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January 30. At Monghur, the lady of Archibald Dov, Esq. 19th Bengal Infantry, a daughter.

July 13. At Xeres, in Spain, the lady of John David Gordon, Esq. younger of Wardhouse, Aberdeenshire, a son. ...

28. In Old Broad-street, London, the lady of Alexander Gordon, Esq. a son.

30. At her mother'* house, the Dowager Lady De lawan-, in Saville-row, London, Lady Catherine D'Arey, a son.

31. Mrs Ford, 68, George-street, Edinburgh, a daughter.

— At Rochdale, the lady of Mr Abraham Wood, Burgeon, three fine children, who, with their mother, arc doing remarkably well.

— At Gibraltar, the lady of Deputy-CommiasaryGeneral John Mackenzie, a son.

August 1. AtGlengyle, Mrs M'Gregor, Jim. of Glengyle, a son and heir. .

3. At lloughton-)e-Spring, Durham, the lady of Hope Stetiart, Esq, of Hallechin, a daughter.

5. At Edinburgh, the lady of Thomas Mackcnric, Esq. Shandwick place, a son.

6. Mrs M'Hutchen, 60, Ntcolson-strvct, Edinburgh, a daughter.

7. At Edinburgh, the lady of James Weddcrburn, Esq. his Majesty's solicitor-general for Scotsand, a daughter.

8. Mrs Undgca, Duke-strcet, Edinburgh, a daughter.

9. The lady of John Anatruther Thomson, Esq. of C hard ton, a son.

11. Mrs William Tenant, jun. 1?, Hanoverstreet, Edinburgh, a son.

10. At White-house, Mrs L. Horner, a daughter.

15. At the house of her mother. Lady Chalmers, Sloane-strect, Chelsea, the lady of Captain John Maync, East India service, a son.

16. Mrs Hope Johnstone, a daughter.

— Mrs Craufuird, Forth-strcet, Edinburgh, a daughter.

17. At Edinburgh, the lady of William Robertson, Esq. IS, Great King-street, a daughter.

— In Dublin, the lady of the Lord chancellor, a son ami heir.

— At Arbuthnot-house, the Viscountesj of Arbuthnot, a daughter.

19. In Abercrornby-plaec, Edinburgh, the lady •f Edward Seymour, Esq. a sou.

— At Rosicre, near Lyudhurst, the Countess of Enroll, a daughter.

to. Mrs Ferrier, 43, Northumberland-street, Edinburgh, a daughter.

10. In York-place, London, the Countess of Conipton, a son.

— At lilackheath, the Countess of Huntingdon, a son. It is l-ord Huntingdon's intention to commemorate hit succession to the title, by naming this boy Robin Hood.

— At Edinburgh, Mrs Conic, a son.

— In Pilrig-strcct, Edinburgh, Mrs Ewing, a daughter.

11. MnTrKmuuJotimtone, Albany-street, Edinburgh, a daughter.

?•£. At Aytoo-house, Mr* Fordyceof Aytoo, a daughter.

— At Bonnington-housc, near Leiih Fort, the lady of Captain W. Clibborn, of the royal artillery, a son.

23 At Hanover-street, Edinburgh, Mrs Andrew, • ton.

14. At Edinburgh, 'Mrs George Wauchope, a daughter.

ff. MrsG. Hamilton Thindas, a son.

TH. At Cockairnej-housc, Fifeshirc, the lady of Lieutenant-colonel Moubray, a *on

— At Stirling, Mrs Captain Brown of Park, a daughter.

— At Cotkewie, Mrs H. F. Cartel), a daughter.


June 28. At Dunkirk, Samuel Christian, Esq. of Amsterdam, fourth mm of Joseph Christian, Esq. of London, to Georgette Susannc Grcgorie, youngest daughter of George Gregorie, Esq. of Os» tend.

July 23. At Bsllachroan, John M'Intosh, Esq. of Holm, to Jessie, youngest daughter of Bailie Donald M'Pherson, Inverness.

— Captain Crawford, only son of Sir James Crawford, to l-ady Barbara Coventry, fourth daughter of the Earl of Coventry.

