the provisions of the law and its execution, he will be considered as a disturber of public order, and...
Página xxi - The undersigned avails himself of this opportunity to renew to his Excellency the Marquis di Circello the assurance of his most distinguished consideration.
Página 219 - Wales ; we, therefore, the Lords Spiritual and Temporal of this realm, being here assisted with these of his late Majesty's Privy Council, with numbers of other principal gentlemen of quality, with the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and citizens of London, do now hereby, with one voice and consent of tongue and heart, publish and proclaim, that the high and mighty Prince...
Página xxvii - ... and 4th paragraph of the constitutional charter, thereby manifestly usurping the legislative power. A junta was appointed to issue fresh instructions for the election of deputies, which were called legal. These instructions never appeared ; on the contrary, the constitutional charter was destroyed by a single blow, by calling together the ancient Cortes — an institution already abolished by the oath to this very same constitution. Aggressions committed on citizens who were faithful to their...
Página xxxix - Majesty and his heirs for ever, &c., the King of Great Britain does profess and declare, with the consent and advice of his Council, that he will take the interest of Portugal and all its dominions to heart, defending the same with his utmost power by sea and land, even as England itself;" and it then proceeds to specify the succours to be sent, and the manner of sending them.
Página xxii - His Majesty makes this communication to the House of Commons with the full and entire confidence, that his faithful Commons will afford to His Majesty their cordial concurrence and support in maintaining the faith of treaties, and in securing against foreign hostility the safety and independence of the kingdom of Portugal, the oldest ally of Great Britain. " GR

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