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A TONGUEY man generally carries rocks in his pocket, and if this is not always the case, yet the converse is almost invariably true: that the man who sits like an owl in company, and looks unutterable things, but says nothing, goes "with many a hungry belly," as our old friend John Bunyan expresses it.

However cleverly or wisely a man may think, nobody is the better for his thoughts unless he lets them out. It is also better, for their own sake, that they should take the air; for the correct expression of one's ideas is an aid to correct thinking. Rivers that run are clearer than stagnant pools and sluggish streams.

Many a rustic, just cmerged from the woods, has been taken for a fool, or something near it, when he first came to a seaport town, for the reason that he had never been accustomed to converse except with his oxen, his horses, or his sheep, and such terms as these can appreciate are not well adapted to bipeds of the human stripe.

But, after the man has lived awhile in town, daily associating with his own species, he has brightened up, like a scoured saucepan, and in many cases, has out-stripped those who enjoyed every advantage of academies, colleges, and polite acquaintances, from the start.

Talents which are folded in a napkin and tucked away

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