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APPROVED MAY 29, 1877.


An Act to create and establish a State Board of Health in the State of Illinois. Approved May 25, 1877; in force July 1, 1877.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Ilinois, represented in the General Assembly. That the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate, shall appoint seven persons, who shall constitute the Board of Health. The persons so appointed shall hold their offices for seven years: Provided, that the terms of office of the seven first appointed shall be so arranged that the term of one shall expire on the thirtieth day of December of each year, and the vacancies so created, as well as all vacancies occurring otherwise, shall be filled by the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Se And provided, also, that appointments made when the Senate is not in session may be confirmed at its next ensuing session.

See. 2. The State Board of Health shall have the general supervision of the interests of the health and life of the citizens of the State. They shall have charge of all matters pertaining to quarantine; and shall have authority to make such rules and regulations, and such sanitary investigations, as they may from time to time deem necessary for the preservation or improvement of public health, and it shall be the duty of all police officers, sheriffs, constables, and all other officers and employes of the State, to enforce such rules and regulations, so far as the efficiency and success of the Board may depend upon their official cooperation.

Sec. 3. The Board of Health shall have supervision of the State system of registration of births and deaths as hereinafter provided; they shall make up such forms and recommend such legislation as shall be deemed necessary for the thorough registration of vital and mortuary statistics throughout the State. The Secretary of the Board shall be the superintendent of such registration. The clerical duties and the safe-keeping of the bureau of vital statistics thus created shall be provided by the Secretary of State.

Sec. 4. It shall be the duty of all physicians and accoucheurs in this State to register their names and post-office address with the county clerk of the county where they reside; and said physicians and accoucheurs shall be required, under penalty of ten dollars, to be recovered in any court of competent jurisdiction in the State, at suit of the county clerk, to report to the county clerk, within thirty days from date of their occurrence, all births and deaths which may come under their supervision, with a certificate of the cause of death, and such correlative facts as the Board may require, in the blank forms furnished as hereinafter provided.

Sec. 5. When any birth or death shall take place, no physician or accoucheur being in attendance, the same shall be reported to the county clerk within thirty days from the date of their occurrence, with the supposed cause of death, by the parent, or if none, by

kin, not a minor, or if none, by the resident householder where the death shall occur, under penanty as provided in the preceding section of this act.

Sec. 6. The coroners of the several counties shall be required to report to the county clerk all cases of death which may come under their supervision, with the cause and mode of death, etc., as per forms furnished, under penalty as provided in section four (4) of this act.

Sec. 7. All amounts recovered under the penalties herein provided shall be appropriated to a special fund for the carrying out of the object of this law.

Sec. 8. The county clerks of the several counties in the State shall be required to keep separate books for the registration of the names and post-office address of physicians and accoucheurs, for births, for marriages, and for deaths; said books shall always be open to inspection without fee: and said county clerks shall be required to render a full and complete report of all births, marriages and deaths to the Secretary of the Board of Health, annually, and at such other tinies as the Board may direct.

Sec. 9. It shall be the duty of the Board of Health to prepare such forms for the record of births, marriages and deaths as they may deem proper; the said forms to be furnished by the Secretary of said Board to the county clerks of the several counties, whose duty it shall be to furnish them to such persons as are herein required to make such reports.

Sec. 10. The first meeting of the Board shall be within fifteen days after their appointment, and thereafter in January and June of each year, and at such other times as the Board shall deem expedient. The meeting in January of each year shall be in Springfield

A majority shall constitute a quorum. They shall choose one of their number to be President, and they may adopt rules and by-laws for their government, subject to the provisions of this act.

Sec. 11. They shall elect a Secretary, who shall perform the duties prescribed by the Board; and by this act he shall receive a salary which shall be fixed by the Board; he shall also receive his traveling and other expenses incurred in the performance of his official duties. The other members of the Board shall receive no compensation for their services, but their traveling and other expenses, while employed on business of the Board, shall be paid. The President of the Board shall quarterly certify the amount due the Secretary, and, on presentation of his certificate, the Auditor of State shall draw his warrant on the Treasurer for the amount.

Sec. 12. It shall be the duty of the Board of Health to make an annual report, through their secretary or otherwise, in writing, to the Governor of this State, on or before the first day of January of each year, and such report shall include so much of the proceedings of the Board, and such information concerning vital statistics; such knowledge respecting diseases, and such instruction on the subject of hygiene, as may be thought useful by the Board for dissemination among the people, with such suggestions as to legislative action as they may deem necessary.

