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duced into the proceedings on the trial of

Mr. Assist. Surg. Griffiths. GOVERNMENT ORDER.

However necessary it may have been to SERVICES OF MR. W. A. BROOKE. go into evidence to prove the fact of a Judicial and Revenue Department,

want of confidence on the part of the mar. March 1, 1893,- The Right Honourable

ried officers of the 70th N.I. in Mr. the Governor-general in Council Was

Griffiths' professional abilities, it was not pleased, by Orders in the Political Depart. correct in the court (and it was the court ment of the 19th February 1833, to ac

itself that forced the inquiry) to enter into cept the resignation tendered by Mr. W. A. an examination of Mr. Griffiths' skill and Brooke of his office of a judge of the Pro- practice, thereby making themselves judges vincial Court of Appeal for the division of of the same, in order to determine wbe. Benares, Mr. Brooke continuing to retain ther there were or not sufficient grounds charge of the office of agent to the Gover

for such want of confidence, nor-general at Benares. On the occasion The evidence of Serg. Major Walton of Mr. Brooke's resignation of his judicial ought not to have been permitted, as it functions, his Lordship in Council deems related to a fact totally unconnected with it incumbent upon him to express the high

the case before the court, and to a circumsense he entertains of his official cbaracter. stance which took place in 1830, which is During a period of more than sixty years' two years before Mr. Griffiths's complaint excellent service, Mr. Brooke has enjoyed against his commanding officer of alarmthe uninterrupted approbation of the Go. ing patients in hospital by his inquiries vernment, and he has earned the respect

after their health ; and the fact of Serg. and affection of the whole community, Major Walton being alarıned by the kind. both European and native.

ness of Lieut. Col. Aubert, in recommend.

ing him, when ill with sever, to go out COURT-MARTIAL,

into the district for change of air, and offering him a tent and elephant for his

accommodation, is altogether absurd. But Head-Quarters, Calculia, April 15, the court was still more in error in allow. 1833. --At a European General Court.

ing Mr. Griffiths to introduce such lanMartial, held at Cawnpore on the 15th

guage, as the following extract exhibits, March 1833, of which Col. F. J. T.

into his defence, viz. " Can Colonel AuJohnston, of the 8th L.C. was president, bert deny that he attempted to practise a Assist. Surg. Charles Griffiths, late of the

very unwarrantable experiment upon the 70th N.I, was arraigned on the following Sergeant Major? I think not: and his charge :

artfully omitting to inform me of his own Charge.." Assist. Surg. Charles Grif.

part in this transaction shows he was aware fiths, late of the 70th regt. N.I., placed that bis conduct was not what it ought to in arrest by order of his Exc, the Com.

have been. I aver that he is chargeable mander-in-chief, on the following charge : with duplicity.”

“ Having, in contempt of military order Much indulgence is always allowed to a and subordination, addressed to Captain prisoner in making his defence, but he Douglas, deputy assistant adjutant general should be restrained from using unbecomof the Saugor division of the army, a letter ing language, and advancing actual charges dated the 1st Jan. 1833, containing asser- in the course thereof, tions regarding Lieut, Col. Aubert, com. There are many other parts of Mr. manding the 70th regiment, liis late com. Griffith's defence highly objectionable, manding officer, which are false and

and which ought to have been put a stop to groundless, and injurious and degrading by the court. to the character of Lieut. Col. Aubert."

The suspension from rank and pay of Upon which charge the court came to Assist. Surg. Griffiths is to the following decision :

from the date on which this order may be Finding and Sentence.-" The court is published at Cawopore. of opinion that the prisoner is guilty of the whole charge alleged against him, and sentences him to be suspended from rank CIVIL APPOINTMENTS. and pay for the period of six months,"

General Department.
Approved and confirmed,

May 3. Mr. J. W. Grant to be commercial resi. (Signed) E. BARNES,

dent at Etawah and Calpee. Commander-in-chief. 13. Mr. E. Deedles to be secretary to Board of

Trade. The Commander-in-chief remarks, that much irrelevant matter has been intro

Mr. J. B. Lawrell to be assistant to export warehouse-keeper.

commence Financial Department.

