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THE SCHOLAR or TEACHER should read the Bible Text and commit to memory the verses in full-faced type, the Golden Text, and the Central Truth.

Then, read those passages which connect the lesson with past studies. In doing this the facts stated under the CONNECTED HigTORY will be a valuable guide.

Having fixed the time and place of the lesson, Dext turn to the passages noted under DAILY READINGS and gain further Bible light on the lesson itself.

Read the NOTES to gain a knowledge of the persons, places, and customs referred to, and the EXPLANATIONS to see what the more difficult verses mean.

Notice how the lesson is divided by the LESSON TOPICS, and write out answers to the practical QUESTIONS found at the close of each lesson. The Questions, as all the other portions of the work, are given to aid in the study of the text at home.

In the study of the lessons on the Kings, much confusion and waste of time will be avoided by a careful examination of the CHART or TABLE of the KINGS, to be found on pp. 84, 85, and 88.

The TABLE showing the dates and relative lengths of the work of the leading prophets will be found equally helpful in studying the lessons from the prophetical books. See pp. 86, 87.

The Reviews have been prepared with care. The review quese tions will not be difficult to any scholar who has studied each lessou in the course, with the various helps given in this work. They ought to prove difficult for any other scholar.

Opening and closing Exercises appropriate for use in the school will be found on pp. 90–93.

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The CENTRAL TRUTHS are the same as those used by the Rev. John Hall, D.D., in The Sunday-School World. The hymns suggested as appropriate will be found in The Calvary Songs, a new and choice work by the Rev. C. S. Robinson, D.D., and T. E. Perkins.

Many experienced teachers of different denominations have, as hitherto, rendered valuable aid in the preparation of this work,

The author is specially indebted to the Rev. Moseley H. Williams for assistance in preparing lessons xiii. to xxv. of this volume.

E, W.R.



Tas Two BOOKS OF KINGs in the older copies of the Hebrew Bible form one book. In the Greek and the Latin versions they are called the third and fourth books of Kings, the first and second being the books of Samuel.

The Author of the books of the Kings is not certainly known. The general belief is that they were compiled by Jeremiah, Ezra, or one of the later prophets.

Date. These books were probably compiled between 580 and 538 B.C., or some time between the reigns of Nebuchadnezzar and Cyrus in Babylon.

The Jewish Church received them as inspired books, and our Lord often quoted from them as Scripture. See 1 Kings xvii. 9, 2 Kings v. 14; Luke iv. 2427.

JONAU. This book is an account of Jonah's mission to Nineveh. · The Author was unquestionably the prophet Jonah.

Date. Jonah lived and prophesied during the reign of Jeroboam II. (2 Kings xiv, 25), and his mission to Nineveh was doubtless near the close of his life, about 810, or possibly as late as 784. It was certainly after the death of King Jehu; hence the date in the mar gin of some Bibles (862) is plainly incorrect.

Christ refers to the mission of Jonah and to the Ninevites, and speaks of Jonah as a type of himself.

Amos. This book chieffy contains prophecies to the ten tribes of Israel, but also announces God's judgments upon other nations, as Judah, Syria, Tyre, Edom, Moab, Philistia, and Ammon.

The Author was Amos, a herdsman of Tekoa, who appears to have prophesied while he also cared for his cattle,

Date. Amos prophesied in the reigns of Jeroboam II. of Israel (Amos vii, 10) and of Uzziah, king of Judah. Hence his prophetic office must have fallen between 810 B. C. and 784 B.C.

Hosea. This book also contains prophecies chiefly directed to the ten tribes, denouncing their idolatries and great wickedness.

Date. Hosea held the prophetic office for the long period of at least 59, and probably for 65 or 70, years, extending from the reign of Jeroboam II. of Israel (825-78+ B. C.) to Hoshea of Israel, and into King Hezekiah's reign in Judah, or to about 723 B.C. He must have closed his work before the fall of Samaria (721 B. C.), HS his book looks to that event.

The Author was Hosea; probably born and lived in Israel. He must have lived at the same time as Isaiah, Amos, Micah, and probably as Joel and Jonah. He lived in the darkest period of Israel's history.

