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PROMOTIONS, THE Rev. John Davies, M. A. chosen Joint Lecturer of Christ-church, Middle

sex. Rev. Nathan Orman, of Mildenhall, to the vicarage of Wiggenhall St. Peter's in Norfolk. Rev. Bernard Price, M. A, to the vicarage of Pillerton, in the county of Warwick. Rev. John Robinson, M. A. to the rectory of Creeksea, in Essex, void by the cession of the Rev. Richard Birch. The Rev. W. Easton, B. D. Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, by the Master and Fellows of that Society to the vicarage of Barrow-upon-Soar, in Leicestershire, vacant by the death of the Rev. William Barrough. The Rev. John Hammond, A. B. to the rectory of Parnham, in Sussex.

MARRIAGES. THE Rev. Thomas Fielde, of Christ Church, Oxford, to Miss Berney, daughter of the late Sir Hanson Berney, Bart. of Kirby. The Rev. Geo. Pennington, of Staines, Middlesex, to Miss Mary Sadler, second daughter of the late Edward Sadler, Esq. of Garsington, Oxon. Rev. Mr. Morgan, rector of Burton-Dassett, Warwickshire, to Miss Amelia Browne, eldest daughter of the late George Browne, of the Westminster Fire-office. John Dodd, Esq. of Red-heath House, Rickmansworth, Herts, to Miss Goulds, of Beaumont-hall, in the same county. At Bristol, the Rev. Robert Grey, vicar of Farringdon, Berks, to Miss Camplin, daughter of Mr. John Camplin, of Trinity-street, Bristol At East-Ham, Essex, George Samuel Collyer, Esq. Army Agent, to Miss Mary Clinton, daughter of Andrew Clinton, Esq. At Bath, Captain William Wade, of the 3d regiment of Dragoons, to Miss Smith, daughter of the late Sir John Smith, Bart. of Newland Park, near Wakefield. Sir Archibald Dunbar, of Northfield, Bart. to Miss H. P. Cumming, second daughter to Colonel Cumming of Altyres In Ireland, Jonn Macartney, Esq. Member of Pare liament for the Borough of Fore, to Miss Catherine Hussey Burgh, second daughter of the late Right Hon. Lord Chief Baron Burgh. Capt. Leonard Shafto Orde, of the 4th regiment of Dragoon Guards, to Miss Penelope Ogilvie, eldest daughter of John Ogilvie, Esq. of Argyle-street. James Wyid, Esq. of Speen, in the county of Berks, to Miss Haverfield; of Kew, Surrey. William Marsh, Esq. of Knightsbridge, to Miss Graham, of Epsom. Sir Montague Burgoyne, Bart. to Mrs. Burton. John Clerk, Esq. to Miss Ann Mildmay, daughter of the late Carew Mildmay, Esq. of Shawford House, Twyford, Hants. Charles Grey, Esq. M. P. for the county of Northumberland, to Miss Ponsonby, only daughter of the Right Hon. W. B. Ponsonby. At York, John Tweedy, Esq. Banker, to Miss Green, both of that city. Joshua Jepson Oddy, Esq. merchant in London, to Miss Margaret Scougall, of Leith. At Norbiton Hall, Surrey, Edward L. Loveden, Esq. Member of Parliament for Abingdon, to Miss Lintall, late of Great Marlow, Bucks. At Lambeth, Mr. T. A. Roberts, boat-builder, to Miss Field of the same place. Mr. Joseph Kirkman, Brewer, of High-street, to Miss Mary Middleton, of St. James's, Westminster. At St. George's, Hanover Square, the Rev. Henry Forster Mills, to Miss Alicia Markham, third daughter of the Archbishop of York. At Bath, Edward Butler, Esq. to Miss Tyson, daughter of Richard. Tyson, Esq. Master of the Ceremonies of that city. Jolin Stratton, Esq. of Gays, in Herts, to Miss Charlotte Lucadou, daughter of John D. Lucadou, Esq. of Lombard-street, Banker. John Nash, Esq. of Saiters-hall, London, to Miss S. Smith, daughter of Edward Smith, Esq. of Princes Risborough, Bucks. At St. Winnow church, in Cornwall, Mr. Edward Matthews, aged seventy-tovi, to Mrs, Mary Bright, aged eighty-six! The courtship between this tender pair had been of about twenty-four years continuance: they being of opposite religious tenets, could not agree as to what persuasion the children should be brought up; but at length the lady's impatience got the better of her religion, and she has for the present waved the contest. Hon. Evelyn Dormer to Lady Elizabeth Ker, eldest daughter of the Marquis of Lothian. At St. George's church, the Right Hon. the Earl of Mornington, to Madam Roan. At Tidmington, in Worcestershire, the Rev. John Seagrave, of Halford, in Warwickshire, to Miss Robins, of Ardley, in Oxfordshire. Rev. Dr. H. Berkeley, of Shilsley, in the county of Worcester, to Miss jones, of Woodstock, Oxon.