Sec. 13. The sum of five thousand dollars ($5.000), or so much thereof as may be necessary, is hereby appropriated to pay the salary of the Secretary, meet the contingent expenses of the office of the Secretary, and the expenses of the Board, and all costs for printing, which, together, shall not exceed the sum hereby appropriated; said expenses shall be certified and paid in the same manner as the salary of the Secretary.

Sec. 14. The Secretary of State shall provide rooms suitable for the meetings of the Board, and office-room for the Secretary.


An Act to Regulate the Practice of Medicine in the State of Illinois. Approved May 29, 1877; in force July 1, 1877.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly. That every person practicing medicine. in any of its departments, shall possess the qualifications required by this act. If a graduate in medicine, he shall present his diploma to the State Board of Health, if such Board of Health shall be established by law, or Board of Examiners herein named, for verification as to its genuineness.

If the diploma is found genuine, and if the person named therein be the person claiming and presenting the same, the State Board of Health, if such Board of Health be established by law, or the Board of Examiners. shall issue its certificate to that effect, signed by all of the members thereof, and such diploma and certificate shall be conclusive as to the right of the lawful holder of the same to practice medicine in this State. If not a graduate, the person practicing medicine in this State shall present himself before said Board, and submit himself to such examinations as tne said Board shall require; and, if the examination be satisfactory to the examiners, the said Board shall issue its certificate in accordance with the facts, and the lawful holder of such certificate shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges herein mentioned.

Sec. 2. In case a State Board of Health shall not be established by law, then each State Medical Society incorporated and in active existence on the first day of July, eighteen hundred and seventy-seven, whose members are required to possess diplomas or license from some legally chartered medical institution in good standing, shall appoint, annually. a Board of Examiners, consisting of seven members, who shall hold their offices for one year, and until their successors shall be chosen. The examiners so appointed shall go before a county judge and make oath that they are regular graduates, or licentiates, and that they will faithfully perform the duties of their office. Vacancies occurring in a Board of Examiners shall be filled by the society appointing it by the selection of alternates or otherwise.

Sec. 3. The State Board of Health, if such Board of Health shall be established by law, or Board of Examiners, shall organize within three months after the passage of this act; they shall procure a seal, and shall receive through their secretary applications for certificates and examinations; the president of each board shall have authority to administer oaths, and the Board to take testimony in all matters relating to their duties; they shall issue certificates to all who furnish satisfactory proof of having received diplomas or licenses from legally chartered medical institutions in good standing; they shall prepare two forms of certificates, one for persons in possession of diplomas or licenses, the other for candidates examined by the Board; they shall furnish to the county clerks of the several counties a list of all persons receiving certificates. In selecting places to hold their meetings they shall, as far as is reasonable, accommodate applicants residing in different sections of the State, and due notice shall be published of all their meetings. Certificates shall be signed by all the members of the Board granting them, and shall indicate the medical society to which the Examining Board is attached.

Sec. 4. Said State Board of Health, if such Board of Health shall be established by law, or Board of Examiners, shall examine diplomas as to their genuineness, and if the diploma shall be found genuine as represented, the secretary of the State Board of Health, if such Board of Health shall be established by law, or Board of Examiners, shall receive a fee of one dollar from each graduate or licentiate, and no further charge shall be made to the applicants; but if it be found to be fraudulent, or not lawfully owned by the possessor. the Board shall be entitled to charge and collect twenty dollars of the applicant presenting such diploma. The verification of the diploma shall consist in the affidavit of the holder and applicant that he is the lawful possessor of the same, and that he is the person herein named. Such affidavit may be taken before any person authorized to administer oaths, and the same shall be attested under the hand and official seal of such officer, if he have a seal. Graduates may present their diplomas and affidavits as provided in this act, by letter or by proxy, and the State Board of Health, if such Board of Health shall be established by law, or Board of Examiners, shall issue its certificate the same as though the owner of the diploma was present.

Sec. 5. All examinations of persons not graduates or licentiates, shall be made directly by the Board, and the certificates given by the Boards shall authorize the possessor to practice medicine and surgery in the State of Illinois.

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