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nothing for the Wrongs and Grievances of the Minđ.

An objection, that the Mind should be better looked to

before Contract, answered


CHAPTER IV. The second Reason of this Law, because

without it, Marriage, as it happens oft, is not a Remedy

of that which it promises, as any rational Creature would

expect. That Marriage, if we pattern from the Begin-

ning, as our Saviour bids, was not properly the Remedy

of Lust, but the Fulfilling of Conjugal Love and Help-



CHAPTER V. The third Reason of this Law, because with-

out it, he who has happened where he tinds Nothing but

remediless Offences and Discontents, is in more and

greater Temptations than ever before


CHAPTER VI. The fourth Reason of this Law, that God

regards Love and Peace in the Family, more than a com-

pulsive Performance of Marriage, which is more broke

by a grivous Continuance, than by a needful Divorce 102

CHAPTER VII. The fifth Reason, that Nothing more hin.

ders and disturbs the whole Life of a Christian, than a

Matrimony found to be incurably unfit, and doth the

same in Effect that an idolatrous Match


CHAPTER VIII. That an idolatrous Heretic ought to be

divorced, after a convenient Space given to Hope of



CHAPTER IX. That Adultery is not the greatest Breach of

Matrimony. That there may be other Violations as



CHAPTER X. The sixth Reason of this Law, that to pro-

hibit Divorce sought for natural Cases, is against Na-


CHAPTER XI. The seventh Reason, that sometimes Con-

tinuance in Marriage may be evidently the Shortening or

Endangering of Life to either Party ; both Law and Di-

vinity concluding, that Life is to be preferred before

Marriage, the intended Solace of Life


CHAPTER XII. The eighth Reason, it is probable or rather

certain, that every one who happens to marry, hath not

the Calling; and therefore upon Unfitness found and

considered, Force ought not to be used


CHAPTER XIII The ninth Reason, because Marriage is

not a mere carnal Coition, but a human Society ; where


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understood ; and of our Saviour's Answer to his Disci.



CHAPTER XIV. That Beza's Opinion of regulating Sin by

apostolic Law cannot be sound


CHAPTER XV. That Divorce was not given for Wives

only, as Beza and Par us write .


CHAPTER XVI. How to be understood that they must be

one Flesh ; and how that those whom God hath joined,

Man should not sunder


CHAPTER XIX. Christ's Manner of Teaching. St Paul

adds to this Matter of Divorce without Command, to

show the Matter to be of Equity, not of Rigor. That

the Bondage of a Christian may be as much, and his

Peace as little, in some other Marriages besides idola.

trous. If those Arguments therefore be good in that

one Case, why not in those other ? Therefore the Apos-

tle himself adds εν τοις τοιούτοις


CHAPTER XX. The Meaning of St Paul, that 'Charity be.

lieveth all things. What is to be said to the License

which is vainly feared will grow hereby. What to those

who never have done prescribing Patience in this case.

The Papist most severe against Divorce, yet most easy

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