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Chartered by the State of Illinois. Soon after the organization of the Board my attention was called to a number of so-called universities, medical institutes and private dispensaries, chartered under "An act concerning corporations," approved April 18, 1872. An examination of the records in the office of the Secretary of State satisfied me that many of these corporations were fraudulent, and that it was an imposition upon the paople of the State to grant them. I protested against granting any more, but was informed that according to the law there was no remedy.

Two of these fraudulent institutions (?), situated in Chicago, could not be reached, because they were fathered by parties who took advantage of the ten-year exemption clause in the act under which we are working. They are the James Medical Institute and the Chicago Medical and Surgical Institute.

Amid the multiplicity of other duties, no special attention was paid to this subject until the following letter was received:

November 9, 1880. J. H. Rauch, M. D., Secretary State Board of Health, Chicago, Illinois :

DEAR SIR: I received the enclosed circular to-day through the mail addressed to my daughter, a young girl, and upon inquiry at the postoffice I find that a large number of the same were received addressed to the young girls of this place, and are being held, at my request, at the office. Now, I ask, in God's name, is there no way to reach this party? Must our girls be de: bauched by such devils in human form, and under a charter from the State?

Yours truly,

The following is the circular: "JAMES' WINE OF HOPS-The best known remedy in the world for nervous debility, lost energy, lost hopes, imprudence of youth, lost vigor and ambition. $1.00 per quart bottle, six for $5.00.

“DR. JAMES' LOCK HOSPITAL-204 Washington st., cor. Franklin. Chartered by the State of Illinois for the express purpose of giving immediate relief in all cases of private,

chronic and urinary diseases in all their complicated forms. It is well known Dr. James has stood at the head of the profession for the past thirty years.. Age and experience are all important. Seminal weakness, night losses by dreams, pimples on the face, lost manhood, can positively be cured. Ladies wanting the most delicate attention, call or write. Pleasant home for patients always ready.

"NERVINE PILLS-After 40 years' practice I am satisfied nine-tenths of the troubles and trials in life has grown out of a latent sexual feeling on the part of ladies and gentlemen. Thousands, without knowing the real cause, have made life a weary waste for the want of proper means to make it bright and happy. Nervine pills, compounded of roots and herbs, will make the weak and debilitated strong. That which you have lost or never had will come to make home happy. Life is too short to waste away in a dull, torpid home when $1 box will please you and six will cure you for five dollars. Sent by mail on receipt of price. No marks on package to indicate the sender or its contents. Nervine pills a positive cure for leucorrhea or whites, nervous headache, nervous debility, night sweats, melancholy feeling and general weakness.

"Book FOR THE MILLION-Marriage Guide-Which tells you all about these diseases, who should marry, why not; 10 cents to pay postage, or large revised work 25 cents. Dr. James has 50 rooms and parlors. You see no one but the doctor. Office hours, 9 A. M. to 7 P. M. Sunday 10 to 12, Dr. James is 60 years of age.

"Gentlemen's rubber goods, 2 for $1, or $4 per dozen. Ladies', $5 each. Ladies fountain syringe with silver points, $2. Sent by mail, sealed. Female pills, $1 per box, 6 for $5. extra strength.

“TO THE AFFLICTED-Permit me to say to all parties receiving my book, that, when it is convenient, it would be far better to make me a personal visit. The human economy, with its intricate functions, is so complicated that a physician might, and in fact is, liable to make a mistake by correspondence. After forty years of my life spent among the afflicted, in all their varied and complicated forms, I am fully satisfied the more I know the better it will be for those placing themselves under my care and treatment. One visit is all that any patient need make for me to acquire a full knowledge of their requirements. Consequently avoid mistakes. Life and health are too valuable to trifle with, and age and experience are all-important in forming correct ideas. Of course many times it is not necessary to make me a personal visit. Those that do, and after looking over the case and I find it a curable one, I will in all such instances guarantee a cure, or no pay. If I am not able, or I do not see my way clear to make a permanent cure. I will so state, and give you the advantage of my vast experience for one dollar. To those who can't make it convenient to call personally, I will send a printed list of questions to answer before sending medicine. "Three cents to pay postage.

Dr. J. R. JAMES.

"Chicago, Illinois."

This circular was prepared with a view to escape the U. S. postal laws, and is not as “broad” or vile as those that are forwarded by express, and is usually sent as an avant coureur. The party writing for the articles advertised, is informed that they cannot be sent by mail, but will reach them by express; also, the more flagrant publications, giving specific directions how and for what purpose they are intended.