'29. At Barrisdale, Colonel Cameron of the 95th, or rifle corps, to Miss Macdonnell, only daughter of Coll Maedimell, Esq. of Barrisdale.

August I. John Toup Nicholas. Esq. a companion of the most honourable military order of the Bath, and a commander of the royal and military order of St Ferdinand and of Merit of the Two Sicilies, a post captain in the royal navy, to France* Anna, eldest daughter of Nicholas Were of Landcox, Esq. near Wellington, in Somersetshire.

— G. Ambrose Goddiut, Esq. of Swindon-house, to Mis* liCthridge, daughter of sir Thomas Buchk-< Lethridge, B;<rt. and niece of Sir Thomas Dolrymple llokelh, Bart.

3. At Banff, Captain John Charles Griffiths, of the 9-lth regiment, to Miss Elisabeth Blanc, daughter of the Lite Lieutenant-colonel Robert Blanc of SpringHeki.

— At North Berwick Lodge, Major Made*, of the Gth Einuskillen dragoons, to Miss Williams.

4. Mr Andrew Peacock, merchant, to Catherine, only daughter of Mr Thomas Brown, Canougaic, Edinburgh.

— At Linton. Henry Dirniin-, Esq. Ncwlands, Belford, to Miss Grace Wennie, Linton.

4. At Muireote, near Alloa, Alexander Dewar. Esq. M. I). to Margaret Rosamond Geddes, fourth daughter of Wt'ltatu Geddes, Esq.

— At Glasgow, John Stenlry Carr, of the 24th regiment, to Johanna, daughter of the late John Wallace, Esq. of Kelly.

11. At Rraidwood, Mr Andrew Waugh, writer In Edinburgh, to Margaret, third daughter of Geo. Ferae, Esq. Braidwood.

—. At Green Cottage, near Elgin, Lachlan Mackintosh, Esq. of Baigmorc, to Margaret, daughter of Sir Archibald Dunbar, Bart, of Northfield.

It!. At Fort-William, Thomas MacdonaVd, Esq. writer there, to Margaret, eldest daughter of the laic Lleutenant-coluuel John Cameron of Achnasaul.

— At Port Patrick. Dr Andrew Anderson, of the 92d regiment of foot, to Anne, second daughter of Mr James Cairns, writer, Peebles.

— At Lameslev, in the oouuty of Durham, Viscount Nonnandy, eldest son of the Earl of Mulgrave, to Maria, eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Henry Liddell, Bart, of Kjvcrownrth castle.

15. Mr Ah. Thomson, of DundasMreet, to Mf« Elisabeth H ilson Dulfln, eldest daughter of the late Mr Edward Wilson Dullln.

14. At l.rith, Mr John Menrics, engraver. Edinburgh, to Isabella, youngest daughter of the late Mr James Mowat, rector of the grammar school, St Andrews.

— At Glasgow, by the Rev. Dr M'Lean. Lieut. Alexander Campbell, R. .V. to Helen, third daughter of Duncan Turner, Esq. Castles. Glenurchy.

— At Longnewum-house, Mr David Siroson, Bloodylaws. to Miss Rutherford.

I A. Michael Bruce, E«q. to lady Parker, widow of Capcun Sir Peter Parker, Bart, of the royal nary.

Cornet TroHope of the Scots Grey*, and son of Uiel.dc Captain Trouope, who was killed at the head of his grenadier company in Flanders, to Mi« Greathead, daughter of — Creathcart, K-q.Hampshire. The ceremony took place at Southampton, after which the married couple set off for Ireland, where his regiment is now quartered.

1-. At Haddington, Mr Francis Wright, merchant, Edinburgh, to Alison, daughter of Mr Jas. Pringle.

— At Edinburgh, Captain John White, to Janet, eldest daughter of the late Mr William Simpson, shipowner, Grangemouth.

18. At Stepney church, London, Mr David Walker, of Edinburgn, to Miss Anne Stewart, of Mileend.

— At Slains Lodge, Mr John Baigrie, Mains of Kinmundv, to Miss Mina Ann Clarke.

-- n Edinburgh, RichardHuie, M.D. Dundee, to Miss Eliza Syme, daughter of the late Mr Alex. Syme, merchant there.