Nahun. The book of Nahum has been called the continuation of the book of Jonah. It foretells the fearful ruin of Nineveh.

The Author was Nahum, whose name it bears, but of his life we know nothing except what is given in his prophecy.

Date. The precise date of this prophecy has long been in dispute. It is, however, quite generally held to have been written between the fall of Samaria (721 B.C.) and Manasseh's captivity at Babylon (2 Chron. xxxiii, 11) (about 698 B. C.).

First Quarter. 1. The Creation. Gen. i. 1. 26-31.

Golden Text, Jobo i. 1, 2 In Eden. Gen. ii. 15–25. Golden

Text, Heb. ii. 7. 1. The Fall and Promiso. Gen. ill. 1

8, 15. Golden Text, Rom. v. 19. 4. Cain and Abel. Gen. iv. 8-10.

Golden Text, Heb. xii. 22, 24, 6. Noah and the Ark. Gen. vi. 13-18.

Golden Text, Heb. xi. 7. 6. The Bow in the Cloud. Gen. ix. 8

17. Golden Text, Gen. ix. 13. 1. Confusion of Tongues. Gen. xl. l

9. Golden Text, Luke i. 51. 8. The Covenant with Abram. Gen.xv.

1-7. Golden Text, Rom. iv, 20. 9. Escape from Sodom. Gen. xix. 15

26. Golden Text, Heb. il. 3, 10. Trial of Abraham's Faith. Gen.

xxil. 7-14. Gol. T., Gen. xxil. 8. 11. Jacob and Esau. Qen. xxvii. 30-40.

Golden Text, Gen. xxvii. 38. 12. Jacob at Bethel. Gen. xxviii. 10-22.

Golden Text, John i. 51. 13. Review. Golden Text, Rom. IV. 4.

Third Quarter. 1. The Child Jesu. Matt. ii. 1 10.

Golden Text, Matt. ii. 10. 2. The Flight into Egypt. Matt. li. 1%

23. Golden Text, Ps. xci. 11. 3. The Baptism of Jesus. Matt. ill. 18

17. Golden Text, Mark i. 11. 4. The Temptation of Jesus. Matt. iv.

1-11. Golden Text, Heb. ii. 18. 8. The Ministry of Jesus. Matt. iv. 17.

25. Golden Text, John vii. 46. 6. The Beatitudes. Matt. v. 1-12

Golden Text, Ps. cxxviil. l. 7. Teaching to Pray. Matt. vi. 6-15.

Golden Text, Matt. vi. 6. 8. The Thoo Foundations. Matt.vii. 21

-29. Golden Text, 1 Peter ii. 6. 9. Power to Forgivo Sins. Matt. ix. 1

8. Golden Text, Acts xiii. 38. 10. The Twelve Called. Matt. 2. 1-15.

Golden Text, 'Tim. ii. 15. 11. Jesus and John Matt. xi. 1-11.

Golden Text, John v. 33, 35. 12. The Gracions Call. Matt. xi. 25-30.

Golden Text, Jobo vi. 37. 13. Revier. Golden Text, 1 Tim. 1. 15.

Second Quarter.

Fourth Quarter. 1. The New Name. Gen. xxif. 2430. 1. The Parable of the Sower. Matt.xii Golden Text, Gen. xxxii. 28.

18-23. Golden T., James i. 22. 2. The Dreams of Joseph. Gen.xxxvii. 2. Walicing on the Sea. Matt. xiv, 223-11. Golden Text, Matt. xi. 25.

33. Golden Text, Matt. xiv. 27. 8. Joseph Sold. Gen. xxxvil. 23–28. 3. The Cross Foretold. Matt. xvi. 21Golden Text, Prov. xix, 21.

28. Golden Text, Matt. xvi. 24. 4. The Lord with Joseph. Gen. xxxix. The Transfguration. Matt. xviL

1-6, 20-23. Gol. T., Rom. viii. 28. 1-8. Golden Text, Matt. xvil. 8. 5. Joseph Exalted. Gen. xli. 37–49. 6. Jesus and the Young. Matt. xix. 13 Golden Text, Ps. lxxxiv. 11.

