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rested friends is but little better. Every miscellany ought to stand or fall, solely by the possession or the want of intrinsick excellence. When, indeed, a literary enterprise is first announced, it is fair and useful to produce any presumptive evidence, that it will be ably conducted. But when the publick has already the means of forming its own judgment, self-celebration should be avoided, if not from better motives, from those of policy itself. —It is commonly an indication that the merit of a work which seeks this assistance, is not waxing but waning. The editor, therefore, will only say, that while the Great Bestower of life and health shall enable him to do it. he hopes to labour faithfully, as he thinks he has hitherto done, to increase the value of the Christian Advocate. A tribute of hearty thanks is due, and is cheerfully rendered, to those obliging correspondents, who have kindly furnished a number of very estimable articles in the following volume. Scarcity enhances the value of what'ever is valuable in itself; and the editor feels himself the more indebted to his friendly coadjutors, because their number has been small. May he not hope that it will be much enlarged in the coming year? A miscellany ought to possess a variety, which cannot be fully furnished but by productions of literary talent much diversified in kind and character, yet each possessing its appropriate excellence. No individual can supply this variety. The sameness of Johnson's Rambler, as its author knew and acknowHedged, was its great defect. The CHRIsri AN Advocate, although a Presbyterian is not a sectarian work. The editor refers with confidence to the two volumes now completed, for proof that the pledge which he gave on this point in his prospectus, has been fully redeemed. What denomination, holding the doctrines of the protestant reformation, has been attacked, or named with disrespect? What writer, of whom mention has been made, has received censure, or diminished praise, because he was not a Presbyterian? What comparisons have been made, tending to the disparagement of other sects? With infidels, and errors of every name—and their “name is legion”—the editor has indeed shown a readiness to contend, in the best manner he could; and nothing, God assisting, shall ever make him cease, or shrink from this contest. But he regards as brethren all who appear to love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity, and to hold fast the great and essential truths of his precious gospel; however they may differ from himself in name, and in the forms of religion. He unfeignedly rejoices in the success of their efforts to do good; and believes that he shall never offend them, unless offence shall be taken for repelling attacks on the denomination to which he belongs. A deep responsibility is felt by the editor, for the manner in which he conducts the work committed to his charge. He has ever dreaded a useless life; and his sphere of usefulness is now much confined to the good he may do through the medium of this miscellany. But if the miscellany shall be properly conducted, and suitably encouraged; and if, above all, it shall be attended by the Divine blessing—he persuades himself that his usefulness will not be less in the evening of life, than when, in its earlier periods, he performed more active services in the vineyard of the Lord. He therefore earnestly requests that the prayers of his Christian readers may be united with his own, that he may be faithful to his trust, and that the blessing of God may rest on “the labour of his hands”—“Brethren, pray for us;” and let us all remember that “the time is short.” Another year has fled, and has borne its report to heaven. Let it admonish us “to work while the day lasts,” remembering “that the night cometh, in which no man can work.” Let us took well, that whenever it may come, the work may be finished which “the Master” hath given us to do; and that “our loins may be girded about, and our lights burning, and we ourselves like unto men that wait for

their Lord.”

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A. Altitude of the Sun, Instrument for taking, 42. Anecdotes of Newton, 75. Atonement, Dr. Murdock's Discourse on, Reviewed, 76. 119. 168. America, 48. 94. 143. 190. 240. 286. 334. 380. 431. 479. 527. 572. America, Extent and Population of, 41. Anecdotes, &c. 167. Austria, 190. Anglo-Chinese College, 283. Asia, 286. 382.431. 479. 527. 572. Africa, 286. 334. 383. 431. 479. 527. 572. Atonement, on the, 303. 445. 490. Album of Climbing Boys, 361. Asylum for Insane, 272. Albums, Contents of, 404. Astronomical Recreations, 468. American Surgery, 514, Air Pumps, 550. Astronomical instrument improved, 561. Arago's Evening Party, 561. Ammonia in Plants, 561. Anatomy of the Walrus, 563.

B. Bible Societies, 43.188. Britain, Great, 47. 191. Births and Deaths in Philadelphia, 1823, 132. Beecher’s Sermon, reviewed, 31. Barrow's Life and writings, &c. 149. Biography of the signers, &c. 181. Belzoni’s Death, 267.370. Biblical Theology, 317. Blind Philosopher, 317. Wyton's Death, 317. Deaf and Dumb, 318. Brownlee on John v. 7th, 353, 448,495. 543. Bower's Luther, reviewed, 363. Burmah, Barlow's Neutralizing Plate, 468. Beck's Lectures on Medical Jurisprudence, 469. Redsteads, Improved, 469. Brainerd's Congregation of Christian Indians, 485. Buenos Ayres, Letter from, 520.

