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Books of Prints, Coins, Medals, Architecture, and Atlasses; Naval and Military

History, and Science, in Tarious Languages 3 ] 6 28 98

Prints, Maps, &c 13 13 13 13

An'iquities, Biography, Geography, History,

Voyages, Travels, and Miscellanies 41 60 71 I3i

Reviews and other Periodical Publications,

and long Sets of Literary Works ..... — — 69

Walker's Pocket Editions of British Classics,

and Translations of Papular A uthors . — — 170

Juvenile -Library '.. — — — I73

Romances, Novels, and Tales.. 41 50 71 186

Poetry, Plays, Dramatic History, and Trans. <

la fions of the Classics . 206 209 215 242

Music, Treatises on Mnsic, &c 267 267 267 267

Curious and Rare Books, including Manu.

scripts, and an extensive OoJIeetioa wi ^fatft

letter . 298 293 313 331

Books relatina to Scotland and Ireland 353 354 356 360

Art?, Sciences, Commerce, Alchymy, Magic,

&c. in various Languages _ 363 366 378 SQS

Medicine, Surgery, Anatomy, Chemistry and

Farriery, in various Languages 404 405 410 430

Agriculture, Rural Economy, Horticulture, •

Natural Hi tory, &c 436 440 444 456

Law i 460 466 469 480

Odd Volumes 482 483 485 496

Yevievrs, Magazines, and Periodica] Works,

in Sets, Scries, single Volumes, &c. ...... 482 483 504 496

Dictionaries, Lexicons, Grammars, j(v,.

vario.i6 Languages .'1 ix 51S 521 526 535

Auttores Classict, Historici, et Miscellanei,

Gr. etLat , 548 553 559 576

Livres Fra.)cais 587 589 592 601

Libri Italian! r.,.,,.p— 630 631 632 931

Libros Espanoles y Portuguezas, 636 637; 637 638

Deutsche Biicher 639 639 639 641

Hollandschc Boekcn, &c 643 643 643 643

Divinity, Ecclesiastical History, 6zc 647 658 6/3 733

Sermons and Discourses 647 658 7L5 733

Tucologia, Historia Ecclesiastica, Sc 655 670 728 762

\. Collection of Curious and S«a*«e Books,

bciug a Supplement to a similar Class, in

the First Part of this Catalogue 769 769 777 781

\ppendix, comprising an extensive Collection, in all Classes and Languages 876 855 8U 785

Haruiag and Wrif lit, Printers, St. Joha's-squart, London.



Books of Prints, Coins, Medals, Architecture, and Atlasses; Naval and Military History, and Science; in various Languages.




Resque De La Suisse, 1 vol. "The whole illustrated by an immense number of beautiful Engravings, 17 vol. half bound, russia backs, leaves uncut, Par. 1780—1792

2 Pennakt's Account Of London, With Smith's Illustrations,

and 100 additional engravings, finely printed upon an imperial writing paper, 2 vol. half bd. russia backs, leaves uncut, '1805

3 Si*Robert Stuange's Beautiful Engravings (43) From Paint

Ings By The Most Eminent Italian And Flemish Masters, most excellent impressions, half bound, 1753—84

4 Macaun's Splendid Edition Op The Bible, with beautiful plates*

6 vol. superbly bound in russut leather. 1800

6 M Ack Lin's Bible—first 18 Nos. aith fine impressions of the plates.

6 Salt's 24 Fine Views In St. Helena, Abyssinia, Egypt, India,

&c. beautifully coloured to imitate the original drawings, half bound, russia, with a descriptive Pamphlet in 4to.' 1809

7 Norden's Travels In Egypt And Nubia, with numerous plans and

. views, 1 vol. Elephant Size, A. bd. russia, leaves uncut, 1757

8 Edmob Dsow's Baronagium Anglicum, or the Pedigrees of the En

glish Peers, with the Arms, 5 vol. very neat.

9 Another Set, Large Paper, 6 vol. half Id. russia backs and gilt.

10 Boydell's Splendid Edition Of Shakspeare, with the large and small plates, beautiful impressions, 18 Nos. and portfolios for the plates.

! 1. Boybell'* History Of The River Thames, with numerous beautiful

coloured plates, 2 vol. calf, elegant, —« 1794


12 Boydell's Sflendid Edition Of Milton's Works, 3 vol. Boards,

fine impressions of the plates, —— 1794

13 Bowyer's Splendid Edition Of Hume's History Of England,'

with historical prints, portraits, coins, views, Sfc. An Early SubScriber's Copy, 10 vol. superbly bound in russia leather, double bands, leaves gilt, Src. > 1806

14 Another Set, 10 vol. boards.. ■ 1806

15 Heads Of Illustrious Persons Of Great Britain, by Houbrakcn

and Vertue, Large Paper, with beautiful impressions of the plates, 1756

16 Hodges's Select Views In India, engraved in aquatinta, with De

scriptions in English and French, superbly bound in purple morocco, and morocco joints, ————— 1786

17 Another Copy, in russia leather, 1786

18 Jacquin Hortus Botanicus Vindobonensis, with numerous coloured

plates, 3 vol. boards, Vindob. I770—86

19 Hill's Vegetable System, illustrated by an immense number of en

gratings, 16 vol. bound in 10, very neat, in' calf, with Linnx-i Species Plantarum, ,5 vol. octavo, the ttxt of which is closely interlined, and interleaved, with a vast body oft manuscript additions, 1759—76