22. Golden Text, Prov. viii, 17. 8. The Report from Egypt. Gen. xlil. 6. Hosanna to the Son of David. Matt

29-38. Golden T., Num. xxxii. 23. xxi. 8-16. Golden T.,Matt. xxi. %. 1. Joseph Makes Himself Known. Gen. | 7. The Lord's Suppor. Matt. XXVI. 26

xlv. 1-8. Golden T., Gen. xlv. 3. 80. Golden Text, 1 Cor. xi. 26. 8. Joseph Sends for his Father. Gen. 18. Jesus in Gethsemane. Matt. uvi.

xlv. 19-28. G. T., Prov. xxiii. 24. 36-46. Golden T., Matt. xxvi. 12. 9. Israel in Egypt. Gen. xlvi. 1-4, 29 9. Jesus before the High Priest. Matt. 32. Golden Text, Ps. lxxiii. 24.

xxvi. 59-68. Gol. T., Heb. vit. 26. 20. Jacob and Pharaoh. Gen. xlvii. 6- | 10. Jesus before the Governor. Matt 10. Golden Text, Heb. xiii. 14.

xxvii. 11-26. Gol. T., Isa. lii. 7. 11. Prophetic Blessings. Gen. xlviii.15, 11. The Cruci Azion. Matt. xxvI. 46 16; xlix. 8-10. G.T., Gen. xlix.10.

1 5 4. Golden Text, Phil. ii. 8. 12. The Last Days of Joseph. Gen. 1. 16 | 12. The Resurrection. Matt. xxviii. 1

-26. Golden Text, Rom. xli. 21. 8. Golden Text, 1 Cor. xv. 20. 18. Roviero Golden Text, Pusr. Iv. 18 | 13, Review, Golden T., Matt. vi.

Thiid Quarter.

First Quarter 1. The House of Bondage. Exod. 1. 1. The Beginning of the Gospel. Me

7-14. Golden Text, John viii. 34. 1.1-11. Golden Text, John 1. 84 2. The Birth of Moses. Exod. ii. 1-10. 2. The Authority of Jesus. Mark 1. Golden Text, Luke ii. 40.

16-27. Gol. T., Matt. xxvii. 18 3. The Call of Moses. Exod. lii. 1-10. 3. The Leper Healed. Mark 1. 38-45 Golden Text, 1 Sam. iii. 9.

Golden Text, Matt. viii. 2. 1. Doubta Romoved. Exod. iv. 1-9, 4. The Publican Called. Mark 11. 13

27-31. Golden Text, John ill. 2. 17. Golden Text, Num. xxxii. 12 6 Jehovah's Promise. Exod. vi. 1-8. 5. Jesus and the Sabbath. Mark ii. 23 Golden Text, Lev. xxvi. 12.

28; iii. 1-5. Gol. T., Ezok. xx. 11. 6 The First Plague. Exod. vii. 14-22. 6. Power over Nature. Mart iv. 35-41. Golden Text, Heb. tii. 15.

Golden Text, Ps. cvii. 29. 7. Jehovah's Passover. Exod. xii. 1. Power over Domons. Mark v. 1-16.

21-30, 51. Golden T., 1 Cor. v. 7. Golden Text, 1 John iii. 8. 8. The Exodus. Exod. xlii. 17-22. 8. Power over Discase. Mark v. 24-34. Golden Text, Psalm xxxii. 8.

Golden Text, Mark vi. 56. 9. The Red Sea. Exod. xiv. 19-31. | 9. Power over Death. Mark v. 22, 23, Golden Text, Heb. xi. 29.

35-43. Golden Text, John v. 25. 10. Bitter Waters Sweetened. Ex. xv. 10. Martyrdom of the Baptist. Mark vi.

22-27. Golden Text, Rev. xxii. 2. 20-29. Golden Text, Rev. ii. 10. 11. Bread from Heaven. Exod. xvi. 1-3, 11. The Five Thousand Fed. Mark vi.