40th N.I. Eng. John Erskine to be lieut., from May 3. Mr. W. H. Oakes to be sub-treasurer.

20th Oct. 1832, v. Hay dec. Mr. J. A. Dorin to be deputy accountant general and accountant to military department.

Hend-Quarters, March 28 and 30, 1033.- The

following orders confirmed :--Surg. J. Thompson, Mr. F. Macnaghten to be 3d member of govern- 2d L.C., to take charge of office and records of ment agency.

superintending surgeon, western division, in room Judicial and Revenue Department.

of Mr. Superintend. Surg. Ludlow, proceded on

Jeave towards Bombay; date 19th March 1833.April 12. Mr. Walter Ewer, commissioner of

Lieut, and Adj. G. S. Lawrence, 3d brig. horse revenue and circuit for 10th or Sarun division, to

artillery, to act as adj. to Sirhind div. of artilofficiate as a judge of courts of Sudder Dewanny

lery; date 11th Feb. and Nizamut Adawlut at Allahabad.

Maj. J. Thomson, 31st N.I., late deputy paym. Mr. G. Mainwaring, ditto as commissioner of re.

at Dinapore, to do duty with European regt.; and venue and circuit of 10th or Sarun division.

Maj. W. H. Hewitt, 40th regt., to do duty with Mr. G. A. C. Plowden, ditto as joint magistrate 620 N.I. and deputy collector of Chittagong.

April 2.- The following division and regimental 26. Mr. C. Raikes to be assistant under commis- orders confirmed :- Assist. Surg. H. M. Twed. sioner of revenue and circuit for Ist or Meerut dell, 52d regt., to afford medical aid, during predivision.

sent season, to civil and military officers residing May 3. Mr. T. Taylor to be joint magistrate and at Mussoorie, and Assist. Surg. J. H. Serrell to deputy collector of Buggoerah.

take medical charge of 320 N.I., during absence of Mr. F. J. Halliday to be joint magistrate and de

Assist. Surg. Tweddell; date 11th March.-Assist. puty collector of Noacolly.

Surg. G. Anderson, 1st L.C., to perform medical

duties of civil station of Saharunpore, during Mr. W. Braddon to officiate as a judge of courts

temporary absence, on leave, of Assist. Surg. Falof Sudder Dewanny and Nizamut A dawlut at

couer; date 17th March.-Local Lieut. and Adj. presidency.

H. Forster, 3d local horse, to act as 2d in comMr. P. E. Patton, ditto as commissioner of reve- mand of regt., during absence of Lieut. Meade; nue and circuit for 20th or Burdwan division, in date 15th March 1833. room of Mr. Braddon.

April 3.-Lieut, and Brev, Capt. J. Tritton, of 13. Mr. A. F. Donnelly to be assistant to magis- H.M. 11th L. Drags., to do duty at Landour Detrate and collector of zillah 24-pergunnahs.

pôt; and Capt. H. Astier, of H.M. 31st Foot (reMr. Charles Gubbins to be second assistant to

cently app. to do duty with depot) to remain with commissioner and governor-general's agent at

his regiment. Dehlee. Mr. E. Thomas to be assistant to commissioner

Fort William, April 30.-18th Regt. N.I. Ens. of Kumaon.

Francis Wallace to be lieut., v. J. Brooke struck

off, with rank from 15th Nov. 1833, v. W. Minto Mr. E. L. Hodgson to be assistant under commissioner of revenue and circuit of Ist or Meerut

prom.-Supomum. Ens. H. E. Pearson brought on

effective strength of regt. division.

68th N.I. Lieut. G. H. M. Dalby to be capt. of Mr. J. S. Dumergue to be assistant under ditto

a comp., and Ens. G. P. Brooke to be lieut. from ditto of Uth or Patna division.

6th Oct. 1832, in suc. to J. Thompson retired.Mr. C. T. Davidson to officiate as magistrate Ens. F. G. Backhouse to be lieut., from 25th April and collector of Tipperah, during absence of Mr. 1033, v. A. Barclay dec. G. Gough.