In this connection attention is called to the United States law concerning the carrying of obscene and improper literature and articles through the government mails :

SECTION No. 3,893, U. S. Revised Statutes. No obscene, lewd or lascivious book, pamphlet, picture, paper, print, or other publication of an indecent character, or article or thing designed or intended for the prevention of conception or procuring of abortion, por any article or thing intended or adapted for any indecent or immoral use or nature, nor any written or printed card, circular, book, pamphlet, advertisement or notice of any kind giving information, directly or indirectly, where, or how, or of whom, or by what means either of the things before mentioned may be obtained or made, nor any letter upon the envelope of which, or postal card upon which indecent or scurrilous epithets may be written or printed, shall be carried in the mail, and any person who shall knowingly deposit, or cause to be deposited, for mailing or delivering. any of the hereinbefore mentioned articles or things, or any article or paper containing

any advertisement relating to the aforesaid articles or things, and any person who, in pursuance of any

plan or scheme for disposing of any of the hereinbefore mentioned articles or things, shall take, or cause to be taken from the mail, any such letter or package, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall for every offence be fined not less than $100, nor more than $500, or imprisonment at hard labor not less than one year, nor more than ten years.

Immediately after the reception of the foregoing letter and circular, I telegraphed and wrote the writer for more details, but upon reflection took the first train for the place. Found that between fifty and sixty of the circulars had been sent, nearly all of them to school girls, and to two of the female teachers of the public schools.

Upon my return to Chicago, I called the attention of the special agents of the post-office department to the fact, at the same time suggesting that they be on the watch for the circular, as I was satisfied they had been sent to other schools, and the probability was that more would be thus disposed of. I was aware of the fact that similar outrages had already been perpetrated upon the pupils of female seminaries, in fact to such an extent as to debar the publication of catalogues, but until now I had never heard that the public schools had been tampered with. With as little delay as possible, I submitted the facts in my possession to Hon. J. K. Edsall, Attorney-General, who promptly informed me that a case could be made, and should be, under the laws of the State, at the same time calling my attention to the following, from Hurd's Revised Statutes, pages 382-83:

$223. Whoever brings, or causes to be brought, into this State, for sale or exhibition, or shall sell or offer to sell, or shall give away or offer to give away, or have in his possession, with or without intent to sell or give away, any obscene and indecent book, pamphlet, paper, drawing, lithograph, engraving, daguerreotype, photograph, stereoscopic picture, model, cast, instrument or article of indecent or immoral use, or shall advertise the same for sale, or write or cause to be written, or print or cause to be printed, any circular, handbill, card, book, pamphlet. advertisement or notice of any kind, or shall give information orally, stating when, how or of whom. or by what means, any of the indecent and obscene articles and things hereinbefore mentioned can be purchased or otherwise obtained, or shall manufacture, draw and expose or draw, with intent to sell or to have sold, or print any such articles, shall be confined in the county jail not more than six months, or be fined not less than $100 nor more than $1.000 for each offense, one-half of said fine

to be paid to the informer upon whose evidence the person so offending shall be convicted, and one-half to the school fund of the county in which the said conviction is obtained. $ 224. If any person shall deposit or cause to be deposited in any postoffice within this State, or place in charge of any express company, or person connected therewith, or of any common carrier or other person, any of the obscene and indecent articles and things mentioned in the preceding section, or any circular, handbill, card, advertisement, book, pamphlet or notice of any kind, or shall give oral information stating where, how, and of whom such indecent and obscene articles or things can be purchased or otherwise obtained in any manner, with the intent of having the same conveyed by mail or express, or in any other manner, or if any person shall knowingly or wilfully receive the same with intent to carry or convey the same by express or in any other manner (except in the United States mail), he shall be subject, for each offense,

to the same fines and penalties as are prescribed in the preceding section, and said fine shall be divided and paid in the same manner as therein provided.

Upon my return_to Springfield, a few days after, Prof. Slade, Superintendent of Public Instruction, called my attention to the following letter:

November 16, 1880. State Superintendent of Schools, Springfield, Ill.:

DEAR SIR-The enclosed circular was sent through the mail to one of my daughters (who is a school teacher). There is a leak in your office or that of the superintendents of Peoria or Stark counties. My reason for believing the leak is at your office is that my daughter receives circulars, prospectuses and catalogues of the various educational institutions within the State.

