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Meteorological Tables: Keokuk, Iowa

PAGE. Precipitation in inches and hundredths..

191 Prevailing direction of winds. Total wind movement in miles...


198 Louisville. Kentucky: Barometer..

187 Temperature.

189 Mean relative humidity..

194 Precipitation in inches and hundredths.

191 Prevailing direction of winds.

196 Total wind movement in miles..

198 St. Louis, Missouri: Barometer..

187 Temperature.

186 Mean relative humidity.

194 Precipitation in inches and hundredths.

192 Prevailing direction of winds.

196 Total wind movement in miles..

199 Springfield, Illinois: Barometer..

187 Temperature

189 Mean relative humidity.

194 Precipitation in inches and hundredths.

192 Prevailing direction of winds..

196 Total wind movement in miles.

199 Missouri Homeopathic Medical College..

70 Medical ('ollege...

69 State University, Medical School of.

70 Mitchell, Robert W., National Board of Health delegate to Sanitary Council....133, 138, 144 Committee or quarantine.

134 Concerning quarantine classification of freight.

.146, 177 Member of committee on quarantine classification,

147 On care of sick and disabled rivermen..

175 Montgomery, E. R., Louisville, Ky., attendance of, at Sanitary Council meeting. 133, 134, 144 Morgan City (Utahi Medical College

92 Mulhausen. M., Evansville board of health, attendance at Sanitary Council.

144 Miami Medical College, Cincinnati

84 Michigan College of Medicine..

68 University, Department of Medicine and Surgery

66 University, Homeopathic Medical College of

68 Middleton, W. D., member Iowa State Board of Health, attendance of, at Sanitary Council

138 Midwifery, School of, at Chicago. Midwives, concerning the status of..

116 Miles. A. J.. health officer, Cincinnati, letter of, concerning Small-Pox Conference 120

Attendance of, at Sanitary Council meeting. Mills, W. F., certificate granted to.

ix Miner, C. A., revocation of certificate of.

xxix Minnesota College Hospital..

69 Nashville Medical College

91 University. Medical department of.

90 National Board of Health...

. 130, 133, 135, 138, 145, 154 Medical College of Columbia University

51 New England University of Arts and Science.

..xxi, 45,95 New Hampshire Medical Institute.

74 New Jersey State Medical Society

75 New Orleans Auxiliary Sanitary Association, action of, on quarantine.

158 Chamber of Commerce, endorsing National Board of Health.

154 Cotton Exchange, concerning quarantine.

158 School of Medicine

63 University, Medical Department of..

63 New York City University, Medical Department of

77 College of Physicians and Surgeons.

75 Free Medical College for Women.

80 Homeopathic Medical College.

78 Medical College...

76 Medical College and Hospital for Women.

79 Poli-clinic.

99 Post-graduate Medical College.

94 State University. Regents of.

81 Niglas, J. M., health fficer, Peoria, attendance of, at Sanitary Council.

144 Notice of epidemic disease.

xxviii Notification of unprofessional or dishonorable conduet.

.XXV North Carolina University, Medical Department of..

81 Northwestern Medical College

45, 72 I'niversity, Medical Department of

54 November meeting of Illinois State Board of Health.

xxix O'BRIEN W, F., certificate granted to..

xiv Obstetrics, examination in..

.viii, xix


PAGE. Oglethorpe Medical College Ohio, Melical College of.

$1 Omaha Medical College

74 Order, notitication of epidemie diseases.

xxviii Owen, A. M., Evansville board of health, attendance of, at Sanitary Council.

144 PACIFIC, Medical College of the Pasto, V. of Päihology, exitmination in.

XX Peck, W.F.. Surgeon C., R. I. & P. R. R., vaccination of railway employés.

vii. xviii On railway sanitation..

15 Penn Medical University.

16,22 Pennsylvania Medical College

15,95 University, Department of Medicine of Philadelphia College of Medicine and Surgery.

87 University of Medicine and Surgery Physicians, circular to, on vaccination..

15, Physio-Eclectic Medical College, Cincinnati. Physio-Medical College, Cincinnati.

43, College of Indiana.

.4.2 Institute, Cincinnati.


