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Meteorological Table, extracted front the Register kept on the Banks of the Tay,four miles east from Perth, Latitude 56" 35', Elevation ISofeet.

Jcxe 1818.




Mean of greatest daily heat, . . 67.2

cold, . . 50.2

. . . temperature, 10 A. M. . . ti'2.0

10 V. M. . . 55.0

. . . of daily cxtremrs, . . 58.7

.. . . 10 A.>. M. . . 58.5

.... 4 daily observations . . 58.6

Whole range of thermometer, . . 510.0

Meau daily ditto, 17.C

. . . temperature of spring water, . 55.5


Meauof 10 A. M. vtcmp. of mer. 63) . 29.H50

10 P. M. rncr. 63) . 20.853

both, [temp- of iner 65) • SU.S51

Whole range of barometer, . . 5.780

Mean daily ditto, 192


Mean dryness, 10 A. M. . . 31.5

10 P. M. . . . 18.6

of both, . . . 26.5

. . . point of deposition, 10 A. M. • 50.3

10 P. M. . 47.1

of both, . 48.9

Rain in inches, . ... 1-725

Evaporation in ditto 5.170

Mean daily Evaporation, . . . .106


Mean dryness, to A. M 32.8

. 10 P. M. . . . 22.9

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Fair days 13 i rainy days 7. Wind West ol meridian, 22

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-meteobological Table, kept at Edinburgh, in the Observatory, CaJlon-hiU.

N. B—The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock, forenoon, and four o clock, after*

noon. The second Observation in the ;u*u-moon, in the first column, is taken by the Register



Average of Rain, 2 inches.


Sir Robert Chester is appointed Master of the Ceremonies, in room of Sir Stephen Cottcrel, deceased.

Mr Francis P.irmli is approved of as Consul at Gibraltar, fur the Grand Duke of Tuscany.

lowest ditto,

Highest P. of D. 10 P. M

Lowest ditto,





Greatest dryness, 12th, 10 V M.

Least ditto.

■-'6th, in P.M.
East of meridian, 8.



. 37.6


Clear, cold.

Sir Charles Hamilton, Bart. Vice-Admiral of the Blue, is appointed Governor and Commander In Chief Ov.t the Island of .Newfoundland and its dupendenriea.

The Right Hon. George Canning, the Right Hon. Vhtrourit Castlercagh. the Right Hon. the Karl of Bathurst, the Right Hon. Viscount Siilmouth, the

Right Hon. the Earl of Liverpool, the Right Hon. Nicholas Vansittar, re Might Hon. Lord TcignTnouth. the Right Hon. John Sullivan, the Right Hon. Lord Binning, the Right Hon. Wm Sturges Roume, the Right Hon. Viscount Cranbomc, and the Right Hon. Lord Walpole, his Majesty's Commissioners for the affairs of India.


The Magistrates and Town Council of Glasgow have unanimously appointed, the Rev. Dr Chalmers to be minister of the New Church St John's.

The Prince Regent ha* nppointetl Mr Robert Jeffrey, preacher of the Gospel, to the church iind parish oTGirthin, vacant by the death of the Rev. Robert Gordon.

in. MILITARY. Brevet Capt. B. Harvey, 1 F. to be Major in the Army l«th May 1818

Bt Maj. B. IITvey to be Lt. Col. on the
Cont of Europe one do.

3 Dr. Gds. I.ieut. ('. frost to be Capt. by iiurch. vice R. storey, ret. 14th do.

C Dn. Cha. Hall to be Cornet by pur. vice Dames, pro. 21st do.

7 R. Inge to be Comet by purch. vice Sey

mour, 2> Dr. Hthdo.

t Cornet H. Cochrane to be Lieut by pur.

sice I'ottinger, ret. 2f*t do.

19 Comet * Adj. Wm Glanville to have rank

fly. 7th do.

11 Gent Cadet R. Hare to be Comet, vie*

Broadhead, cancelled 28th do.

IS Lieut. R. Williams to be Capt by pureh.

viee Dalrymple, ret. 14th do.

Comet F. Seymour to be Lieut, by purch. viee Williams do.

Staff C. Cav. Ass. -urg. J. W. Watson, from h. p. 38 F. to be Ass. Surg, vice Foster, 5 I)r. Gds. H'th April

Colds. F. G. Ass. Surg. T. Maynard to be Bn. Surg. vice Rose, G4 F. 28th do.

S. Gilder to be Ass. Susjr. vice Maynard do.
John Temple to be Ensign by pureh. vice
Coleman, cancelled nth May

Gent. Cadet R. Minty to be Ensign by
purch. 21»t do.