Lieut. Richard Raban, 4th N.I., to be capt. by Mr. T. Richardson to be civil and session judge brevet, from 21st April 1833. of zillah Dacca (consequent on the new regulation

The following Acting Ensigns and cadet of infor forming the jurisdiction of the city of Dacca and the zillah of Dacca Jelalpore into one district,

fantry to be Ensigns, to fill vacancies on establish

ment :-F. W. Home, from 24th March 1832, in to be denominated the Zillah of Dacca).

suc. to G. N. C. Hall dec.-George John Brietzche, Mr. W. H. Martin to be joint magistrate and de- from 25th ditto, in suc. to W.F. Alexander dec. puty collector of Dacca, stationed at Furreedpore. J. T. Harwood, from 29th do., in suc. to J. H. Mr. T. C. Scott to be deputy collector, and to

Peck dec. officiate as magistrate of Dacca.

Assist. Surg. Andrew Walker to continue in Mr. J. Shaw, formerly judge and magistrate of charge of medical duties of civil station of Agra Dacca Jelalpore, to officiate, until further orders, during authorized absence of Assist. Surg. James as civil and session judge of Tipperah.

Duncan. 20. Mr. G. W. Battye to be head-assistant to

Assist. Surg. H. H. Goodeve, M.D., app. to me. magistrate and collector of Zillah Jungle Mehals.

dical duties of civil station of Midnapore, v. Mr. O. W. Malet to be assistant under commis

Craigie. sioner of revenue and circuit of 19th or Cuttack

Veterinary Surg. R. B. Parry to be temporarily division.

attached to central stud, during absence of VeteriMr. H. Millett to officiate, until further orders,

nary Surg. Lindsay. (The temporary app. of Mr. as commissioner of revenue and circuit of 20th or

Parry to Hurrianah estab., dated 15th Oct. 1832, Burdwan division,


Head-Quarters, April 4.-The following district Furlough.-May 13. The Hon. R. F. Moore, se- and station orders confirmed :-Capt. S. L. Thorncond Tanjore commissioner, to proceed to Europe ton, 13th N.I., to perform duties of major of from Madras.

brigade in Rohilcund, during absence of Capt. Hay; date 20 March.--Acting Ens. W. M. Roberts,

attached to 13th N.l., to act as adj. to 3d local MILITARY APPOINTMENTS, horse, during Local Lieut. Froster's employment PROMOTIONS, &c.

as second in command; date 16th March.--Assist.

Surg. A. Walker (1st) to afford medical aid to civil Fort-William, April 23, 1833.-Capt. John Thom- station of Agra on departure of Assist. Surg. Dunson, corps of engineers, to be agent for construc- can; date 24th Feb. tion of iron suspension bridges, and superinten- April 6.-Superintending Surg. W. A. Venour dent of the Circular and Eastern canals.

posted to Neemuch. Acting Ens. Robert Price, of infantry, to be April 9. The following station and regimental ensign, from 19th March 1833, to fill a vacancy, in orders confirmed :-Lieut. T. G. Dundas to act as suc. to W. H. Phibbs transf. to invalid estab. station staff at Berhampore, and adj. to 720 N.I.,

Cadet of Engineers J. L. D. Sturt and Cadets of during absence, on duty, of Lieut. and Adj. R. W. Infantry J. S. Ď. Tulloch and Wm. Vine admitted Beatson; date 5th April. on establishment.- Mr. J. H. W. Waugh admitted Lieut. H. J. McGeorge, 7th, to do duty with on ditto as an assist. surgcon.

detachment of 63d N.L. at Dinapore until 15th Capt. Edw. Morshead, 60th N.I., perinitted, at

Nov. 1833. his own request, to resign service of Hon. Com- Ens. D. Lumsden removed, at his own request, pany from 30th April 1833.

from 36th to 27th N.I.

April 10,-Capt. E. Marshall, 7180 N.J., to do for so long as his corps may form a part of troops duty at Landour Depot; date 21st March.

furnishing garrison guards. Assist. Surg. A. K. Lindsay to officiate as garri. Surg. William Pitt Muston restored to military son assist. surg. at Chunar, during absence of branch of service, and placed at disposal of comAszist. Surg. J. Smith.