31-36. Golden Text, John vi. 35. 3444. Golden Text, Ps. cxlv. 16. 12. Defeat of Amalek. Exod. xvil. 2. Syrophenician Mother. Mark vil, 8-16. Golden Text, Ps. Ivi. 9.

2630. Golden Text, Matt. xv. 28. 13. Review : The Song of Moses. Exod. 13. Review : Lessons of the Quartor.

Iv. 1-11. Golden T., Ex. xv.11. Golden Text, Mark vil. 87.
Second Quarter.

Fourth Quarter. 1. The Ten Commandments. Exod. 1. The Deaf Mute. Mark vii. 31-37.

xx. 1-17. Golden T., John xiv.15. Golden Text, Psalm 11. 16. 2. Tho Goldon Caly. Exod. xxxil. 1-6, 2. The Evil Spirit Cast Out. Mark ix.

19, 20. Golden T., 1 John v. 21. 17-29. Golden Text, Mark ix. 24. 8. The People Forgiven. Exod. xxiii. 3. The Mind of Christ. Mark ix. 38 42.

12–20. Golden T., Ps. cxxx. 4. Golden Text, Phil. il. 5. 4. The Tabernacle set up. Exod. xl. 4. Blind Bartimeus. Mark x. 46-52.

17-30. Golden Text, Ps. lxxxiv. 1. Golden Text, Psalm cxix. 18. 6. The Rive Offerings. Lev. vii. 37, 38. 5. The Rig Tree withered. Mark d. 12 Golden Text, Heb. ix, 28.

14, 19-24. Golden T., Luke xiii. 7. 6. The Three Great Peaste. Lev. xxiii. 6. The Thoo Commandments. Mk, xli.

4-6,15–21,33-36. G.T., Ja.vii.14. 28-34. Golden T., Rom. xiii. 10. 1. The Lord's Ministers. Num. lil. 7. Hypocrisy and Plety. Mark xii. 88

5-13. Golden Text, 1 Pet. 11. 9. 44. Golden Text, Micah vi. 8. & Terael'. Unbelief. Num. xiv. 1-10. 8. The Anointing st Bethany. Mark Golden Text, Heb. iii. 19.

xlv. 8-9. Golden T., Mark xiv. 9. The Smitten Rock, Num, xx. 7-13. 9. The Betrayal. Mark xiv. 42 50. Golden Text, 1 Cor. x. 4.

Golden Text, Matt. xxvi. 24. a Tho Serpent of Brass. Num. xxi. 10. The Denial. Mark xiv. 66-72.

+9. Golden Text, Jobo iii. 14,15. Golden Text, 1 Cor. x. 12. 11. The True Prophet. Deut. xviii. 11. The Crucifurion. Mark xv. 22-39. 9-16. Golden Text, Joha i. 45.

Golden Text, Isaiah liii. 5. 2 The Death of Moses. Deut. xxxiv, 12. The Risen Lord. Mark xvi. 8-21 1-12. Golden Text, Ps. cxvi. 13.

Golden Text, Rev. 1. 18. 13. Review : Mercies Reviewed. Deut. 13. Review: Lessons of the Quarter. vili. Golden Text, Ps, cili, 2.

Golden Text, Mart xvi, 19 2

First Quarter.

Third Quarter, darhris Encouraged, Josh. i. 1-9. The Word made Flesh, Jobs i. H. Golden Text, 2 Tim. ii. 1.

Golden Text, I Tim. iii. 16. Crossing the Jordan, Josh. iii. 14-17. Following the Lamb, John 1. 8-46 Golden Text, Isa, xliii. 2.

Golden Text, Rev. xiv. 4. Memorial Stones, Josh. iv. 49. Golden Jesus at the Marriage, Jobs u. 1-11. Text, Ps. lxxvii. 11.

Golden Text, John ii. 11. Preparation for Conquest, Josh. v. 9-15. The New Birth, Joha iii. 7-17. Goldop Golded Text, Heb. xii. 2.

Text, John i. 12. Jericho Taken, Josh. vi. 12-20. Golden The Water of Life, John is, 5-15 Text, Heb. xi. 30.

