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Thus, Sir, have I executed my threat | I think there is next to a certainty that to the fullest extent, in regard to the in five or six years I shall be in a hopeful length of my letter. If I had not pre- way of attaining a situation which I think sumed on doing it more to my liking, I as eligible for happiness as any one I should not have undertaken it; but I know; for I have always been of opinion, have not time to attempt it anew; nor, that if a man bred to the habits of a farmif I would, am I certain that I should suc- ing life, who possesses a farm of good ceed any better. I have learned to have soil, on such terms as enables him easily less confidence in my capacity of writing to pay all demands, is not happy, he ougbt on such subjects.

to look somewhere else than to his situa

tion for the causes of his uneasiness. I am much obliged by your kind inquiries about my situation and prospects. I I beg you will present my most respectam much pleased with the soil of this ful compliments to Mrs. Currie, and refarm, and with the terms on which I pos- member me to Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe, and sess it. I receive great encouragement Mr. Roscoe, junior, whose kind attenlikewise in building, enclosing, and other tions to me, when in Liverpool, I shall conveniences, from my landlord, Mr. G. never forget. S. Monteith, whose general character and conduct, as a landlord and country I am, dear Sir, gentleman, I am highly pleased with. But the land is in such a state as to

Your Inost obedient, and require a considerable immediate outlay of money in the purchase of manure, the

Much obliged, humble Servant, grubbing of brush-wood, removing of stones, &c. which twelve years' struggle

GILBERT BURNS. with a farm of a cold, ungrateful soil has but ill prepared me for. If I can get To JAMES CURRIE, M. D. F. R. S.

} these things done, however, to my mind,



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