Surg. John Grant to be apothecary to Hon. Fort William, May 9.-Infantry. Major Those Company, v. Muston. Oliver to be lieut. col., from 20th April 1833, v. R. Cavalry. Lieut. Col. James Kennedy to be col., T. Seyer dec.

from 26th Dec. 1832, v. J. Gordon dec.-Major Left Wing Europ. Regt. Ens. Francis Harrison Adam Duffin to be lieut. col., from 26th Dec. to be lieut., from 2d May 1833, V. J. King dec.

1832, v. J. Kennedy prom. 30 N.I. Capt. S. D. Riley to be major, and Lieut.

7th L.C. Capt. E. J. Honywood to be major, David Downing to be capt. of a comp., from 20th Lieut. B. T. Phillips to be capt. of a troop, and Aprll 1833, in suc. to T. Oliver prom.-Supernum.

Cornet Whalley Master to be lieut., from 26th Lieut.Charles O'Brien brought on effective strength

Dec. 1832, in suc. to A. Duffin prom. of regt.

The following acting ensigns to be ensigns, to fill 29th N.1. Lieut. David Simpson to be capt. of a

vacancies on establishment :- Infantry. H. T. comp., and Ens. G. B. Reddie to be lieut., from Combe, from 230 April 1833, in suc, to J. Brooke 24th April 1833, in suc. to C. Pearce retired.

struck off; Geo. Dalston, from 23d do., in suc. to 60th N.I. Lieut. T. E. A. Napleton to be capt.

F. Torrens resigned; H. S. Stewart, from 3d do., of a comp., and Ens. Thomas Riddell to be lieut.,

in suc. to J. Thompson retired; and A. H. Ross, from 30th April 1833, in suc. to E. Morshead re

from 22d do., in suc. to J. Hay dec. signed.

Cadet of Cavalry George Cunliffe to be acting Lieut. John Martin, 41st N.I., to be capt. by

cornet, to enable him to draw allowances authobrevet, from 3d May 1833.

rized by Hon. the Court of Directors.

Major Hugh Ross, 42d N.I., to officiate as towi

and fort major of Fort William, during absence Head-Quarters, April 16, 18, and 19.-Assist. of Capt. Sir Robert Colquhoun, Bart., or until Surg. E. T. Downes, 5lst regt., to officiate as further orders. garrison assist. surg. at Allahabad, until 15th Oct. 1833.

Returned to duty, from Europe.

April 23. The following division and other orders con- Surg. D. Harding. firmed:-Cadet H. Brougham to duty with 3d L.C. at Sultanpore, Benares, until Ist July, when he will proceed to join 10th L.C.; date 9th April.

FURLOUGHS. -Lieut. A. C. Scott to act as adj. to 70th N.I., and To Europe.--April 29. Lieut. H. Maynard, 24th Ens. J. T. Fergusson to act as interp. and qu. N.I., for health. - May 11. Lieut. Edw. Darvall, mast. to ditto, during absence on duty of Lieut. 57th N.I., on private affairs. - 23. Ens. Wm. and Adj. Harris and Lieut. Interp. and Qu. Mast. Broadfoot, right wing Europ. regt., for health. Mercer; date 10th March.-Lieut. G. Brockman to officiate as interp. and qu. mast. to 24th N.I.,

To China.--April 30. Lieut. J. G. Lawson, 2d

L.C., for two years, for health (eventually to N.S. during absence, on leave, of Lieut. Spry; date

Wales). 12th April.

Cancelled. -- May 11. The leave to proceed to 23. N.I. Lieut. C. Chester to be adj., v. Holmes

Europe, granted on 7th Jan. last, to Capt. W. H. prom.

Howard, Europ. regt.
Assist. Surg. T. Smith, M.D., app. to 8th L.C.
Fort William, May 11.- Lieut. Darvall, 57th

N.I., to take charge of invalids, &c. of Hon.

Arrivals in the River.
Company's service, proceeding to Europe on H.C.
Ch. ship Lord Amherst, in room of Capt. Howard.