DEATHS. AT Southampton, Lady King, wife of Admiral Sir Richard King. John Spink, Esq. of Bury, Receiver-General of the Land Tax for the Eastern division of Suffolk. At Caxton, the Rev. Thomas Barnard, M. A. vicar of Eltisley in Cambridgeshire. At Southgate, Samuel Wood, Esq. aged go, father and oldest member of the Goldsmiths Company. At his seat, at Chawton, Hants, Thomas Knight, of Godmersham Park, Kent, Esq. At Tunbridge-Wells, Edward Hewitt, Esq. of WoodStreet, London. Of the yellow fever, on his passage home from Jamaica, Mr. Alexander Fraser, son of James Fraser, Esq. Treasurer to the Bank of Scotland. Wentworth Parsons, of Elen Grove, Ireland, Esq. son of the late Sir Lawrence Parsons, Bart, and brother to the Right Hon. Lord Oxmantown. The Rev. John Perfect, many years rector of Sopworth, in Wiltshire. Miss Cathcart, sister to Lord Cathcart, and to the Countess of Mansfield, and one of her Majesty's maids of honour. At Brighton, James Hodge, Esq. Contractor for supplying the troops encamped throughout the kingdom. At her seat at Bourton on the Water, Gloucestershire, Dame Elizabeth Harrington, relict of Sir James Harrington. Bart. grandfather to the present earl. Mrs. Edwards, wife to Mr. Wm. Edwards, Accountant Gene. ral of the Bank of England At Pallinsburn-house, John Askew, Esq. At his seat at Lurgan, in Ireland, the Right Hon. Wm. Brownlow, father-in-law to the present Lord Darnley. Aged uo years, Mrs. Elizabeth Hayes, of Park-lane, Liverpool. At Portarlington, Ireland, Mrs. Cavendish, sister of the late Right Hon. Henry Cavendish, Bart. In the King's Bench prison, the Hon. Mr. Curzon, son of Lord Scars. dale. At Epsom, the Rev. Mr. Francis Plumer, of Twickenham. At Lee, in Kent, Mr. John Battie Call, eldest son of Sir John Call, Bart. of Whiteford, Cornwall. At Cambridge, Edmund Holt, M. A. fellow of King's college. At Livesey, near Blackburn, Lancashire, aged 100 years, Mr. Wm. Clayton, who worked at the last harvest, winded twist, and retained tolerably ripe senses till a little before his death-this last summer this venerable old man had a visit from a person of the same age, who then lived about ten miles distant, and who said he walked the whole way through a curiosity he had to see him. At Stirling Castle, Major Alexander Joass. Henry Tompkins, Esq. Lieutenant. Colonel of the Bucks Militia. At Fyfield, Hants, after a short illness, Francis Delap Halliday, Esq. only brother of the late Major Halliday, of the Leasowes. At her lodgings in Queen Square, Bath, aged 22, Miss Dobson, daughter of the late Wm. Dobson, Esq. of Twickenham. This young lady was in the most perfect health within these three weeks, and was very soon to have been married to a much-respected young country Clergyman, who visiting her during her short illness, fatally caught the fever with which she was seized, and died on Sunday the 2d, on which day Miss D. was thought to be in a fair way; but almost immediately rclapsing (without being the least acquainted with the fate of her lover) she survived him only three days. Suddenly last week at Kendal, a gentleman named Johnson: he kept a linen-draper's shop, and was to have been married to a lady of Lancaster that week, who, on hearing the news of his death, went and drowned herself. Her remains were brought to Kendal, and they were both interred in one grave! At his lio:sc, in Russia-row, Mr. Joseph Andrews, Commission-Warehouseman and Auctioneer. At Jamaica, Wm. Belford, Esq. Aid-du-camp to his honour the Commander in Chief, and senior Lieutenant of the 20th regiment of Ligiit Dragoons. Major-General Robert Johnston, of the 3d regiment of Foot Guards, on his return from the Duke of York's arany. Hodsall, Esq. son of the late Mr. Hodsall, banker, of the Strand. This young man is reported to have lived in a state of penury until his father's death, when he came to a fortune of 100,00ol. and the banking business. At Drumsheugh, near Edinburgh, the Right Hon. Elizabeth Dowager Ba. roness Colville, of Colross. Lord Daer, eldest son of the Earl of Selkirk. At Shermanbury Place, Sussex, John Challen, Esq. many years an acting magistrate for that county. At an advanced age, Mr. G. Gibbs, formerly an eminent surgeon of Exeter, and father to Counselor Gibbs, Recorder of Bristol, the gentleman who so conspicuously distinguished himself, with Mr. Erskine, in the late trials for High Treason. At Watford Place, Hertfordshire, Mrs. Paxton, Lady of Archibald Paxton, Esq and daugiter of William Gill, Esq. Alderman of the City of London. At his house in Blvomsbury-square, Elborough Woodcock, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, Register of the atridavits in the Court of Chancery, and Secretary of Bankrupts at Cambridge.


