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having been exhausted, a Third Edition is now published, considerably enlarged, under the title of "THE ART OF ELOCUTION.” The Publisher is happy in presenting, from among many others, the following high testimonials to the merits of the work:

From the Rev. R. T. HUDDART, (Classical Academy, Houston street.)

It affords me much pleasure to add my testimony to the value, importance, and advantage of Mr. George Vandenhoff's Work on Elocution. He has aptly styled it “a pluin System :” such it truly is to those who will pursue the instruction given, step by step; and cannot fail of producing a beneficial and much wished for resuli in one of the depart. ments of education so sadly neglected-correct reading-devoid of vulgarities, and errors in articulation and pronunciation. I hope the book will have a wide circulation, in order that the good which it is capable of effecting may be thus more extensively diffused, and a better system of instruction be afforded to the rising generation, in that which constitutes a most agreeable accomplishment in every gentleman's education, namely, “ Logical and Musical Declamation."

(Signed) R. TOWNSEND HUDDART. New-York, March 14, 1845.

From MRS. LAWRENCE, (Academy, Stuyvesant Place.) I have great pleasure in stating, that Mr. G. Vandenhoff's Work on Elocution has been used with so much success in my school, that I can safely recommend it to all, who may desire improvement in that elegant branch of education; as the most simple, clear, and concise treatise on the subject; and well adapted to the comprehension of any mind.


JULIA LAWRENCE March 8th, 1845.

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