I do not wish you to understand that I charge you with furnishing the names of teachers to this class of villains, but am inclined to believe some one having access to the books in your office is guilty of the theft.

Respectfully yours,

The circular was the same that has already been alluded to, thus confirming my suspicions with regard to other schools. A copy of the letter was made and sent to J. E. Stuart, Special Agent P. 0. Department, Chicago. Superintendent Slade replied to the letter, of course denying that his office was responsible for the names of the teachers, at the same time requesting the writer to obtain all the information he could with regard to the circular, and to how many others it had been sent, to which he received the appended reply:

December 3, 1880. James P. Slade, Springfield, Ill.: DEAR SIR-Your letter received, and also one of former date. Whether auy other person received the circular sent out by the so-called or styled Dr. James, I am unable to state, as I did not like to make specific inquiries of the families having daughters.

The envelope in which they were sent to my daughter, undoubtedly had been lost or destroyed before the natura of the contents was fully understood, as we are unable to find it.

I will try and induce Dr. to look the matter up. He has no daughters of any age, and will not be suspicioned. Families are more free to communicate things of this character to their family physician than others. I will do the best that I can for the matter. I look upon men of this character as more deserving of hemp than the red-handed murderer.

Respectfully yours,

Accompanied by the Superintendent of Public Instruction, I called upon the Governor, to whom the case was stated, and who promptly replied that the party should be punished; that the nefarious practice must be stopped, and that, if necessary for the prosecution, he would draw on his contingent fund for the same.

Since that time much other evidence has been obtained, and Smith Whittier, alias Dr. James, is now under bonds in the sum of $2,000 for violating the postal laws of the United States, and his mail matter has been refused transmission, it having been ascertained that thousands of these circulars (and other objectionable matter) have been sent to persons of both sexes from twelve years of age and upwards, throughout the country.

To a better understanding of the chartering business, I herewith submit a copy from the Secretary of State's office:

This is to certify that the following named persons: Smith Whittier, John W. McLean and John F. McCormick, desire to form a corporation

under the provisions of the Revised

Statutes of Illinois providing for the formation of profitable corporations. Said above named persons ask to be appointed commissioners to open bonks for subscription to the capital stock of said

corporation. The name of said corporation shall be the "James Medical Institute." The object of said corporation shall be to cure the chronic diseases which flesh is heir to.

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The capital stock of said corporation shall be five hundred dollars.
Said capital stock shall be divided into twenty shares of twenty-five dollars each.
The principal office of said corporation shall be at Chicago, Illinois.
The duration of said corporation shall be for ninety-nine years.


JOHN W. MCLEAN. (Seal.) Cook County.

: ", I, D. Harry Hammer, a notary public in and for said county, in said State, do hereby certify that Smith Whittier, John W. McLean and John F. McCormick, personally known to me to be the same persons whose pames are above subscribed, appeared before me this day in person and acknowledged the same to be for the uses and purposes therein set forth. Witness my hand and notarial seal this twelfth day of February, A. D. 1876.


Notary Public. To Hon. George H. Harlow, Secretary of State of the State of Illinois :

The commissioners duly authorized to open books of subscription to the capital stock of the James Medical Institute, pursuant to license heretofore issued bearing date the 17th day of February, A. D. 1876, do hereby report that they opened books of subscription to the capital stock of said company, and that the said stock was fully subscribed; that the following is a true copy of such subscription, viz: We, the undersigned. hereby severally subscribed for the number of shares set opposite our respective names to the capital stock of the James Medical Institute, and we severally agree to pay the said company, on each share, the sum of twenty-five dollars.


Shares. Amount.

Smith Whittier....
John W. McLean
John F. McCormick




That on the 2d day of March. A. D. 1876, at 106 Franklin street, Chicago, Illinois, at the hour of 10 o'clock A. M., they convened a meeting of the subscribers aforesaid, pursuant to notice required by law, which said notice was deposited in the postoffice, properly addressed to each subscriber, ten days before the time fixed therein, a copy of which said notice is as follows, to-wit: To John F. McCormick:

You are hereby notified that the capital stock of the James Medical Institute has been fully subscribed, and that a meeting of the subscribers of such. stock will be held at 106 Franklin street, Chicago, Illinois. on the 2d day of March, A. D. 1876, at 10 o'clock A. M., for the purpose of electing a Board of Directors for said Company, and for the transaction of such other business as may be deemed necessary.