BANKRUPTS. John Farrell, of New Bond-street, Milliner. William Pollat, Bow, Middle sex, Brewer. Robert Sanderson and Abraham Sanderson, of Radcliffe Cross, Middlesex, Coal Merchants. Alexander Harrison, of Erdington, in Aston, near Birmingham, Seedsman. Thomas Oldham, of Manchester, money scrivener. Daniel Bunning of Shepherd's-market, St. George, Hanover-square, carpenter. Thomas Boswell, of Woodbridge, Suffolk, innholder. Robert Heckle, of Liverpool, joiner. Henry Bean vis, of Exeter, merchant. John Roberts, of Kennington-lane, Surrey, baker. Blakey Tillotson, of Flasby, in Gargrave, Yorkshire, woollen-manufacturer. James Deer, of Hammersmith, Middlesex, wheelwright, dealer. Henry Bulcock, of Rochdale, Lancashire, worsted manufacturer. George Pickersgill, Robert Ellis, and Mathew Lodge, in Clement's-lane, London, merchants. Thomas Gladhill, of Bartholomew-lane, London, man's mercer. Thomas Salt, of Butterton, in Mathfield Staffordshire, merchant. Briton Salisbury, of Westbury, Wilts, carpenter. Benj. Lara, of Kennington-green, near Vauxhall, surgeon. Abraham Vianna, of Bethnal Green, merchant. John Dyer, now or late of Upper Tysoe, Warwickshire, cow-jobber. John Jackson, of Hales Owen, in Salop, mercer. William Nash, of Newgate-street, slop-seller and taylor. William Gerrard, of Salford, Lancashire, cotton-spinner. John Court, of Bath, ironmonger. Thomas Goode, of Pelham-street, Spital Fields, silk-handkerchief printer. Hugh Kenrick, of Stourbridge, Worcestershire, mercer. Ebenezer Alfred, of Wakefield, Yorkshire, manufacturer. Matthew Hawkins of Manchester, house-builder. Obadiah Westwood, of Birmingham, cofin-furniture maker. William Dewey, De la Touche, of Basingstoke, Southampton, dealer. Thomas Palmer of Wallingford, Berkshire, barge-master. Samuel Southgate, of Chich-Saint Osith, Essex, maltster. William Pendred, of Oundle, Northamptonshire, baker. Thomas Flower, of Buckhurst Hill, Essex, dealer. George Scott of Hatton-Garden, builder. George Fairborne, of King-street, Westminster, ironmonger. William George Jones, of Coleman-street, London, stationer. Samuel Scarlet, of Newcastle-under-line, Staffordshire, upholsterer. John Brierly of Manchester, innkeeper. James Welch, of