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This Book was originally published under another title. The important additions and corrections made in it are sufficient to authorise its assumption of a new one. The whole of the Prolegomena, which serves to connect the otherwise disorganised parts of the work, is new, as also the Appendix to Antichrist. The leading feature of the former work being the Author's important discovery of the name of Antichrist, an equally prominent feature distinguishes this,-the elucidation of the great Antichristian heresy.

The Author defends the doctrine of a personal Advent of Christ to usher in the Millennium against the inconsistencies of the exclusive spiritualists of the day. Mr. Orme, he laments to say, his chief opponent, and irrecoverably wedded to the opposite and most pernicious opinion, a spiritual advent, which he was continually advocating in the pulpit, died during the publication of this work. The gauntlet, therefore, remains for his coadjutors, Mr. Morison and Mr. Jones.

The Author defends the spirituality of Christ's kingdom against the state-churchmen, Mr. Faber, Dr. Whitley, and Mr. Irving. His correspondence with the first gentleman on the subject of the Name of the Beast and the

Heresy of Antichrist, is published in the Prolegomena and Appendix to Antichrist. Dr. Wordsworth will find an answer to his Essay for 1829 in the Postscript.

The Author laments the following important errata:

For the good symbolised by the nations", read "the good symbolised by the martyrs", p. xlvi. line 19.

For "right", read "rite", p. 128, line 3.

For "it is not at all surprising that the prophets should couch", read "it would not be at all surprising for the prophets to couch", p. 205, line 5 from bottom.

For "popish" read "Turkish", p. 423, line 30.

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