Commissioners. That said subscribers met at the time and place in said notice specified. and proceeded to elect Directors, and that the following persons were duly elected for the term of one year, as follows: Smith Whittier. J. W. McLean, John F. McCormick.

[Signed,] J. W. MCLEAN.

Commissioners. STATE OF ILLINOIS,

County of Cook. On this 6th day of March, A. D. 1876, personally appeared before me, a notary public in and for said county, in said State, Smith Whittier, John W. McLean and John F. McCormick, and nade oath that the foregoing report, by them subscribed, is true in substance and in fact. (Seal.)


Notary Public. The foregoing shows how easily the law with regard to corporations can be complied with, and the following statement shows how much it costs to form a corporation:

[blocks in formation]

Smith Whittier, alias Dr. James, is in reality the James Medical Institute.

Attention is also called to the following, with regard to Dr. Lucas: Private Dispensary:

Dr. Lucas' Private Dispensary. 132 So. Clark St., Chicago, Ill. Chartered by the State of Illinois,

for the special, scientific and speedy cure of private, nervous and chronic diseases. Office hours, 9 to 4 and 7 to 8. Sundays, 10 to 12 A. M. only. Dr. Lucas is a graduate of two regular (Allopathic and Eclectic) medical colleges, is well known on the Pacific coast as founder of the mammoth Bellevue Medical Institute, San Francisco, and it is a well known fact that for 15 years he has confined himself to the study and treatment of sexual and chronic diseases, thus giving him advantages that few possess. Dr. Lucas addresses himself particularly to those who have already placed themselves under the care of ignorant advertising charlatans, from whom they have received no benefits, and who, in fact, have done them more harm than good. Medicine, like all other sciences, is progressive, and every year shows proof of its advance. By a combination of remedies of great curative power, Dr. Lucas has so arranged his treatment that it will afford not only imme iiate relief, but permanent cure. Young men who are suffering from the damning effects of youthful indiscretions, seminal weakness among others, showing some of the following symptoms: Nervous and physical debility, impotence (sexual incapacity), lost manhood, abuses of the system, exhausted vitality, confusion of ideas, dull and loss of brilliancy to the eye, aversion to society, despondency, pimples on the face, loss of energy, and frequency of urinating. You may be in the first stage, but remember, you are fast approaching the last. Do not let false pride and sham modesty deter you from attend, ing to your agonizing ailments. Many a bright and naturally gifted young man, endowed with genius, has permitted his case to run on and on, until remorse racked his intellect, and finally death claimed its victim. Remember that "procrastination is the thief of time," so lay aside your so-called pride, and consult one who thoroughly understands your ailment, and who alone will know your case; in reciprocation, find permanent relief for an ailment that has made day a drudgery and night hideous. Thousands upon thousands of men, in good standing in the social world, of prominence in the world of commerce, of culture and refinement, are to-day suffering from the fruits of their doings, the seeds of which were sown during moments of thoughtlessness. Young man, turn and gaze upon thy companion, or seek the mirror for proof to substantiate this fact. Oh! could we control the arm of Fate, or had we the diction of a Webster, we could not appeal to you more sincerely. Man, think of the gentle tones of the mother who bore you; recall the pleading accents of an anxious sister; let your mind wander back to the much cherished counsels of a loving father, and remember what you are to-day. Though you may for the present all your station in society, the time is as inevitable as fate when your brilliancy will like a flash depart, leaving you a stranded wreck on the shoals of pride, desolate, forgotten and lost; so embrace

the opportunity, and procrastinate no longer. If you claim to be a man, act your part manly. Do not console yourself with the thoright that nature will help itself, for in doing so you not only fan the flame, but insult nature and yourself. Remember, "large oaks from little acorns grow," "little ills germinate fata! diseases," Middle-aged men, married or single, who are prematurely old as a result of excesses or youthful follies, and who are troubled by too frequent evacuations of the bladder, often accompanied by a slight smarting or burning sensation, and finding a deposit of ropy sediment in the urine, and sometimes small particles of albumen will appear, or the color will first be of a thin or milkish hue, and again changing to a dark and torpid appearance, causing nervous debility and loss of vitality. Remember, this is the second stage of seminal weakness. In all such cases a perfect cure is guaranteed, and a radical restoration of the genito-urinary organs. I wiil forfeit $500 for every case of private disease that I fail to cure. All interviews and letters are sacredly confidential. Medicines packed so as not to excite curiosity, and sent by express, if full description of case is given, but one personal interview in all cases preferred.

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