Golden Text, Isa. xii. 3. Achan's Sin, Josh. vii. 19-26. Golden Jesus at Bethesda, John v.5-16. Golden Text, Luke xii. 15.

Text, Ex, xv. 26. Ebal and Gerizim, Josh, viii. 30-35. The Bread of Life, John vi. 47-58 Golden Text, Deut. XXX, 19.

Golden Text, Ex. xvi. ló. Caleb's Inheritance, Josh. xiv. 6-15. Jesus the Christ, John vil. 40-46 Golden Text, Jobo xii. 26.

Golden Text, Isa. Ixi. 1. The Land Divided, Josh. xviii. 1-10. Freedom by the Truth, John vill. 28-36. Golden Text, Ps. xvi. 6.

Golden Text, Isa. Ixi. 1. The Cities of Refuge, Josh. xx. 1-9. The Light of the World, John ix. 1-11. Golden Text, Ps. xlvi. 1.

Golden Text, Ps. cxix. 18. The Altar of Witness, Josh, xxii. 21-27. The Good Shepherd, John X. 1-11 Golden Text, Gal. iii. 28.

Golden Text, Isa. xl. 11. Joshua's Warning, Josh. xxill. 11-16. The Resurrection and the Life, Jobp Golden Text, Heb. X. 38.

xi. 34-44. Golden Text, Hos. xiii. 14. REVIEW.God's Mercies to Israel, Josh. REVIEW.-Christ Rejected, John X. xxiv. 1-13. Golden Text, Ps. cvii. 8. 47-53. Golden Text, Isa. lili. 3. Second Quarter.

Fourth Quarter. Israel's Promise, Josh. xxiv. 14-18. Jesus Lifted Up, John xii. 23-33. Golden Text, Josh. xxiv, 24.

Golden Text, John xii. 32. The Promise Broken, Judg. ii. 11-16. Washing the Disciples' Feet, John xiii. Golden Text, Ps. cvi. 13.

11-9. Golden Text, Phil. il. 5. The Call of Gideon, Judg. vi. 11-18. Many Mansions, John xiv. 1-7. Golden Golden Text, Matt. xxviii. 20.

Text, Heb. xi. 16. Gideon's Army, Judg. vii. 1-8. Golden The Vine and the Branches, Joba u Text, 1 Sam. xlv. 6.

1-8. Golden Text, Matt. vil. 20. The Death of Samson, Judg. xvi. 25-31. Friends and Poes of Jesus, John X. Golden Text, Prov. xiii. 20.

11-19. Golden Text, James iv. 4. Ruth and Naomi, Ruth 1.16-22. Golden The Work of the Spirit, John xvi. 7-14. Text, Kuth i. 16.

Golden Text, John xiv. 26. 4 Praying Mother, 1 Sam. 1. 21-28. Jesus Interceding, John xvii. 16-21. Golden Text, 1 Sam. 1. 28.

| Golden Text, Heb. vii. 25. The Child Samuel, 1 Sam. ill. 1-10. Jesus the King, Job xviil. 83-98. Golden Text, Luke xviii. 17.

i Golden Text, Rev. xvii. 14. The Death of Eli, 1 Sam. iv. 12-18. Jesus on the Cross, John xix. 25-30 Golden Text, Prov. xix. 18.

| Griden Text, Isa. Hiil. 6. Samuel the Judge, 1 Sam. vil. 5-12. Jested and Mary, John xx. 11-18. Golden Golden Text, Proi. xi. 11.

Text, Mark xvi. 9. A King Desired, 1 Sam. viii. 4-9. Jesus and Thomas, John xx. SH-31. Golden Text, Ps. cxviii. 9.

Golden Text, 2 Chron. IX. 20. Saul Chosen, 1 Sam. 2. 17-24. Golden Jesus and Poter, John X. 16 32 Text, Ps, ovi. 15.

Golden Text Toba xxl. 17. RXVIEW,- Samua : Parting Words, 1 REVIEW. - The Vinistry of Jesus

8am. xii. 20-25. Gol. T. 1 Sam. xii, H. Obidon Text, John u. A.

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