84 Physiology, examination in. Plunket. T. D., President Sanitary Council, Mississippi Valley

.1, xvi Delegate to Sanitary Council from Tennessee State Board of Health,

133. 133 Committee on project of business, Sanitary Counci.........

139, 114 Address of, at Evansville meeting..

146 leport on quaranting and inspection on Lower Mississipp.


i.. On quarantine classification of freight..

167 On publication of proceedings of Council.

179 Pollit d air

181 Pollution of Illinois River

xi Portland, M., School for Medical Instruction

xxvi Practice of medicine by unqualified persons


109 Definition of.. Professional relations

102 Prosecutions under Medical Practice Act.

xxviii Pulte Vedial College, Cincinnati....


84 QUARANTINE classification of freight. Report of committee of Sanitary Council on.

xiv, 178 Action of New Orleans Auxiliary Sanitary Association.

169 Quarterly inpeting State Board of Health, Illinois, April, 1881....

176 June, IN8T..

xviii September, 1881

Ivi Quarterly report of Secretary Quincy, II., College of Medicine..

57 RAILWAY employes, vaccination of Sanitation

14, 15, 16, 17 action of Board on

.XXVI, xxviii stations, cleanliness of.

19,30 Rauch, J. H., Secretary State Board of Health, letter transmitting report.

xxiii, 9 Examinations in materia medica and therapeutics.

III Examina'ions in hygiene

vi, xvii Examinations in medical juri-prudence..

.ix, xix Letter calling Small-Pox Conference.

.ix, XX Supervising Inspector, Inimigrant-Inspection Service..

119 Member of committee on maritime quarantine,

W Taconation order, offered by

.xxviji Circular on How to Prevent the Spread of Small-Pox.


6 Letter on general vaccination.. To general managers and superintendents of railway stations

7 Suppression of epidemic diseases.

9 Dangers of summer resorts...

11 Vacination of railway employés

12 Railway sanitation...

..14.16 School vaccination order.

19 Concerning vaccination certificate.

Circular letter concerning small-pox.
Extracts from correspondence of
Letter to Mayor MeLean, Eist St. Louis
To Health Commissioner Francis, St. Louis

Delegate to Chicago Small-Pox Conference
Serritary Sanitary Council, Mississippi Valley

XI, 119, 120, 1:30 Rawlings, J. A., examination of

..XIV, 133, 134, 136, 137, 144, 109, 179, 182 Reve, J.T., remarks at Small- Pox Conference. Attendance at Sanitary Council meeting.

124, 121 Reform Medical College

138 Reilly, Frank W., Superintendent River-Inspection service, N. B. H.

52 Attendance at Sanitary Council Report of Treasurer, State Board of Health.

1H Resolutions of the Board on

Delni'ion of ten-year clause.
Diminished water supply
Chambers, W.M., retiring member State Board of Health

iii xii

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PAGE. Inspectors of National Board of Health,

xiv Joplin College of Physicians and Surgeons.

.XXV Language of examinations.

XX Leach. D. H.

..... Marean, W. A

.XXI McLeod. E. S

..XXX Meteorology.

xiv Notification of unprofessional conduct

XXX Policing of railway stations.

.xxiii Professional relations.

xxviii Railway sanitation.

xxviii Ringland, E. B., case of.

X1 Schools of midwifery.

XX Small-Pox Conference.

xxii Students, defining..

XV Vaccination of school children

Lix Wardner. H., retiring member State Board of Health

xiii Warren, A. R., revocation of certificate.

xxix Revoked certificates, list of. Rice, C. A., Mississippi State Board of Health, delegate to Sanitary Council.

134 Ringland, E. B., case of.

XY Robertson, W. 8.. President Iowa State Board of Health, delegate to Sanitary Council. 138 Rochester Eclectic Medical College. Rock Island Medical College..

31 Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. Rush Medical College, Chicago...

59,90 SALOMON, L. F., New Orleans Sanitary Association, delegate to Sanitary Council. 111 Concerning Louisiana State Board of Health...

1 15 Quarantine classification of freight

.117, 177, 178 Reception of Sanitary Council at Evansville.