— At John'schurch, Manchester, Win M'Larcn, Era. Glasgow, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Robert Runcorn, Esq. Manchester.

ly. At the Marine cottage, Pimiefield, Charles Anderson, M.D. Lcith, to Mary, daughter of John Rhind, Esq.

20. At Dumfries, Captain Dongal Stuart, of the 1st battalion royal marines, to Miss Dalziel of Glcnae.

21. At Bogcnd, Mr William Young, Stenhouseuiuiv. to Miss Elizabeth Bachop, second daughter of John Bachop of Bogcnd, Stirlingshire.

24. At Portobcllo, John Murray, Esq. W.S. to Miss Ann Jane Borland, youngest daughter of the ate James Borland, Esq. Glasgow.

At Green Cottage, near Elgin, Lachlan Macintosh, Esq of Raigmore, to Margaret, daughter of Sir Archibald Dunbar, Bart, of NorlhficJd.

25. At Greenock, Mr Alexander Maclauchlan, merchant in London, to Elizabeth,youngest daughter of the late Mr John White, Greenock.


February 13. At Calcutta, James Rattray, Esq. second in the East India Company's civil service, judge of circuit in the Daoea division, and eldest con of the late James Rattray of Arthurston.

May 6. Of a dysentery, which carried him off in the short space of two days, Mr Henry Alexander, the colonial secretary-of the Cape of Good Hope.

30. At Barbailoes, of an apoplectic fit, the honourable Geo. Maynard, chief judge of the Court of Common Pleas, and of his Majesty's council in Uiat island. He was proceeding home, when he fell off his horse, and, as was supposed, immediately expired.

June S3. At Grenada, West Indies, Mrs Agnes M'Mahon, spouse of Thomas Duncan, Esq. surgeon there.

July G. AtWarsovia, Lieut.-gcneraIMickrclsky, at the age of 105 years. His first entry into the profession of arms was in the service of the Empress Anne and Elisabeth of Russia, under the command of Field-marshal Munich. He then passed into the Saxon service, and served every campaign of the seven years' war. He afterwards fought under the banners of Stanislaus, and did not quit the army till he had attained the age of 80 years.

H. Janet, the infant daughter of Captain Deans Dundas, of his Majesty's ship Tagus.

12. At Baltimore, United States, America, Mrs Dr Davidge.

13. At Banff, Mrs Anna Fraser, relict of .^Encas Maedonell, Esq. of Scothousc.

— Mr Abraham Thornton, sen. farmer, of Castle Broomwich, Warwickshire, father of Abraham Thornton, tried and acquitted of the murder of Mary Ashford.

17. At Lisburn, Ireland, Edward Givem, aged 114. His wife is still living and healthy in Lisburn, aged 109.

— At Inverness, Mrs Macbean, widow of the late Robert Macbean, Esq. of Nairaside.

19. At Grantham, on Sunday morning, Jane Watchorn. This young woman was wowing in the field on Thursday, and, while very hot, drank some cold water, which caused her death. There have beensevcral instance* nflhi:; sort, while others have lost their lives by plunging into the water when in a great heat.

20. A4*the pin-factory, Durham, in the 102d year of her age, Catherine Richard.

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SO. At Aberdeen, John R, Smith, Esq. of Con


22. At London, William Morrison, Esq. late <* Calcutta. He has bequeathed to the poor of tn native parish of Campue £100: to the British sad Foreign Bible Society £500; and to the Society m Calcutta for Educating the Native Indians £lOu.

24. At the manse of Glemnuick, the Rev. Geo. Brown, minister of the united parishes of Gseemuick, Glcngarden, and Tullicn.

26. At Kilgrastou-house, in the 73d year of ho age, Francis Grant, Esq. of KiUrraston.

27. At Streatham, in the 10th year of her age, Emma Drury, youngest daughter of Sir George Barlow, Bait.

— James Fcrgusson, Esq. of Middlehaugh, late of Hanover, Jamaica.