MAY 3. Morgiana, Feathers, from Liverpool

and Madras; and Corvo (Amr.), Towne, from BosMay 16.-16th N.I. Capt. James McLaren to be major, Lieut. H. M. Graves to be capt. of a comp.,

ton.-5. Ruby, Hill, from Madras and Eskapilly. and Ens. W. G. McConnel to be licut., from 3d

-. L'Elise, Ballot, from Bourbon.-16. Janet,

Rodger, from Glasgow, Manilla, and Singapore. May 1833, in suc. to H. E. Peach dec. Mr. J. A. Dorin to be accountant in military

-17. William Wilson, Miller, from Mauritius and

Moulmein. - 20. H.C.S. Duke of York, Locke, department, v. Oakes.

from London and Madras. - 26. H.C.S. Ingiis, Mr. R. Dring, with rank of local lieut., to have Dudman, from London and Madras; Tyrer, Eltemporary command of a detachment of Ram- lis, from Rio de Janeiro; Elizabeth, Hill, from ghur bat. at Sumbhulpbre.

Liverpool; and Hooghly (Amr.), Bacon, from Boston.-27. Industry, Coombes, from Isle of France,

Madras, and Eskapilly. - 28. Calcutta, Molleyn, Head-Quarters, April 20.-The following divi.

from Stockholm; and Welcome, Buchanan, from sion and other orders confirmed :-Assist. Surg. M. McN. Rind to take medical charge of 13th N.I.,

Glasgow as a temp. arrangement; date 26th March.-Assist.

Departures from Calcutta. Surg. C. McKinnon, M.D., to do duty with 8th

APRIL 25. United States, Webb, for Boston ; L.C., as a temp. arrangement; date 30th March. and Tauje, Richards, for Bombay.-26. Thomas - Ens. C. H. Wake to act as adj. to four comps.

Dougall, Brown, for Mauritius.-27. Dunregan of 34th N.I. during their separation from head

Castle, Duft, for London.--28. Livingston, Cow. quarters of regt.; date 18th March.

ley, for

Liverpool; and Indus, Haggart, for

Glasgow.-MAY I. Madras, Thornton, for Liver2d-Lieut. A. M. Seppings removed from 2d comp. 3d bat., to 2d comp. 4th bat. artillery; and

pool.-7. Ann, Adler, for Mauritius.-8. Ernaad, 2d-Lieut. K. J. White from latter to former.

Gillett, for London. - 19. Crown, Cowman, for

Liverpool.-23. Bengal, Lee, for London. — 4. Lieut. G. E. Hollings, 38th, and Ens. R. G.

Ruby, Hill, for Mauritius. -JUNE 3. Hooghly, George, 7th N.I., exempted from further exami

Reeves, for London. nation, having been declared by examiners of Col. lege of Fort William to be fully qualified for du. ties of interpreter to a native corps.

BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND Fort William, May 23.—The following appointe

DEATHS. ments made in army commissariat department, to fill existing vacancies ;-Lieut. Col. William Dun

BIRTHS. lop, 49th N.I., and officiating town and fort major of Fort William, to be deputy com. general,

Feb. 18. At Juanpore, the lady of Major Ecka v. H. E. Peach dec.-Lieut. T. J Nuthali, 46th

ford, of a son. N.I., and Ens. George Newbolt, 31st N.I., to be

March 22. At Coel, the lady of J. O. Beckett, sub-assistants com. general.

Esq., of a daughter.

April 14. At Cawnpore, the lady of George CrofLieut. Edward Brace, 48th N.I., to officiate as ton, Esq., H.M. 16th Lancers, of a daughter. fort adj. of Fort William, v. Cornet Loughnan, 16. Mrs. J. C. De Gama, of a daughter.

17. At Kumaul, the lady of Capt. W. J. Thomp- 14. At Cawnpore, Charles Havelock, Esq., H.M. son, assist. com. gen., of a daughter.

16th Lancers, to Mary, second daughter of James -- At sea, the lady of Capt. J. Ricketts, of the Wemyss, Esq., of the civil service. bark Austin, of a daughter.

