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shall be expressly applicd in conformity with the condition prescribed by the donor or devisor.

APPROVED, February 23d, 1843.

In force, AN ACT 10 incorporate the Juliet Seminary, and to elevate the primary Mar. 4, 1843.

school in township thirty-five north, of range ten east.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, Trustees of represented in the General Assembly, That all the school dis. Juliet Instie tricts in township thirty-five north, range ten east, in Will fute incorpo- county, which shall, by a vote of two-thirds of the legal vorated

ters in the respective districts, elect to avail themselves of the benefits of this act, shall be under the control of a board of cducation, to be known by the name and style of the

trustees of the Juliet Institute. Number of Sec. 2. The board of trustees of said institute shall con. trustees sist of nine members, of whom the county commissioners of

the county of Will for the time being, shall be three, and the school commissioner of said county shall be one, and the residue shall be elected annually by the legal voters in the district which shall become incorporated under the provisions of this act; and said trustees shall hold their offices until their successors are qualified; and said trustees, when so elected and qualified, in conjunction with the other trustees, shall be authorised to execute the powers granted by this act, and in all cases a majority of said trustees shall form a quorum for the transaction of business. Said board of trustees shall be a body politic and corporate, with power to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, in all courts of law or equity in this

State. General pow. Sec. 3. The board of trustees shall have and exercise all

'the powers granted by the laws of this State to the trustees

of schools of township thirty-five north, of rangc ten east, over the districts subject to the provisions of this act, and shall be subject to the same liabilities. They may purchase and hold real estate to them and their successors in perpe. tuity; they may also sell and convey the same or lease the same, as may be deemed for the interest of the institute; they may also hold and control, as aforesaid, real estate op personal property, whether purchased or donated; Provided, that all donations made to said institute shall be faithfully applied, according to the true intent of the same. Said trus. tees shall have power to build such buildings as in their opinions the interest of the institute requires; Provided, that the buildings for teaching the higher branches of learning shall be located within the village of Juliet, West Juliet, or

some one of the additions to Juliet... Powers Sec. 4. Said board of trustees shall also have power to

creato such departments of learning as they may deen expedient and consistent with their means, and to appoint thereto


and employ, during pleasure, such teachers, professors, and
other persons as may be necessary, and to fix their compen-
sation; they may also establish by-laws for the government
of said institute, which laws, when published, not being in-
consistent with the laws of this State, shall be binding on
all persons connected with said institute.
Sec. 5. The annua! meetings of said trustees shall be held on a

"Meetings of the next Friday after the first Monday in June in each year, trustees and the quarterly meetings on the Fridays next after the first Mondays in Scptember, December, and March, and until otherwise ordered, shall be held at the court house in Juliet, and at such meetings they, may adjourn from time to time for the necessary transaction of business. Special meetings of the board may be held, upon written application of any threc of the members to the remaining members, naming the time. The trustees shall organise at their first meeting in June next, by choosing a president from among thcir members by ballot,

"Officers and a secretary, who shall keep a record of their proceedings in a book to be provided for that purpose, which shall be at all times accessible to the trustees and treasurer. They shall also elect a treasurer of the institute, who shall, so far as is consistent with this act, be subject to all the regulations and restrictions, and be under the same bonds and penalties, and receive the same coinpensation, as treasurers of townships are and do by law. : Sec. 6. The funds of the Juliet Institute shall consist, first, In what funda

of that portion of the funds of township thirty-five north, of shall consist range ten cast, which may belong to such of the school dis. tricts in said townships as shall decide to place their respective share of said funds in the institute by a vote of two-thirds of the legal voters in said district respectively; secondly, so much of said township's share of the school, college, and seminary funds, including its share of said funds due from Cook county, as shall in like manner be placed in said institute, by the vote of the districts as aforesaid; thirdly, of said township’s share of the college and seminary funds appropriated, or which may be hereafter appropriated, to WiH county; fourthly, of all donations of every kind which may be made to said institute, whether of lands, money, evidences of debt, or other

thing of value. Said township, and college, and seminary funds, i to be loaned out as township funds are now required by law

to be loaned out, and the interest to be annually applied in support of said institute.

