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Their regular session, began and held at Springfield, on the fifth of December, one

thousand eight hundred and forty-two.

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AN ACT to incorporate the St. Charles Academy, in the county of Kane. lo force,

Jap, 24, 1843. Sec. 1. Be il enacted by the people of the State of Illino.s represented in the General Assembly, That Bela T. Hunt, William Rounsville, Leonard Howard, Lucius Foote, Darwin Millington, Thomas P. Whipple, Stevens Jones, Nathan H. Dearborne, and their successors, be, and they are hereby created a body politic and corporate, to be styled and known a

Name of corby the name of the “President and Trustees of the St. Charles

poration. Academy," and by that style and name to remain and have perpetual succession. The said academy shall be and remain at and Location of in St. Charles, in the county of Kane, State of Illinois. The academy

Number of number of trustecs shall not exceed twelve, one of whom shall be president of the board, to be chosen by the trustees. For the present, the abovc-named individuals shall constitute the board of trustees, who shall fill the remaining vacancies at their pleasure and discretion.

SEC. 2. The object of said institution shall be the promo. Object of intion of the general interests of education.

corporation Sec. 3. The corporate powers hereby bestowed, shall be Corporate such only as are essential or useful in the attainment of said powers object, and such as are usually conferred on similar bodies corporate, to wit: To have perpetual succession, to make contracts, to sue and be sued, to plead and be impleaded, to grant and receive by its corporate name, and to do all other acts as natural persons may; to accept, acquire, purchase or sell pro. May hold property, real, personal, or mixed, in all lawful ways; to use, perty employ, manage and dispose of all such property, and all money belonging to said corporation, in such manner as shall seem to the trustees best adapted to promote the object before mentioned; to have a common seal, and to change or alter the same at pleasure; to make such by-laws fou its regulations as By-lawo are not inconsistent with the laws and constitution of the United States, or of this State; to confer on such persons as

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