C. Calvin and Servetus, 15. 67. Chronometry, 40. Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, 41. 371. Correspondents, Notes to, 48.96. Catechism, Lectures on. See Lectures. Compass, Mariner's, Improved, 87. Cultivation of the Grape at Vevay, 88. Copley Medal, 132. Canada, Population of Lower, 132. Calcutta, 267. Coleridge, 131. Corporation for Relief of Widows, &c. 137. Canton, Letter from, 141. Comet of 1823 & 1824, 180. Colonization Society, 181. Calligraphy, 181. Coinage of Greece, 182. Cowper's Epitaph on Johnson, 217. Copper on Ships, &c. 231. Cowper's Correspondence, 223. 261. Cultivation of Sugar, 266. Canal for Ships, 371. Collection of English Literature, 371. Coal-Mine of the Lehigh 371. Chinese Language, 272. Copperplates, to preserve, 422. Conduct, Rectitude of, 437. Cottons, Domestick, 468. Caterpillars, Domestick Use of, 468. Cutbush's Pyrotechny, 514. Carey's Standing 4to. Bible, 515. Calvin on the Atonement, 531. Cavern in Canada, 561.

Carey, 1jr., Letter from, 567.

Diligence, Ministerial, 9.
Discovery, Important, 23.
David, Harp of, 24.
Diversity of Language in Russia, 41.
Delaware Canal, 41.
Dreadful Explosion, 42.
Differences of Religious Denominations
in Families, 51.
Destruction of Moravian Settlement at Sa-
repta, 87.
Deaths in Philadelphia, 1823, 132.
Deaf and Dumb, 132.

Deacon, The, 161.
Dwight's Theology, 181.

Vol. II.-Ch. Adv.

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217. 258. Beecher's Sermon, 31. Jenning's Sermon, 38. Wylie's Sermon, 38. Murdock's Discourse, 76. 119.

168. Wayland's Sermon, 84. Miller’s Address, 86. Marck's Medulla, 129. Isaiah’s Message, &c. 176. oeuva to read Hebrew,

Review of Cowper's Córrespondence,
223. 261.
Sermons for Children, 313.
Christian Philosopher, 314.
The Deliberative Directory,
&c. 315.
Bower's Luther, 363.
Sumner's Evidences, 367. 410.
Woodbridge's Geography,406.
Dana and Stuart on Atone-
ment, 416. 455.
Gibson's Help from on High,
Duncan's Sermon and Miller's
Lecture, 504. 552. |
Dickey's Letters, 559.
Report of Serampore College, 182.
Report of Board of Education, 90.
Report of Directors of the Theological |
Seminary, 269.
Report of British and Foreign Bible So-
ciety, 516.
Revivals of Religion, 46.400. 453.
IRussia, 47. 190.
Reynold's Life of Christ, Extract from,
Rome, 190.
Rocking Stones, 420.
Roses in New York, 318.
Roads, Improvement in, 515.

S. Students, a Word to, 22. Salt, Epsom, in Illinois, 42. Steam-boat Improvement, 42. 563. Seminary, Theological, Treasurer's Ac

counts, 46.93. 142. 189. 239. 284, 333. 380. 429. 477. 525. 572.

Spain, 46.190.
Susquehanna Trade, 87.
Swimming, 87.
Ship's Compass, Improved, 87.
Season, The, 131.
South Sea Islands, 140. 563.
Sandwich Islands, 142. 232. 373.
Steam Vessel in India, 181.
Slavery, 181. 317.
Smith, Rev. Mr., Account of 185.
Scott’s Bible, 230. 560.
Stars, Motion of, 231. 568, -
Spinning Machine, 266.
Sumner's Evidences, 367. 410. -
Swiss Liberality, 420.
Ships preserved from Sinking, 421.
Steam Drag, 421.
Smollet's England, 515.
Singular Phenomenon, 515.
South Pole, Expedition to, 515.
Self-examination, 549.

T. Thoughts, Fugitive, 8.56. Trifling, Learned, 23. Tanning, a New Method of 41. Tract Societies, 44. 371. Tides, The, 87.

Thornton, ãoin, Lines by, 118.

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