Sec. 7. If in any of the aforesaid districts in said township, surplus how after paying all tuition, there shall remain a surplus of inter- disposed of est, the same may, at the discretion of the trustees, be appro. priated to other departments of the institute, or be set apart as a fund for building and improvements; Provided, however, enough of said interest shall be annually added to the princi- . pal, to make good any unavoidable loss of said principal,

Sec. 8. The second and third items of the funds of the institute, and the interest arising from the fourth item, shall be appropriated from time to time as the same shall be received, to the support of teachers in the higher departments of the institute, and for the incidental expenses of the same, unless in the opinion of the trustees it be deemed for the interest of the institute to set apart a portion of the said interest as a fund for the purchase of ground and for building, or to keep

the fund good. , Trustees may Sec. 9. Until the necessary buildings shall be erected the hire suitable trustees of the institute may hire suitable rooms for schools, 100ms for schools

and the schools for the primary branches of instruction shall always be located at such convenient places among the inhabitants as shall best accommodate the inhabitants who shall accept the provisions of this act, without reference to the limits prescribed in the third section of this act.

Sec. 10. In prescribing the terms of admission to the higher No preference in terms of departments of the institute no preference shall be given to admission the scholars of said township over other scholars in Will of scholars outy Vacancy how DEC. 11.

Sec. 11. If by death, permanent absence, or resignation, filled or refusal to act, the number of trustees shall be reduced, the

remaining trustees may, by ballot, elect from the citizens of said township others to fill the vacancies until the next an

nual election. Funds to be SEC. 12. Upon the organization of the trustees of the Juliet delivered to Institute, the election of the treasurer thereof, and the ap.

proval of his bond by the trustees, the clerk of said board of trustees shall record the same and give an abstract thereof to the treasurer of the institute, and upon presentation of such abstract to the treasurer of the trustees of schools of the township, he shall immediately deliver over to the treasurer of the institute all of its share of the township funds, whether the same be in cash, notes, bonds, mortgages, or other evi

dences of indebtedness. Certain town Sec. 13. To facilitate the objects of this institute, the towns 1o constitute of Juliet, East Juliet, and West Juliet, with their additions, one district

may, if the legal voters shall so elect, constitute one school district, and in such case the powers and duties of school directors of the same shall vest in the trustees of the institute.

Sec. 14. No compensation shall be allowed to the trustees Trustees to receive no

ne of the Juliet Institute except for necessary expenses actually compensation incurred in the discharge of their duties. Their clerk may Clerk's fees be allowed, at the discretion of the trustees, a sum not exceed.

ing two dollars per day for every day actually employed in the necessary discharge of his duties, and one-half that amount for each half day so employed.

SEC. 15. If ai any time two-thirds of the legal voters of any

school district which shall have become incorporated in said Districts how institute shall elect, to become separated from the same, they corporated

shall thereupon be separated from said institute, and in that


case the share of said district, (to be ascertained by relative number of scholars, under the age of twenty years, within Proportion of the same) of the township funds, and of the interest of the funds return. school, college, and seminary funds, shall be returned to the treasurer of the trustees of the township or to the school commissioner of the county for the use of said district.

Sec. 16. The act approved the twenty-sixth day of February, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and forty-one, entitled of


ned of act of 1841 "an act to legalize certain proceedings of the inhabitants and trustees of schools, of township thirty-five north, of range ten east, in Will county," shall be construed to apply to and confirm the proceedings of said inhabitants and trustees had and done in the year A. D. one thousand eight hundred and forty, and not in the year A. D. one thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine, as inserted in said act by mistake..

APPROVED, March 4th, 1843.

