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LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOST, Arm. Bergweshest sign is druhom men

of great speres yoremans melanchoty.

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cpitheton, appertaining to thy young days, which we may nominate, tender.

320 Moth. And I, tough signior, as an appertinent title to your old time, which we may name, tough.

Arm. Pretty, and apt.

Moth. How mean you, sir? I pretty, and my saying apt? or I apt, and my saying pretty?

Arm. Thou pretty, because little.
Moth. Little pretty, because little : Wherefore


Arm. And therefore apt, because quick.
Moth. Speak you this in my praise, master?

Arm. In thy condign praise.
Moth. I will praise an eel with the same praise.
Arm. What ? that an eel is ingenious ?
Moth. That an eel is quick.

Arm. I do say, thou art quick in answers : Thou heat'st my blood.

Moth. I am answer'd, sir.
Arm. I love not to be cross'd.

Moth. He speaks the mere contrary, crosses love not him.

340 Arm. I have promised to study three years with the duke.

Moth. You may do it in an hour, sir.
Arm. Impossible.
Moth. How many is one thrice told ?

Arm. I am ill at reckoning, it fitteth the spirit of a
Moth. You are a gentleman, and a gamester, sir.


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