182 Sanitary Council of the Mississippi Valley.

XIV Proceedings of....

131 Called meeting at Nashville, Tenn..

133 Second annual meeting of.

135 Called meeting at New Orleans, La.

138 Third annual meeting of. Resolutions concerning State Boards of Health of Mississippi and Tennessee

181 Adoption of the rules and regulation of the National Board of Health..

17: Appropriation for National Board of Health.

181 Furnishing lists of committees to the National Board of Health.

181 Inspectors at quarantine stations..

143, 113 Marine Hospital service.

173 Necessity of the National Board of Health..

136, 137, 132, 15: Printing of quarantine classification of freight. Returning thanks to various organizations.

182 Sanitary condition of Memphis. Vicksburg and New Orleans.

192 Views of the Council on the attitude of the Louisiana State Board of Health 181 Sanitary polieing of railway stations.. Sanitation of school houses.

.xxix Sanitation, railway....

19 Savannah Medical College. Schedule of articles declared contraband of quarantine.

1901 of questions on water supply.

iv Schöening, C. A.. case of.

xxii Scholars, certificate of vaccination.

20 School anthorities, circulars on vaccination to.

26,20 School children, vaccination of..

.XXİX, 21 School houses, sanitation of

Slade, James P., State Superintendent of Public Instruction, circular to school
authorities on vaccination..

Circular letter concerning...
Circular concerning prevention of.

Circular on how to prevent the spread of..
Communication from Astoria...

Concerning notification of
Conference, letter of the Secretary, calling a.
Conference at Chicago..


xiii. 119 Disinfection during.

Inspection of..
Isolation of
Notification of steamship companies concerning
Quarantine against..

127 Report of committee on.

13 Quarterly report on.

XXV Secretary instructed concerning.

Siv Suppression of...

10 Spread of.. Special meeting of State Board of Health November 22. 1851


WIN Speed, John J., attendance of, at Sanitary Council meetings,

188. 144 Address on duties, etc., of medical men and the State to health organizations. 160 Sponce, J. T., case of. Starling Medical College. State Board of Agriculture.

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State Board of Health Act-

Annual report.
Appointment of members, etc..

102 Appropriation... Board to prepare forms for reports of vital statistics.

lic Coroners to report deaths

1013 County Clerks 10 keep registers and records.

113 Disposition of penalties

100 Meetings of the Board

103 Office room. Officers and compensation..

113 Physicians and accoucheurs to register and report.

102 Powers and authority of the Board. Registration of births and deaths...

102 Report of birth or death in absence of physician or accoucheur.. State Boards of Health of Alabama...

133 Arkansas..

133, 144 Connecticut,

12 Illinois...

.36. 130, 1:3, 1:36 Indiana..

130,144 Iowa.. Kentucky.

133, 13), 144 Louisiana.

13,16 Maryland.. Massachusetts.

12 Michigan

13, 1:3, 1:35 Minnesota.

130, 1:3, 1:36 Mississippi. New Hampshire.. New Jersey New York Tennessee.

133, 1:35,141 Virginia

13 West Virginia. Wisconsin..

13, 130, 133 Steuart. J. A., health officer Baltimore, Mel, remarks of at Chicago Small-l’ox Conference

120,121, 123, 1:30 St. Charles University Medical Department of St. Joseph College of Physiciins and Surgeons. Hospital Medical College..

7+ Medical College

77 St. Louis College of Homeopathic Physicians and Surgeons.

71 Physicians and Surgeons Eclectic Medical College

45. 71 Homeopathic Medical College. Medical College...,

69 Stevens, Thad M.. Secretary, Indiana State Board of Healph, remarks of, at Small-Pox Conference, attendance of, at Sanitary Council meeting

122, 130,141 Straight University, Lit., Medical Department of Strong, H. B., Wisconsin State Board of Health. attendance of it Small-Pox Coafer 129, 130 Summer resorts, dangers of.

12. xxv ii Supervisors of towns. members of townshij boards of health Surgery, examinations in

vii, xviii Syracuse Electie Medical College University, College of Medicine of

60 Smith. Stephen, member National Board of Ficalth, remarks of, at Chicago Small-Pox Conference.

120.132. 133, 130 Snively. W., health officer. Pittsburg. Pit., letter concerning Small-Pox Conference.... 12 South Carolina, Medical College of the State of.