18. At Calcutta, Mr. Henry Goodwin, mariner, 18. Mrs. G. Scales, of a daughter.

to Miss Pulcheria Rebeiro. 22. At Dacca, Mrs. Kallonas, of a daughter. 20. At Calcutta, Mr. William Baxter, to Miss

25. At Berhampore, the lady of Licut. J. C. Caroline Pratt. Rouse, H.M. Butts, of a daughter.

- At Chandernagore, Mr. C. Donzelle, to Ben. - At Mirzapore, the lady of W. H. Woodcocke, jamine, eldest daughter of J. G. Verploegh, Esq. Esq., civil service, of a daughter.

June 1. At Calcutta, J. A. Penman, Esq., sur26. At Mhow, the lady of Capt. Windsor Par. geon, to Mrs. Mary Ann Sarah Howard. ker, major of brigade, of a son.

27. At Cuttack, the lady of Major T. Dundas, 47th N.1., of a son. - At Garden Reach, the lady of Francis Mac

DEATHS. naghten, Esq., civil service, of a son.

31. Al Landour, the lady of Lieut. Fairhead, April 7. At Mhow, Sarah, wife of Capt. Robert 28th N.I., of a son.

Taylor, 65th regt. Bengal N.I. - At Calcutta, Mrs. Chas. Urage, of a daugh- 10. At Monghier, Mrs. Martha Billon, aged 21, ter.

18. At Allahabad, Charlotte, wife of Mr. Tho. May 3. At Meerut, the lady of Capt. G. D. mas Cussons, aged 23. Roebuck, of a daughter.

24. At Calcutta, Mr. Henry Curling, of the At Calcutta, Mrs. Ewan, of a son.

H.C.'s Marine, aged 23. 4. At Mhow, the lady of Lieut. R. H. De 25. At Calcutta, Mary, wife of John GrimsMontmorency, 65th regt., of a daughter.

dick, Esq., aged 48. - At Lucknow, the lady of Major J. Low, of

26. At Calcutta, Mr. John Frederick Orton a daughter.

Hand, indigo planter, aged 32. - At Calcutta, Mrs. W. Smalley, of a son. - At Calcutta, Mrs. John Castello, aged 32. 6. At Garden Reach, the lady of John Francks, 27. At Allahabad, Eliza Janet, eldest daughter Esq., of a daughter.

of M. H. Turnbull, Esq., of the civil service, 6. At Allahabad, the lady of H. B. Harington, aged 21. Esq., civil service, of a daughter.

At Meerut, Mr. Arthur Gibbon, aged 24. 8. At Howrah, the lady of Capt. Charles Bell, 28. Miss Mary Jane Moran, aged 15. of a daughter.

30. At Calcutta, Mr. Joseph Conally, superin9. At Calcutta, Mrs. J. Hullock, of a son. tendant of semaphores, aged 70. - At Calcutta, Mrs. A. Lingham, of a son. May 2. At Calcutta, Mr. Thomas White, pen13. At Howrah, Mrs. J. Floyd, jun., of a daugh

sioner in the H.C. marine. ter.

3. At Cawnpore, Major H. E. Peach, deputy 14. At Dacca, the lady of Thomas Richardson, commissary.general of the army; an able, zealous, Esq., civil service, of a son.

and upright public officer. - At Calcutta, Mrs. H. William3, of a son.

At Benares, Mr. Demetrius Galinos, aged 74. 15. At Chunar, the lady of Capt. C. A. Mun- This gentleman was a native of Greece, and for ro, 74th N.I., of a son.

many years he has devoted himself with singular - At Calcutta, the lady of G. Evans, Esq., of assiduity to the study of the sacred language and 8 son.

literature of the Hindoes. He is understood to 10. At Calcutta, Mrs. A. W. Stone, of a son. have left numerous translations from Sanscrit into 17. At Calcutta, the lady of David Ross, Esq., Greek of a daughter.

- At Calcutta, Mr. W. Mabert, aged 27. 19. At Barrackpore, the wife of Ens. H. Pal. 6. At Calcutta, Mr. John Lewis, of the ship mer, interp. and qu. Inasl., 48th N.I., of a daugh- Hercules, aged 40. ter.

