Muay Thai: Advanced Thai Kickboxing Techniques

Frog Books, 2004 - 172 páginas
Thai boxing—muay thai—has escalated in popularity in the Western world and is appreciated by its fans as a means of fitness training, competitive sport, and self-defense. Advanced students greatly benefit from internationally known muay thai boxing competitor Christoph Delph's focus on what they must know to win a match. He describes tried and tested fighting strategies and traditional muay thai techniques, and shows how to best counter the opponent's attacks, use the element of surprise, and even bring the match to an early close.

Muay Thai: Advanced Thai Kickboxing Techniques includes sections on:

-Muay Thai as a competitive sport
-The rules of competition
-Traditional ceremonies
-Stars and stadiums
-A professional training program
-Competitive tips and tricks
-Effective countertactics
-Historical techniques
-Training in Thailand

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Muay Thai as Competitive Sport
Effective Countertactics
Tactics to Counter Elbow Techniques
Tactics to Counter HighLeg Techniques
Tactics to Counter Foot Techniques
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Trained in Thailand, Christoph Delp is a fitness, kickboxing, and Muay Thai instructor with extensive experience in competition. He has already made his expert knowledge of martial arts and fitness available to a wide audience through his many books, including Muay Thai Basics, Kickboxing, and Fitness for Full-Contact Fighters.

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