University, Medical Department of.
Southern Botanico-Medical College.

Medical College.
University, Medical Department of.

45 Southwestern Baptist University Medical Department of

92 Special committees of State Board of Health

xiii. xxii TARBELL, J. M., Mayor. Pensacola, Fla., attendance of at Sanitary Council meetings... 11! Ten-year clause, definition of Tennessee University. Medienl Department of. Texas Medical College and Hospital, Theory and practice of medicine, examinations in Therapeutics, examination in.. Thomas, R. C., Kentucky State Board of Health, attendance at Sanitary Council meet

ing Thompson, Pinckney. President Kentucky State Board of Health, remarksat Sanitars Council meetings

133, 131, 136, 137, 144 Lutter concerning Chicago Small-Pox Conference Thompsonian College,

32 Thornton, G. B.. President Board of Health, Memphis, Tenn.. attendance ut Sanitary

Council meeting
Toland Medical College,
Toledo Shool for Medical Iustruction.

94 Toronto School of Medicine

University, Medical Department of.

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.xii. xviii


133, 134

133, 134





PAGE Town clerk, member of township board of health..

10 Township board of health, composition of.

10 Transportation of corpses.

.xxiii Transylvania University, Medical Department of.

61 Treasurer's report

,xxxii Trinity Medical School...

48 ['nited States Medical College

80 Union University, Medical Department of

76 University Medical College.

77 of Marburg, Germany

..xxiv Unprofessional or dishonorable conduct, definition of

XXX Notification of change of....

.XXV Advertisement or publication.

113 Fraudulent or deceptive transactions,

114 Practicing under an assumed name.

114 Charges of, belong to the records of the Board

114 Notice to be served upon information of.

114 \nqualified persons, practice of medicine by

103 Unwholesome food....

xii Vaccination, action of Board concerning.

.xxii circular letter on.

7 circular to physicians on.

25 circular to school authorities on

.26, 28 definition of character of.

26 of immigrants, resolution. official certificates of..

xxix of railway employés,

.14, 15, 16, 17, 18 order concerning school children

.xxix, 24 prejudice of immigrants against

126 return of certificates of. scholar's certificate of.

29 Valley of Virginia, Medical School of

93 Vanderbilt Universitv. Medical Department of

90 Vermont Academy of Medicine.. Medical College.....

93 State Agricultural College. Medi al Department of.

92 University, Medical Department of....

92 Victoria College, Medical Department of..

.47.96 Virginia. Medical College of.

94 University, Medical Department of.

93 Vital statistics, issue of blanks for..

.xxviii WALSTON, R. L., case of...

ix Wardner, H., ex-President Illinois State Board of Health

Examination in anatomy.
Examination in surgery

Appointed member of committee to prepare report of the Board.
Examiner of midwives..

116 Resolution of the Board on his retiring

xiii Water supp!y, schedule of questions.

iv diminished.

iii Water closets, Care of

23 Western Reserve University, Medical Department of Western District of New York, College of Physicians and Surgeons of

76 White, C. B., New Orleans Auxillary Sanitary Association, itttendance of, at Sanitary

Council meetings... Wight. E. M., Tennessee State Board of Health, attendance of, at Sanitary Council meetings..

133, 134 Wight, O. W., health commissioner, Milwaukee, Wis., remarks os. at Chicago SmallPox Conference..

120, 121, 130 Wilmington College of Physicians and Surgeons Willamette University, Medical Department of Williams, E. S.. concerning revocation of certificates. Williams College, Medical Department of. Willoughby University. Medical Department of. Winchester Medical College Winona Medical School.. Wolgamot, G. W.. case of.

xxii Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania.

of the New York Infirmary.

of Chicago Wooster University, Medical Department of. Worcester Medical College.. Worthington Medical College Wright, P. P., General Superintendent L. S. & M. S. R. R., letter and order coucerning vaccination of railway employés.....

16, 17 YALE College, Medical Department of Yellow-fever, resolution concerning inspectors..




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