10. At Calcutta, Mr. George Alexander Turn - At Calcutta, Mrs. John Biss, of a son. bull, schoolmaster, aged 27;

At Cawopore, the lady of Capt. Richard 11. On the river, after a long and lingering ille Home, of a daughter.

ness, the Hon. J. S. Hohlenberg, chief of his 20. At Chowringhee, the lady of H. W. Coult- Danish Majesty's settlement at Serampore, aged man, Esq., H.M. 20th regt., of' a daughter.

38. 21. At Hooghly, the lady of T. A. Wise, M.D., 13. At Calcutta, Sir John Wilmot Prideaux, of a son.

Bart , of the Bengal military retired list, and for 22. At Calcutta, Mrs. P. Verpieuw, of a son. merly of the 37th N.i. Sir John is succceded by

24. At Allahabad, the lady of J. Dunsmure, his brother, Major, now Sir Edmund Saunders Esq., of a son. The child survived only a few Prideaux, of his Majesty's service. hours.

- At Calcutta, Mr. W. H. Whatford, assistant 25. At Azimghur, the lady of J. Thomason, to Messrs. Cruttenden, Mackillor and Co. Esq., civil service, of a son.

- At Calcutta, Mr. Alex. Clarke Foreshaw, 27. At Calcutta, the wife of Mr. A. T. Smith, master H.C.marine, aged 33. department of public works, of a daughter.

At Monghyr, Elizabeth Webberley, aged 66. 28. At Cawnpore, the lady of Henry Newmarch, 16. At Calcuita, Emma, daughter of the late Esq., of a son.

Mr. Malcolm Morrison. June 4. At Fort William, the lady of Capt. D. - At Calcutta, Mr. 0. A. Thomas, aged 28. Birrell, Bengal Europ. of a daughter.

- At Calcutta, Mr. Francis Sutton, examiner, Military Board othce, aged 43.

19. At Dacca, after a lingering illness, Mary,

(formerly Mrs. Arratoon), wife of Edmund Kent MARRIAGES.

Hume, Esq. April 25. At Calcutta, James Henry Crawford, - At Calcutta, in his 49th year, Edward GorEsq., civil service, to Charlotte, third daughter don, Esq., of Madras. of the late John Shakespear, Esq., civil service.

At Calcutta, Mrs. G. W. Keymer, aged 16. 27. At Calcutta, Charles Grant Udny, Esq., of 20. At Calcutta, Mr.JFrancis D'Cruz, aged 60. the civil service, to Mrs. C. F. Hunter.

21. A. Calcutta, Charlotte, widow of the late - At Calcutta, Mr. Robert Shedden Homfray, Mr. J. T. Lane, indigo planter, aged 47. youngest son of Sir J. Homfray, of Llandaff, to 24. At Calcutta, Sarah, daughter of Mr. T. J. Catherine Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Capt. J. Jones, merchant, aged 15. J. Denham, of the country service.

At Calcutta, Mírs. Elizabeth Crook, aged 63. May 4. At Calcutta, Mr. J. H. Frederick, mer. 25. At Calcutta, Mr. William Benneham, aged chant, to Miss M. E. Gervain.

33, assistant marine storekeeper. - At Mozufferpore, in Tirhoot, Mr. H. G. 28. At Berhampore, Lydia Elizabeth, wife of Hampton, to Sophia, youngest daughter of the Capt. J. L. Lavoine, of H.M.3d Buffs. late Mr. T. Rawstone.

20. At Fort William, after a lingering illness, 5. At Calcutta, Alfred Arabin, major of brigade Mrs. Baldwin, lady of Capt. G. Baldwin, of H.M. of Barrackpore, son of the late General Arabin,

31st regt. of West Drayton, Middlesex, to Mary, eldest

June 3. At Berhampore, Colonel Mitchell, C.B., daughter of the late Sir William Russell, chief of H.M. 3d regt. or Buffs, commanding the sta, justice of Bengal.

tion. 11. At Hansie, G. R. Talbot, Esq., adj. 8th regt. Lutely. At Sea, Mr. J. P. Aubrey, of the firm N.I., to Miss F. Plumbe.

of Messrs. Currie and Co., of Calcutta.



dulgence is to bave effect from the Ist



Fort St. George, June 7, 1833.— The SERVICES OF COL, J. PRENDERGAST.