Portsea, Southampton, shopkeeper. John Lea Hayley, of Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, linen-draper. James Sly, of Birmingham, victualler. Richard Walker, of Reading, Berkshire, horse keeper. George Taylor, of Stoke Newington, Middlesex, linen-draper. Thomas Thornton, of Spalding, Lincolnshire, shopkeeper. Thomas Martin, of Smithfield, London, mercer. James Atwell, of Coppice-row, Cold-bath fields, Clerkenwell, coal-merchant. Mary Sutherland, of Isleworth, Middlesex, haberdasher. John Jones, of Weverham, Cheshire, cotton-manufacturer. William Bardsley, of Manchester, in Lancashire, builder. Thomas Banister, of Ince Blundell, in Lancashire, taylor. George Boyd, of Sunderland, in Durham, money-scrivener John hooper, of Bath, butcher. Robert Meatyard, of Fisherton Anger, in Wiltshire, felimonger. Job Gambier, of Brighthelmstone, Sussex, victualer. Thomas Lazenby, of the Strand, dealer in brandy. Isaac Scott, of Kathbone-place, merchant. James Street, of New Sarum, Wiltshire, innholder. John Ellis, of Tavistock-street, linen-draper. Thomas Harben, of Lewes, Sussex, banker. Benjamin Crossthwaite, of the Strand, linen-draper. Joseph Hall, of Margate, Kent, stationer, &c. Thomas Hannam, of Oxford-street, linen-draper. William Hardy, late of Virginia-street, St. George's, Middiesex, master mariner. William Kimberley, of New Windsor, Berks, plumber. Ralph Jackson, of Wapping High-street, oil and colourman. William Hutchinson, of Downham, in the Isle of Ely, farmer. Joseph Hirst, and William Butler Hirst, of Elland, Yorkshire, cloth-merchants, manuiaciurars, and copartners. John Powell, of Rhayader in the county of Radnor, mercer. Bainton Leader, of Burslem, Staffordshiré, potter. John Perks, of Great Saredon, Staffordshire, money-scrivener. Thomas Oliver of Longnor, in the parish of Allstontield in the county of Stafford. Tho. mas White, and James Oliver, of Gradbitch, in the parish of Allstonfield aforesaid, cotton-spinners, and co-partners. William Hanks, of Marli orough, Wiltshire, currier. Robert Wilson, of Upper Thornbaugh street, Middlesex, mason. Thomas Wigg, of Duke's place, London, victualler.' jolin Dromley, late purser of the Earl of Oxford East-Indiaman.

