Contemplation: With Other Poems

William Watson, 1820 - 340 páginas
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Página 2 - There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, There is a rapture on the lonely shore. There is society where none intrudes, By the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not man the less, but nature more...
Página 335 - ... no person in whom she could confide, was admitted into her presence ; even the ambassadors of the French King and Queen of England were refused access to her. In this solitary state, without a counsellor or a friend, under the pressure of distress, and the apprehension of danger, it was natural for a woman to hearken almost to any overtures. The confederates took advantage of her condition, and of her fears. They employed Lord Lindsay, the fiercest zealot in the party, to communicate their scheme...
Página 152 - scape from chill misfortune's gloom, From helpless age and joyless years ; To sleep where flowerets round us bloom ; — Can such a fate deserve our tears ? Since, in the tomb, our cares, our woes, In dark oblivion buried lie, Why paint that scene of calm repose In figures painful to the eye ? To...
Página 309 - Tis sweet to scent the primrose springin' ; Or through the woodlands green to stray, In ilka buss the mavis singin' : But sweeter than the woodlands green, Or primrose painted fair by Nature, Is she wha smiles, a rural queen, The bonny lass o...
Página 336 - July 21. him all the powers and privileges of that high office. By a third she substituted some other nobleman in Murray's place, if he should refuse the honour which was designed for him. Mary, when she subscribed these deeds, was bathed in tears; and while she gave away, as it were with her own hands, the sceptre which she had swayed so long, she fell a pang of grief and indignation, one of the severest, perhaps, which can touch the human heart3.
Página 153 - And, when anew that flame shall burn, Perhaps the dust that lies enshrined, May rise, a woodbine, o'er my urn, With verdant tendrils round it twined. How would the gentle bosom beat, That sighs at death's resistless power, A faithful friend again to meet Fresh blooming in a fragrant flower ! The love, that in my bosom glows, Will live, when I shall long be dead, And, haply, tinge some budding rose That blushes o'er my grassy bed. O, thou who hast so long been dear, When I shall cease to smile on...
Página 310 - There's love an' truth in ilka feature ; For her I'm past baith wark an
Página 113 - Seek not, amidst his wreath to twine One verse that he himself suppressed ; His offerings made at folly's shrine, Let them in dark oblivion rest! "Ye wanderers in the wilds of song, On whom I have not smiled in vain, Would you the blissful hours prolong, 0 shun seductive Pleasure's train!
Página 114 - Tis there the Muse unfolds her charms ; From thence her sons should never stray ; Ye souls whom boundless Fancy warms, Still keep this calm sequestered way ; ' So may such never-dying praise, As echoes o'er my darling's tomb, Congenial bloom, amidst your bays, And Heaven bestow a happier doom !' She ceased her song of sorrow deep, Her warbling Harp was heard no more I waked — and wished again to sleep — But ah ! the pleasing dream was o'er ! The rustic Muse, untaught to sing, Has marred the Vision's...

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