— At Paisley, the Rev. Joseph Kitchen, one of the ministers of the Wesleyan Connexion, in (be 48th year of his age, and U»th of his ministry

— At N ew Galloway, after a tedious illstesa. attended with the most excruciating pain, Mr Robert Heron, weaver, aged 77. He was a man who possessed an extensive range of knowledge, superior t» most men of his condition. It is worthy of Dock to state, that this respectable trades-man was father to Major Heron, who fell, some years ago, at tbe taking of the Isle of Bourbon, and uncle to the asfortunate historian, Robert Heron, who died <rt * broken heart, at London, in the year 18>07.

28. At Glasgow, Mr James Stewart, naexenani a Doune.

29. At Knowsouth, William, eldest son of Was Oliver, Esq. younger of Dinlabyre.

— The infant son of Thomas Newton, Warwick-square, London.

30. At Edinburgh, aged 36 years, Mrs OinJUa Craw, wife of Mr Mein, surgeon-apothecary, LcsnV street.

— At Brampton, in the 75th year of her age. Miss Pope of Newman-street, London, formerly of the Theatre Royal, Drury-lane.

31. At his house in St James's square, London. Viscount Anson.

— At KiUechieran, Lismorc, the Right Rev. Dr JEneas Chisholm.

August 1. At Edinburgh, Mr George Forsyte, writer there,

2. At Port-Glasgow, Robert Pat on. Esq, writer.

— At Balcaskie, Sir Robert An&truther of B»Jcaskie, Bart.

3. At Hound wood-house, Elizabeth Ann, the ofant daughter of Captain Coulson, royal navy.

— At Edinburgh, Mrs Euphemia "Mitchell, widow of Peter May, Esq.

4. At No 2, Davies'-place, Miss Elizabeth Xobte

— At Galway, Ireland, in a room occupied by the band of the 77th regiment, « here he had been maintained the last two months, and very humanely attended by three people of his colour, Motyneux, the celebrated pugilist- Fri-m his swolfces state, it was deemed nevessary that his almost immediate interment should take place. He «as at have been interred on Wednesday. The expense* of his funeral were to be charitably defrayed by subscription in the 77th regiment.—a tombstone u to be erected to his memory.

— At Melrose, Mr George Mercer, eldest son of the deceased Mr Mercer of Abbotslec, writer in Melrose.

5. In Grosvenor-place, London, after a lingering illness, the Right Hon. General Lord Muneaster. aged 73. His lordshin inherited the title and estates on the death of his brother in 1813, and i* succeeded in both by his only son, the Hon. Lowther Augustus John Pennington, a minor.

— At Edinburgh, Admiral Alexander Graeme of GnemeshalL

6. In her 27th year, Miss Agnes Rawlinson. daughter of the late Mr John Rawlinson of Laccaster.

— At Glocester-place, London, Gilbert Macieod. Esq. formerly of the East India Company's Bengal medical establishment.

7- At German-house, Brighton, the Right Hoc. Lady Charlotte Eyre, second daughter of the Earl of Newburgh, aged 2C.

— In Upper George-street, Edgewmre Road, London, in his 50th vear. Captain Henry (Gordon, brother of the late Major James Gordon of North wood, in the Isle of Wight.

— At Edinburgh, Mr Archibald Stewart, son of the late Balfour Stewart, Esq. of Buraess, Orkney.

7. In Brook-street, London, the infant ton of the Hon. Thomas Kntkinc, aged two months.

— In the 76th year of his age, Francis Newberry, Esq. of St Paul's Church-yard, London.

8. At Edinburgh, the Hon. Walter Charteris, second son of the Earl of Wemyw and March.

•- At Edinburgh, Mrs Erskine, widow of the late Rev. Jamef Erskine of Shielfleld.

9. At Whitby, suddenly, Mr Thomas Nicholson, the oldest pilot in the place* having acted upwards of 43 years in that capacity. Immediately before his death, he walked home from the barbers shop.

— Of an apoplectic fit, Quintin Dick, Eon. of Montague-street, Russel-square, London, aged 74.

l'J. At Coleraine, in the 62d year of his age, John Cuthbert, Esq. surveyor-general of customs. He had retired to rest in apparent good health and excellent spirits, and was found dead in his bed on the following morning.

