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En tine le Chap.18. Of the Duties of the old. Prov.16.31. The hoary head is a Crown of Glory,

if it be found in the way of righteousneffc. 1 Job 32.7. I said, daies.fbould speak, and milija

tude of years should teach wisdom. Job.5.26. Thou shalt come to thy grave in a full

age,like to a shock of Corn cometh in, in bis Jean Plal.71.9. Cast me not off in the time of old age,

forsake me not when my ftrengto failech

V.18. Non also, when I am old and gray heada mething, ed, O God forsake me not, &c. Ifa.46.3. Hearken unto me 'o House of Facob, and

all the remnant of the House of Israel, which are born by me from the belly, which are carried from the womb. V.4. And even to your old age I am he, Andeven to boary hairs will I carry you, I have made, and I will bear, ever I will carry, and will deli

ver you. ob 20.11. His bones are full of the fix of his

gourb, wbich shall lie down with him in ihe

dust. ral.25.7. Remember not the fins of my youth, nor

my transgressions ; according to thy mercy remember thou me, for thy goodnesle sake, o

Lord. ob 13.36. For thou writest bitter things against me, And makest me to poffesfe the iniquities

of my youth. Sim.19.35. I am this day fourscore years old,

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and can :I discern between good and evil! Carthy

servant last what I eat or what I drink? Can't - bear any more the voice of singing men, ax

: finging women? wherefore then Mould thg fer 3 vaxt be yet a burden to my Lord the King. Acts 21.16. There went with us also certains

ihe Disciples of Cesarea, and brought with the cuore ci nalon of Cyprus, an old Disciple, wits

whons we should lodge. Puali92.14. They shall bring forth fruit in old age

they shall be fai and flourishing. 2 Cor.4.16. For which cause we faint net, but

though our onward man perish, get the iswar:

man is renewed day by day. Ifa.40.31. But they that wait upon the Lord bl.

renem their strength, they shall mount up su wings as Eagles, they shall run, and not be scu ry, they full walk, and not faint. 2 Tim.4.6. For I am now ready to be offered, e as the time of my departure is at hand. V.7. I have fought a guod fight, I bave fis:

my course, I have kept the Faith. V 8.. Henceforth there is laid up for me a Car of righteousneß, which the Lord the righten Fudge Ahall give me at that day, and not 145 only , bust unto all them also that love his app ing.

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Directions to the Healthy and to the 19


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E T such as enjoy health of body, che right

use of their understandings, entirerelle of mbilimbs and senses, humbly bleffe God for so grear 3. I mercy. Few people value their bealth enough e ris an ancient saying, He that is in health, is krich, and knowės it not. Want would reach us

he worth of mercies. Let such therefore often walk to mind and confider how many distracted, budiseased, naimed, deformed people there are in 1, atje world, and 'cis Gods peculiar mercy thac is bey are not such ; or worfe. Let 'this consideraukon make them very humble and thankful : Lee skiem be often lifting up their hearts to the Lord, wid saying, with holy David, What shall Irena

or to the Lord for all his Benefits towards ine ? sfosfat. 116. 12. Bless the Lord o my fool, and all mal is within me blesse his holy Name. Blefjethe word. O my soul, and forget i not all his benefits, a fal. 103.1, 2. Not unto us O Lord, not unto'us; it onto aby Name give glory, Pial.115.1. And t their main care be in cime of health co-work, it their Salvation, to secure their state in Grace, id their title to Glory, and to lay a good foundati.

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on againft the time of fickxeß. 'Tis fad, exceeding sad, when a dying perfon is then to be inftru&ed in those Graces, he thould now exercise. H that prepares not for death before his laft fickne ( as one laies well) is like him that begins to ftsdy Philosophy woben he is going to diffute publicks in tbe faculty. In health, while a man has a rigt: and steady use of his reason, before the Attso! his underftanding are disturbed with pain, or bis mind clouded, or his heart annoyed with fear and Anagement, he mould apply himself to leara this great Art and Skill, how to die wel. Lee the Kollowing Directions therefore the are giver to the fick, be carefully minded and regarded by them that are in health. To turn to God in heais. to seek reconciliation wich him in and three Chrift, to devote and consecrate our hearts the to him, to walk in a feady course of facere obe dience before him, and to do all this our : judgment and choice, out of love to God, anci defire to please him, before death

seem to mour any meer approach unto nes, will be a huge argum of fingerity, and a great foundation of comka when fickneß arcaches us Whereas ibry it: are negligent and careleffe of these things, 55 needs run chemselves upon fuch desperate here: and such great incertainties, that a wife and on fidering man would not far ell the world be their condicion.

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Directions to the Sick,

There is hardly any thing wherein a Minister is at a greater lojjc, chan what to say to fick perfons : che condition of most being such, thap they need a serious' awakening and rouzing out of the deep sleep of carnal security, and co be made sensible of the great danger they are in, as to heir currlasting state. But while we do tbis, che ick party and tbose that attend, are ape to think we go about to drive them to despair, noc under

tanding the true nature thereof: For to despair, etoret

I mean, utterly and finally ) is this ;. when a nan sball conclude that bis fins are greater than cna e forgiven, that God is irreconcileable to him, and herefore it is in vain to fet himself torepont, or

umble his soul, or turn from his fins, but (seeing orie er is condition is desperate) refolves to go on in his

ormer course, to enjoy the pleasures of fin bere, shile he may have them, seeing when this life is lone, nothing remaines for him but certain damna

ion : Such a man as this may be truly said to clolespair. But for any person to be so awakened, as

o see himself for the present in a lost condition, and under the wrath and curse of God by reason of his

ins, to see his own utter inability to help himself, Po be enquiring and earnefly follicitous what he El must do to be saved, to have his h. art full of doubts and fears and tronbles, concerning the state of his


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