AN ACT to authorize a settlement with Macalister & Stebbing, and further In force, to diminisb the State debt.

Mar, 4, 1843.

WHEREAS, Messrs. Macalister & Stebbins, of the city of New Preamble

York, have received from John D. Whiteside, Fund Commissioner, of this State, eight hundred and four interest bonds of this Siate, of one thousand dollars each, on hypothecation, and seventy-one internal improvement bonds from the said Fund Commissioner ou deposite, or otherwise; and also, bonds and scrip from Michael Canada, to the amount of thirty-eight thousand two hundred and fifteen dollars and forty-four cents, upon which said securities the said Macalister and Stebbins claim the credit of an advance of two hun. dred and thousand and five hundred dollars, on or about the seventeenth day of June, one thousand eight hundred and forty-one, upon which interest is due; and whereas, further, although the said Fund Commissioner was not authorized by the laws of this Statc to hypothecate said interest bonds, nor is it the intention of the Legislature, by the passage of this act, to legalize the same; yet it appear

ing that the above sum of two hundred and sixty-one thou· sand and five hundred dollars has been applied to the use of

the State, and the Legislature being desirous of making
provision for the payment of all moneys advanced for and
applied to its use; therefore,

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That the Auditor of Public Accounts be and he is hereby required to issue his war. Auditor to is.

sue warrants rants upon the treasury, to the said Macalister and Stebbing, to Macali for the sum of two hundred and sixty-one thousand and five & Stebbins hundred dollars, with interest from June seventeenth, one thousand eight hundred and forty-one, as follows: twenty thou

sand dollars to be paid in 1844, and fifty thousand dollars anProviso nually thereafter, until the whole amount is paid; Provided,

that previous to the issuing of said warrants to said Macalister and Stebbins, they shall surrender to the Auditor of Public Accounts the bonds and other State liabilities described in the preamble. The amount of bonds and scrip surrendered to be in proportion to the warrants to be issued, so that when the whole amount of warrants for the said sum of two hundred and sixty-one thousand and five hundred dollars, with the interest, shall have been issued, the whole amount of bonds and

other liabilities which were hypothecated and deposited and Maonlister & as described above, shall have been surrendered; said warrants Stebbins to to bear interest payable annually; Provided, that the said Masürrender

ebt. calister and Stebbins shall first surrender of the securities odness hercin named, the seventy-one internal improvement bonds,

and the thirty-eight thousand two hundred and fifteen dollars

and forty-four cents of scrip. Appropria. Sec. 2. That any money in the treasury, after defraying the tion to pay ordinary and current expenses of the State, is hereby appro

priated to the payment of said warrants as they respectively mature.

.. Sec. 3. That in case any of said bonds shall be presented may be drawn to the Auditor by any other person or persons than the said Macother persons

plano alister and Stebbins, the Auditor may issue his warrants upon holding said the treasury as aforesaid to the holders thereof, and the amount bonds of said warrants shall be charged against the amount which is

now due Macalister and Stebbins; Provided, the holders of said bonds shall be required to furnish the Auditor satisfacto. ry testimony that the amount claimed by them was loaned upon the hypothecation of said bonds, and that no part of it has been repaid them by Macalister and Stebbins; And provided, further, that the amount to be paid to said person or per. sons shall not exceed twenty-six per cento

SEC. 4. That the first, second, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh sections of an act entitled "an act to provide for the payment of interest an the public debt," approved February 27ih, 1841, be and the same is hereby repealed.

APPROVED, March 4th, 1843.




In force,

. AN ACT relating to the State treasury... Mar. 4, 1813,

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,

represented in the General Assembly, That the present Fund Fund Comir Commissioner be and he is hereby required to pay over to the to pay money State Treasurer all notes of the State Bank of Illinois, and of

te the Bank of Illinois at Shawneetown, together with all other treasury

moneys or other funds belonging to the State, and take the Treasurer's receipt therefor. ·

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