— At Hayfteld, the Rev. F. M* Lagan, minister of Melrose.*

14. At Aberdeen, in the 70th year of her age, Mrs Chalmers, widow of the late Mr James Chalmen, printer in Aberdeen.

— At Kilmarnock, at the advanced age of 76, John M'Rae, cooper there. He was only once married; but has left Whindhim 12children,69gTandchildrcn, and 5 great-grand-children, in all, HG descendants.

15. In Hallgarth-strcet, Durham, Mr A. Fcatonby, aged 82. This person, who lived during the

reater part of his life in a state of abject penury, said to have died worth ££0,000 J He nas not unfreqiiently accepted employment on the turnpike roads, in the breaking of stones, &c; and the coat which he wore, up to the time of his death, was so patched, that scarcely a particle of the cloth of which it was originally composed, could be discovered amongst the *■ shreds and patches" which it exhibited.

— At Limchouse. aged 69, Mr Thomas Gray, cheek-clerk in the West India docks since their first establishment.

16. At Brighton, John Palmer, E*q. of Bath, late comptroller-general of the Post-amce.

— At Carphin, John Raitt, Esq. of Carphin.

17. Lady Wilson of Charlton-house, Kent, relict of the late General Sir Thomas Spencer Wilson, Bart, in the 71st year of her age.

19. At Lcith, Mr Robert Young, second son of the late Mr Alexander Young, ship-owner there.

20. At Castlchill, Mrs Begbie, wife of Patrick Begbic, Esq. Castlchill.

*1. At LitUeeott, Berkshire, Colonel Kcllie, C.B. lieutenant-colonel of his Majesty's 24th regiment.

— At his house, King*s-ruw, Pimlico, G. C. Ashley, Esq. the celebrated performer on the violin.

22. In London, Captain Henry Halkett, fourth son of the late Sir John Halkett, Bart, of Pitflranc.

— At his seat, Daylesford-housc, Worcestershire, in the Htith year of this age, the Right Hon. Warren Hastings, late governor-general of Bengal, doctor of civil law, and one of his Majesty's most honourable privy councillors.)

23. At his house, in Portman-street, London, in the t;3d year of his age, Francis Perceval Eliot, Esq. He was the nearest representative of an ancient family, and allied to the present Earl of St Germans. Mr Eliot was formerly colonel of the Stafford militia, and for many years, until the period of his decease, was one of the commissioners of audit in Somerset-house.

— At Pitcaithly Wells, Mr Charles Ritchie, ironmonger, Edinburgh.

— At Edinburgh, Mr Peter Ewart,

24. At Dumfries, Mr William Wallace, writer. 27. At Edinburgh, William Bishop, sen. mer

cliant there.

Latrly-Au. the United States of America, Sir John oklmixon, once known in fashionable life, but having retired from this country from pecuniary embarrassments about 2a years ago, he sunk into obscurity, and has died neglected and forgotten.

At Rome, in his 21st year, the Right Hon. Lord Henry de Rocs.

At ilatnpstead, aged 79, Lady Colebrooke, relict of Sir George Colebrooke, Bart.

At the Vale of Dunkirk, near Bouhton-undcrthc-Blcan, David Ferguson, aged one hundred and twenty-four years. Ferguson was a Scotsman, but had resided in the Ville of Dunkirk between fifty and sixty years; he was, until a very few years back, a very industrious, active, and Iiard-working labourer. He was born at Netherud, in the parish of Kirkurd. He was at school at Dunsyre, in Lanarkshire, and was bred a shoemaker at Linton, on the Dumfries road. He entered into the army in a regiment of dragoons, called the Glasgow Greys (not the present Scots Greys); after this he served in the 70th regiment. He was about 12 or 13 years old at the battle of Sheriff Muir; remesnliered oiuvn Ann and the battle of MaJplaquet; had seen the Duke of Marlborough in England; recollected Lord stair calling upon his father, who was a farmer. The remains of the old man were interred in Broughton church-yard, attended by a numerous assemblage of both old and young persons and ode common sentiment of regret seemed to pervade all classes, at the last £ircwell of their old friend, who was universally regretted.