20 Raccolta Di Statue Anticjie E Moderns, da Domenico Rossi,

being 161 plates, finely engraved, russia, elegant, — 1704 2) Buffon Et D'aubenton Histoire Naturelle Des Oiseaux, atec 1008 gravures, splendidement enluminec's, et le nom Anglais au bas de chaquc gravure, 10, vol. Large Paper, elegantly bound in green morocco, gilt loaves, accompanied by Pennant's Indexes, in Quarto, ■ • Par. 1774—84

22 Uecueil D'estampes, d'apres Jes plus beaux Tableaux et d'apres les

plus beaux Dcsseins qui sont en France, par Crozat, beautiful impressions, 2 vol. very neat in calf,, Par. 1729

23 Dexon Voyage Dans La Basse Et La Haute Egypte, with many

beautiful plates, 2 vol. Atlas Folio, h. bd. russia, Par. 1802

24 Another Set, the plates 'in Atlas folio, the in quarto,

2 vol. ib. 1802.

'-5 Picart's Religious Ceremonies, Large Paper, fine impressions of

the plates, 7 vol. 17S3

i6 C^saris Opera, cura Clarkii, Large Paper, fine plates, and ruled with red lines, 2 vol. morocco, gilt leaves, 1712

27 Stuart's Antiquities Of Athens, with fine plulcs, 3 vol. superbly

bound in russia, gilt leaves, — —— 1762.

28 Malton's Picturesque Tour Through London And Westminster,

with numerous fine engravings in aquatinta, half bound, russia, gilt leaves, . ——— 1792

29 Newcastle (le Marquis Et Comte De) Dresser Les

Ciievaux, Large Paper, fine plates, h. bd. uncut, 1737

30 Desgodetz's Ancient Buildings Qf Rome,finely engraved by Mar

shall, with Descriptions in French and English, 2 vol. half bound, uncut, — ■ 1771

31 Galerie Du Palais Royale, being fine engravings, from Paintings

by the most eminent Masters, with their Lives, 45 Numbers.

34 Military History Of Prince Eugene And The Duke Of Make.

Borough, xciih many plates of battles, sieges, and plans, 2 vol. morocco, gilt leaves, 1736

33 Sir Joshua REYNOLDS^Seven beautiful Engravings by Facius,

from his Paintings on the West Window of the Chapel, NewCollege, Oxford, and 2 Engravings of Charles I. from Vaudyck, by Baron, boards, • 1781

34 Heads Of The Kings Of England, with their Monuments and

other Portraits, engraved by Vertue, &c illustrative of Rapin's History of England, Large Paper, fine impressions, very neat.

35 _curtis's Flora Londinensis,coloured, 2 vol. unbound. 1777 36" Le Temple Des Muses—with sixty plates, engraved by Picart, very

fine impressions, in morocco, edges gilt, 1733

3/ The Same Work In English, (4 plates wanting) 21. 18s. 1733 3* Atkinson and Walker's Picturesque Representations of the Customs and Amusements of the Russians, in 100 coloured plates, with descriptive Letter-press in 'French and English, 3 vol. (published at 151. 15s.) boards, 1803—5

39 Miller's Figures Of Plants, described in his Dictionary, on 300

plates, coloured, 2 vol. calf, elegant, 1771

40 Hogarth's Woeks, original Edition, consisting of fine impressions of

the plates, half bound, :— 1764

41 Fables Ciioisies De La Fontaine, Grand Papier Imperial, with

fine impressions oft he plates, 4 vol. morocco,gilt leaves. Par. 1755

42 Roxburgu's Plants Of The Coast Of Coromandel, with Descrip

tions, 2 vol. boards, • 17.98

43 Campbell's Vitruvius Britannicus, with the Supplement by Wood

and Gandon, Large Paper, 5 vol. half bound, uncut, 1771

44 Gardnor's Views On The Rhine, The Maese, &c. finely engraved in

aqualinta, with Descriptions, half bound, russiu, 1788

45 Willyams's Account Of The Campaign In The West Indies, In

1794, Large Paper, uithfine engravings^russiu, tlegant, 1796

46 Dr. Thornton's New Illustration Of The Sexual Sy/stej; Of

Linnaus, with the Supplements, complete, plates coloured and highly finished, 1799—1809

47 Daniell's Oriental Scenery, complete; Indian Antiquities,

comprising Twelve Views; and Hindoo Excavations In The Mountains Of Ellora, the whole finely engraved and beautifully coloured to imitate the original drawings, 5 vol. half bd. russia backs, with an octavo volume of descriptive better-press. 45 Danifxl's Oriental Scenery, the first Series, containing TwentyFour Views In Hindoostan, finely engraved in aquntinta, and beautifully coloured, in a Port Folio, 1795

49 Por Cl.v.uu Zoologie, oder Beschrcibuug ilnd Abbildung, des Mm.

seren und Innern Baues derjenigen thiere dcren naehere kenntniss allgemein nutzlich ist, coloured plates, h. bd. russiu. 1802

50 Oyid's Metamorphoses, in Latin and English, with Banier's Expli

cations, fine plates, by Picart f&c. 2 vol. in 1. neat, Jmst. 1732

51 History Of Ancient And Modern India, with 24fine coloured en.

gratings, and Picturesque Scenery in Mysore, with Descriptions,

40fine coloured views, boards, ■ 1805

&2 Agostini DialoghisopraleMedaglic, Iscmione, &c. 7s. 6d. Rom. lo'SS


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