Right Hon. the Governor in Council is Fort St. George, April 30, 1833.—Col. J. Prendergast, of the 39th regt of Native pleased to publish the following extract of

a general letter in the Military Depart. Infantry, is permitted to resign the appointment of military auditor general, and

ment from the Hon. Court of Directors,

dated the 28th Dec. 1832: to proceed, on sick certificate, to the Cape

“ We are satisfied that one battalion of of Good Hope and eventually to England. His furlough will commence from the

sappers and miners (or pioneers, whichever date of his embarkation.

they may be called) is sufficient for the Colonel Prendergast has held the im

wants of your presidency. We accordportant and confidential office of military ingly direct that the battalion of pioneers

be disbanded, the European officers reauditor general at this presidency upwards

turned to their respective regiments, and of twenty years. The zeal and integrity,

the native officers and soldiers transferred the correctness and impartiality, which bave invariably characterized the discharge

to the battalion of sappers, there to be abof his duties, and the ready and able

sorbed by casualties.” manner in whicb he has at all times afford.

2. The aforegoing orders are to have ed the Government the benefit of bis ad

effect from the 1st Aug. next, and his

Exc. the Commander-in-chief will be vice, has justly secured their entire confi. dence and esteem ; while the many valua

pleased to issue such subsidiary orders as ble suggestions which he has, from time

may be necessary. to time, offered, for the better management

COMPENSATION TO OFFICERS FOR LOSS OR and control of different branches of mili. tary expenditure, have obtained for him frequent expressions of their approbation,

Fort St. George, June 11, 1833.—The and high commendations from the Hon. following extract from letter from the Hon. the Court of Directors, The Right Hon.

the Court of Directors in the Military the Governor in Council, on the retire

Department, dated the 26th Feb, 1833, is ment from office of Colonel Prendergast, published for the information of the army: derives satisfaction from publishing to the

“ Para. 1. Frequent applications having army the sense which he entertains of that been made to us to grant compensation to officer's character and services.

officers for the loss sustained by them from the abandonment of stations at wbich they

have purchased or erected houses, we have SALARY OF DEPUTIES JUDGE ADVOCATE resolved to establish the following rule :

2. Whenever a cantonment at which Fort St. George, May 17, 1833.-The officers have drawn only half-batta shall be Right Hon. the Governor in Council is abandoned, such officer shall be allowed pleased, in conformity to instructions from six months extra half-batta, as a compenthe Hon. the Court of Directors, to fix the sation for loss of houses, but no compensalary of deputies judge advocate general sation allowance shall be granted to any at this presidency at Rs, 250 per mensem, officer either on the abandonment or on in addition to full batta, with retrospective the first occupation of a full-batta station, effect from the 22d ultimo, the date of re. officers in receipt of full batta being con. ceipt of the Hon. Court's orders.

"sidered to be in the field." 2. From the date of operation of the new (increased) salary now sanctioned to

COURTS-MARTIAL. deputies judge advocate general, the travelling allowances of Rs. 3 per diem, authorized by Government on the 1st Dec.

Headl-Quarters, Choultry Plain, March 1829, to those officers when detached froin

25, 1833.-The following extracts from their stations on duty, will cease.

the confirmed proceedings of an European general court-martial, holden at Fort St.

George on the 6th March 1833, by virtue PALANQUIN ALLOWANCE TO ASSISTANT

of a war rant from his Exc. Lieut. Gen. the

Hon. Sir R. Wm. O'Callaghan, K.C.B., Fort St. George, June 4, 1899.- The Commander-in-chief, are published to the Right Hon. the Governor in Council is army :pleased, under instructions from the Hon. Lieut. Daniel Birley, of the 27th regt. the Court of Directors, to authorize palan. of N.I, placed in arrest by order of Lieut. quin allowance of Rs. 30 per mensem to Col. Leonard Cooper, commanding the assistant surgeons under this presidency sumc regiment, on the following charges, when not in medical charge of, but attach- First Charge.- For scandalous and in. ed to, and present with, regiments; this in- famous behaviour, such as is unbecoming




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