At York, Mr Thomas Wilkinson, formerly a saddler in that city, aged 66; an eccentric character, who for upwards of 20 years had never slept in abed.

At the village of Leeds.* in Kent, Mr James Barnaul, aged 92 years, gardener to the late Lord Fairfax, an eminent change-ringer and peal conductor. The deceased stood at one time 14 hours and 44 minutes at the belL

In Dublin, in the 83d year of his age, Cornclly, the father 01 the Irish stage, and the contemporary of Edwin, Shuter, O'Reilly, and Rider. In tut time he was an excellent comedian, and the particular friend and companion of o'kecfe.

At Kendal, in Westmoreland, William Gawthrop, Esq. formerly of the Cumberland militia.

At Greenfield, Mrs Logie, wife of Captain W. Logie of the 92d regiment.

At Baledgarno, J. Gourlay, Esq. Dundee, aged

Death from Fright.—An inquisition was taken on Thursday night, at the PineApple, Pimlico, on the body of Mrs Mary Bandy, of No G, Palacestreet.—Sarah Gamer deposed, that she was servant to the deceased, and had lived with her about nine years. On Tuesday about one o'clock, she heard a violent knocking at the street door, when she got up, opened her window, and saw two watchmen at the door. They called out that there were thieves in the house, and wished to come in and search it. She was going down stairs to let the watchmen in, when the deceased called to know what was the matter? She told her what the watchmen said, and the deceased went in an apparent fright to her chamber. Witness opened the door, and the watchmen searched about the premises, but could find no one, though a gentleman said he had seen a man get over the railings of the area. Witness returned up stairs, and the deceased seemed greatly frightened; she endeavoured to pacify her, but her terror was so great that she fell down on the floor, and soon became senseless, she died in three hours after, and her death was produced, in witness's opinion, by excessive fright.—Verdict—'* Death ov excessive fright."


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English in Paris, the, 446.

English Dramatists, essays on the early, 556.

Escape, remarkable one, of a soldier from
the Black-feet Indians, 45.

Essays, fugitive and anonymous, of the Earl
of Buchan, 515.—On the early English
Dramatists, 556.

Eye, newly discovered membrane in the,

Fairies, the, a dreamlike remembrance of a
dream, 30.

Fame, on the influence of the love of, on
Genius, 701.

Farming, moral effects of overseers on farm
servants, 83.

Fiction, on the use of the preternatural in
works of, 648.

Fife gypsies, anecdotes of the, 14, 393.

Fire, destruction of a ship by, 105.

FluiiU, on the boiling point of, 611.

Fortune-telling, instance of swindling under
pretence of, 236.

Fox and Pitt, sketch of, by Baron Von
Lauerwinkel, 456.

France, history of a six weeks' tour through,
review of, 412.

Franklin's head, craniological view of, 300.

Fudge Family in Paris, the, review of a
publication so entitled, 129.

Gas, cities lighted with by authority of Par-
liament, 724.—Portable gas apparatus, ib.

General Assembly, meeting of the commis-
sion of the, 230.—Proceedings of the as-
sembly, 352.

Genius, on the influence of the love of
fame on, 701.

Germany, letters on the present state of.
Letter I., 24.—Ferment in the national

mind of the Germans, ib Every liberty

enjoyed of thought and writing except on

politics, 25 Effects of the late wars in

illuminating the minds of the Germans,
27—Privileges of the nobility of, galling
to the people, 28.—Probability of a re-
volution being effected widiout outrage or
resistance, 29.

Glasgow, letter from, 56.

——— manufactures of, 481.

Chronicle, remarks on its treat-
ment of Mrs Grant, 57, 187.

Gosschen's diary, extracts from, 596.

Grant, Mrs, on the liberties taken with her
literary character in the Glasgow Chroni-
cle, 57, 187.

Greek heads, craniological view of, 299.

Gwyn, letter from the celebrated Nell, 547.

Gypsies of Fife, anecdotes of the, 14, 393.

Harvest, the, neither retarded nor accelerat-
ed by an early or late spring, 229.

Ha'uync, description of a mineral nearly re-
sembling, found in the island of Tiree,

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