Capt. T. II. Light, from 14 F. to be Capt. vice Dallas, ret on h. p. 14 F. rec. din*, do. Gent Cadet Wm Goodes to be Ensign do.

E. Moore to be Ensign do.

I.ieut. M. J. Jenkins is reinstated in his former rank. vis. Hthoct. 1812

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Ensign St Lawrence, from 64 F. with Em. Hoehae,

h. p. 60 F. Barter, from 85 F. with Ensign Cole, h. p.

60 F. Macbean, from 79 F. with Ensign Gnrane,

h. p. 89 F.

Cliffe, from 93 F. with Ensign Hume, h. p.

Quar. Mast Crabtree, from 12 F. with Quar. Mast

Grady, h. p. 87 F. Sanderson, from 40 F. with Quarter

Master Jackson, h. p. 47 F. Surgeon Collins, from 38 F. with Surg. Cathcart,

h. p. 60 F. - Barlow, from 32 F. with Surg. Bulkoley,

h. p. 62 F. Waite, from 83 F. with Surg. I'unshon,

h. p. 03 F. Assist Surg. Macleod, from 1 F. G. with Ass. Surg.

Johnston, h.p. 100F.

Resignations and Retirements. Captain N. Storey, 3 Dragoon Guards .— Dalrymplc, 25 Dragoons

-Gregory, jfi Foot

-Thomson, 100 do.

Lieutenant Pottinger, 8 Dragoons
Ensign M'Donagh, R. York Rangers.

Appointments Cancelled.
Comet Broadhcad, 21 Dr. | Ensign Coleman, 1 F.

Cashiered. Ensign Moflat, 19 Foot

Officers Killed and Wounded in the late Operations in India, from the 19th to the 24tf» Ztec. 1817,

KILLED. Lieut D. M'Leod, 1 F. 21st Dec. 1817 BeU, 1 F. 24th Dec 1817

WOUNDED. Lieut J. M'GregOT, 1 Foot

C. Campbell, severely, 1 Foot

Elliot (Mil. Sec at Madras),Royal Engin

Nov. 1817

1 Nov.

11 do.

10 do.
.G. L.
Dee. 1817

May 1818

26 do.

p. Bruns

10 do.

Olfermann, 1 Foreign Vet Bn.
20 Mar.
Goodwin, 4 D\ G. 23 May 1818

Lt. Pellichoddy, 24 Dr.

22 Nov. 1817
Storey, at Bahamas 10 Apr. 1818
White, h. p. 44 F. (late of 1 Cey-
lon Regt) 19 Jan.
Assistant Surgeons.
Callow, 8 Dr. 19 Nov. 181T
Prcndergast, h. p. 60 F.

1 April ISIS Coulthard, 87 F. 17 Nov. 1817

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Admiral Sir George Campbell, Commander in Chief at Portsmouth.

Rear-Admiral Mir Josias Rowley to Cork.

Vice-Admiral Sir Chas. Hamilton, Bart, to be Commander in Chief at Newfoundland.

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May 5. At Lisbon, the lady of Colonel Archibald Ross, K. T. S. a son.

13. The wife of Stephen Souten, a labouring man, of the parish of Sollinge, of her 2rtth child.

23. In York Place, Edinburgh, the lady of the Rev. James Hamilton, a daughter.

28. At Cathlaw House, Mrs Riddcll, younger of Camicstoun, a daughter.

29. At Wanstean I louse, the lady of Long Wellealey, Esq. a daughte..

31. At Logie Green, Mrs Alexander Gordon, a son.

— At St Andr wVstreet, the lady of the Rev. Henry Wastell of Newbrough, a daughter.

June I. The lady of Captain Terry, 1st life guards, a son.

4. In Prince's-street, Edinburgh, the lady of Norman Lockhart, Esq. twin boys.

5. At Itaeburn Place, Edinburgh, Mrs Alexander Somervell, a son.

6. At her father's house, in Brock-street, London, the lady of the Hon. Thomas Erakine, a son.

8. At Paris, the lady of Captain William Gordon, royal navy, a daughter.

10. In Great George-street, London, the Right Hon. Lady Am lia Sophia Drummoud, a daughter.

— Mrs Kennedy, Northumberland-street, Edinburgh, a daughter.

— At Bargaly, the lady of John Mackie, Esq. of Bargaly, a son.

if. At Whim, the lady of Archibald Montgomery, Esq. a son.