SUPERSEDED. Thomas Carter, of Luton, Bedfordshire, dealer. Samuel Pooth, of Adam-street, t. Mary-le-Bonne, painter. Elizabech Gill, of Hartiebury, Worcester, baker.




For FEBRUARY 1795.





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Page Account of John Opie, Esq. R. A. 75 On National Character Anecdote, tending to illustrate the Mr. Tasker's Letters continued.

Poem of the History of Gyges' Letter the Ninth. Physiology ring


of t'ie Heart Origin and History of the Stadt- Consecration of the Lodge of Unaholdership of Holland

ib. nimity, No. 136, at Coltishall, Instances of Retributive Justice 78 in Norfolk

113 The Newspaper

80 Life of the Right Reverend John A Sermon preached at Greenwich, Egerton, late Lord Bishop of June 24, 1774, before the Most Durham

114 Ancient and Honourable Fra- Singular Words in the English lanternity of Free and Accepted guage

· 117 Masons. By James Grant, LL.D. 81 The Iron Mask ascertained

118 Case of Hydrophobia cured by Vi- Domestic Manners of the Dutch negar

88 Parliamentary Proceedings. House The Freemason, No. II.

of Lords Brief History of the Knights Tem- House of Commons plars of St. John of Jerusalem. Masonic Intelligence

127 By J. Watkins, LL. D. conti- A Masonic Directory proposed ib. nued 91 Lodges of Instruction

128 Curious Letter written in English Poetry; including the Entered

(with the aid of a dictionary, &c.) Apprentice's Song set to Music. by a French Emigrant, unac

A Royal Arch Song, by Brother quainted with the idiom of our Lowe, of Stockport. Ode for language

95 the New Year, by James Pye, Devonshire Anecdote

96 Esq. Poet-Laureat. The Horse Anecdote of Governor Boyd ib. to his Rider; an Elegy. EpiDescription of the Chapel of Ros

grams on the Dutch, and the lin, &c.


Generals who subdued and who Account of Shakspeare's Crab-tree 102 might have saved them

12% New Experiment in Agriculture 103 Strictures on Public Amusements; An Enquiry into the Origin and including The Mysteries of the Meaning of several Cant Terms Castle; Alexander the Great, and Phrases in use in the Uni- or, the Conquest of Persia; and versity of Cambridge

Crotchet Lodge

133 The Effect of Sudden Preferment Monthly Chronicle. Foreign News 133 in loosening Ancient Connexions 1061 Home News



Printed for the PROPRIETOR; Sold by J. PARSONS, No. 21. PATERNOSTER-Row; and may be had of all the

Booksellers and Newscarriers in Town and Country.

[Entered at Stationers Wall.]


The Songs sent to us by Brother B. want interest.
To the merits of Dr. P. we chearfully subscribe ; but his appointment of

P. G. M. was before noticed in our Magazine. The Eulogy sent us by A
Member of the Lodge of Fortitude, is too fulsome to be pleasing to our readers,
and, we are sure, must, if published, be very offensive to the delicacy of that

respectable gentleman. In The Briton we discover several lines from Rowe's writings, with no distinctive

marks as quotations, and are much inclined to think that we have read many other of the lines before. We must therefore decline inserting it as an Original Poem. The Memoirs of the late William Strahan, Esq. intended to have been given in

this number, are unavoidably deferred till our next, when they will be ac

companied by a PORTRAIT. The List of Lodges of Instruction sent by our much esteemed Brother A. came un.

fortunately too late for insertion this month. We hope to receive similar communications from other quarters. We studiously avoid inserting articles from the Freemasons' Calendar, lest we

should injure the sale of that annual publication, the profits of which are generously applied to the increase of the Charity Fund. Any other conduct would justly exclude us from the favour of the Grand Lodge, as well as of every well-wisher to our benevolent institution. This will be an answer to J. D.’s enquiry.

Any of the PORTRAITS contained in this work may be had in Frames, handsomely

gilt and glazed, at 3s. 6d. each, by applying at the British Letter-FOUNDRY, Bream's BUILDINGS, Chancery-Lane, where Communications for the ProPRIETOR 'will be thankfully received.


SURSCRIBERS may have their Volumes bound by sending them as above.

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