13. At Edinburgh, Mrs Captain Barclay, It. N. a son.

14. At Comhill, near Aberdeen, the lady of David Young, Esq. a son.

17. Mrs Forsyth, Mound Place, Edinburgh, a son.

20. In York Place, Edinburgh, Mrs Fortescue, a daughter..

21. M rs Beveridgc, St JamesVstrcet, Edinburgh, a son.

— In Prince's-street, ('avcndisli-square, London, the lady of Captain Patterson, of the Hon. Company's ship Canning, a daughter.

— At Largs, the lady of Captain Chas. Hope Reid, of his Majesty's ship Driver a son.

— At Hampstead, the lady of John Forbes Mitchell, Esq. a son

24. At Houndwood House, Berwickshire, the lady of Captain (oolson, R. N. a daughter.

— At Pilrig House, Mrs Balfour of Pilrig, a son.

25. Mrs Colin Campbell (Jura), Buchanan-street, Glasgow, a son.

Lafrt'f—M Malta, the lady of Captain D. Dundas, of in- Majesty's ship Tagus, a daughter.

A woman in the parish of Kintore was lately delivered of three children, a boy and two girls, who, with the mother, are doing well.


Marchtl. At Leghorn, Barnabas Maude, Esq. youngest son of the late Joseph Maude, Esq. of

Kendal, banker, to Harriet, only surviving daughter of the late R. H. Armstrong, Esq. surgeon, 4th royal veteran battalion.

April 18. At Ht-sket-in-tho-Forest, Captain Fergus James Graham, of the queen's bays, eldest son of the Rev. Fergus Graham of Arthuret, to Miss James daughter of the late W. James, Esq of Liverpool.

May 4. Mr David Tough, painter. High-street, Edinburgh, to Miss MargaretSwinton, N06, South St Davi.Ps-srreet

— At Edinburgh, Mr George M'Dougal, of the Edinburgh Glasshouse, to Miss Ann Duff Culbrrt, daughter of the late Mr James lulbert, saddler. North Berwick.

June 1. At Fulham, Major-General *-ir Thomas Bradford, K.C B. to Mary Anne, widow of the late Lieutenant-i olonel Ainslie, of the 4th dragoons.

— At Perth, Robert M«Arthur, Esq. of Little Mill, to Margaret Trotter, third daughter of the late Rev. David Moncrieff, minister of Redgorton.

— Atriarseube, the seat of her grandfather, sir Hay C impbell of Succoth, Bart. Sir George sitwell of Rmi&haw, Bart, to Susan, eldest daughter of Craufurd Tait of llarviestoun, Esq.

— At Newmills, Dr John Richardson, Leith, to Miss Mary Steven, daughter of the late Mr Alex ander Steven, brewer, Water of I*eith.

— At Leith, Andrew Gray, Esq. younger of Craigs, to Catharine, young<*t daughter of t! late Francis Sharp, Esq. comptroller of the customs there.

2. At Sir George Mackenzie's, Bart of Coul, Edinburgh, J. C. Maclcod, Esq. jun. of Geanies, to Miss Stewart Sutherland, youngest daughter of the late Captain Alexander Sutherland, 30th regiment.

3. At Borrowston Mains, the Kcv. David Fleming, minister of Camden, to Grace, only daughter of Mr John Ross

4. At Edinburgh. Alexander Davidson, Esq. surveyor of taxes, to Helen, second daughter of the deceased Mr George Ferrier, writer, Edinburgh.

— Mr John Smith of Darnick, to Miss Alison Purve-. of ousebvres.

5. James Malcolm, Esq. Craigend, second son of the late Sir John Malcolm of 1 lalbcadie and Grange, Bart, to Helen, daughter of Mr James Duncan, Parkhill, near Ncwburgh.

9. By the Rev. Dr Davidson, at No 9, James'splace, Edinburgh, William Campbell Esq. M. D. surgeon, royal navy to Miss Elizabeth Bamctt, second daughter of the deceased Captain Williaia Barnett.

11. AtMamhead, Devonshire, Dr Miller, physician, Exeter, to Ann, daughter of the Right Hon. General Sir George Hewett, Ba^t.

12. Mr Alexander Mucklc, merchant, Edinburgh, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr John Christie, Campbell town.

— At Edinburgh, Mr Robert Bennet, fanner, Dalkeith, aged ~i years, to Isobel Gulan, daughter of J. Gulau, Tranent, agrd 17 years.

— At Montreal Cottage, Alexander Balfour, Esq. Dundee, to Margaret, daughter of Alexander Alison, Esq.

— Mr John Wallace, merchant, Greenock, t© Janet, daughter of David Hutcheson, town-clerk.

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