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amount due from J. W .

payment. The Governor be necessary toom the Uni

Sec. 2. The Treasurer is hereby directed and required to To collect proceed, without delay, to demand and collect the amount due f. to the State of Illinois from James Barret and o:her agents, Barreti who may have still in their hands funds or moneys due to or belonging to the State, and give his receipt therefor. :

Sec. 3. The Treasurer shall, on or before the sixth day of's. Bank paMarch instant, pay out the money so received, together with per how paul all other money in the treasury, upon all Auditor's warrants, out issued after the passage of this act, and presented to him for. payment, at the rate of fifty per cent. discount.

Sec. 4. The Governor of this State is hereby authorised to retake all such steps as may be necessary to obtain the amount of ceive money all moneys to be received by this State from the United States,

teste due State

5. from U. States under the law providing for the division of the proceeds of public lands, and also all money now on hand, and hercafter to be received, of the three per cent. fund, from the United States, shall be paid into the treasury of this State, under the provisions of laws now existing, out of which said moneys so received and paid into the treasury the Treasurer is hereby required to pay all warrants hereafter to be issued, or which Int. on school

fund to be first have been issued on account of interest due on the school, paid college, and seminary fund, for the year one thousand eight hundred and forty-two, and the balance of said funds, when received, be placed in the State treasury, and paid out as other moneys are.

Sec. 5. The said treasurer shall proceed to pay out any Residue to be money remaining in his hands thereafter, on any warrants paid on war. : which may be presented, at the rate of fifty per cent. discount, Pants for said bank notes and specie at par.

APPROVED, March 4th, 1843.

AN ACT' relative to the roof of the State House.

In force,

Jan. 24, 1813. Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That the Secretary Sec. of State of State be directed to employ immediately some suitable to repair roof

of State person or persons to repair the roof of the State House with Hous with suitable materials, having reference to durability and competency to prevent the same from leaking.

Sec. 2. The sum of six hundred dollars be and the same is Appron hereby appropriated out of any moneys in the treasury not tion of $600 otherwise appropriated, to carry into effect the provisions of the first section of this act. This act to take effect from and after its passage.

APPROVED, January 24th, 1843.,

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In force, AN ACT waking an appropriation to finish part of the State House. Mar. 4, 1843.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,

represented in the General Assembly, That the sum of two State House thousand dollars is hereby appropriated for the finishing of appropriation

on the Hall of the House of Representatives, and the sum of four

hundred dollars is hereby appropriated (in addition to the six hundred dollars already appropriated) for the repairing the roof of the State House.

Sec. 2. The sums appropriated by the first section of this Ilow expens

act shall be under the control and direction of the Secretary of State, Auditor, and State Treasurer, who shall proceed forthwith to have the roof of the State House repaired in a safe and durable manner, so as to secure the building from injury, and shall, previous to the sitting of the next Legislature, procure the finishing of the Hall of the House of Representatives; and the Secretary of State, Auditor, and State Treasurer, in the discharge of the duties required of them by this act, shall be subject to the provisions of "an act requiring the Secretary of State and State Treasurer to take charge of the public buildings, and for other purposes."

APPROVED, March 4th, 1843.

In force,

AN ACT concerning the State Library. Dec. 15, 1842.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,

represented in the General Assembly, That the books now beState library longing to the State, and such as shall be hereafter pur. constituted

chased or received by the State, except the law books now in
chased or received by t
the custody of the clerk of the Supreme Court, and such ad.
ditions as hereafter may be made to them, which shall remain
under the direction and control of the Supreme Court, shall
be kept in the office of the Secretary of State, and shall com-

pose the State library. Sec. of State Sec. 2. The Secretary of State shall be librarian, and to be librarian take charge of the library and all papers, maps, and charts

properly belonging thereto, under such regulations as are hereinafter established, and shall take special care that none

of them be lost or injured. Books may be SEC. 3. Books may be taken from the State library by taken from the members of the General Assembly and their officers during library

the session of the Legislature, and at any time by the Governor and the officers of the Executive department of this State, who are required to keep their offices at the seat of govern

ment, the justices of the Supreme Court and Attorney GenOnly two

eral; Provided, that no person shall be permitted to take or books to be taken at a

detain from the library more than two volumes of miscella. neous works at any one time.

Sec. 4. The librarian shall cause to be kept a register of


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all books issued and returned at the times they shall be so Buty of libraissued and returned, and none of the books, except the laws, rian journals, and reports of this state, which may be taken from the library by members of the Legislature' or 'heir officers, during the session, shall be retained more than two weeks, and all the books taken by members of the General Assembly or their officers, of every kind, shall be returned at the close of the session.

SEC. 5. If any person injure or fail to return any book ta- Ponalty for ken from the library, within the time prescribed in the forego- injuring or ing section, he shall forfeit and pay to the librarian, for the

e lihronion for the not returning

books benefit of the library, three times the value thereof or of the set to which it belongs; and before the Auditor shall issue his warrant in favor of any member or officer of the General Auditor not

to issue warAssembly, for his services during the session, he shall be sat- ränta to memisfied that such member or officer has returned all books ta- berg till books ken out of the library by him, and has settled all accounts for are returned injuring such books or otherwise. . . .

SEC. 6. All fines and forfeitures accruing under and by Fines how virtue of this act shall be recoverable by action of debt before returned any justice of the peace or court having jurisdiction of the game, in the name of the people of the State of Illinois, for the use of the State library; and in all such trials the entries Entries of li. of the librarian, to be made as herein before described, shall brarian to be be evidence of the delivery of the book or books, and of the date thereof; and it shall be his duty to carry this act into execution and sue for all injuries done to the library and penalties under this act.

APPROVED, December 15th, 1842.


AN ACT 10 authorize the county commissioners of Lee county to levy In force,

Feb. 2, 1843..

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a tax.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinoi, Lee co. authrepresented in the General Assembly, That the county com- orised to levy missioners' court of Lee county are hereby authorized to levy tax a yearly tax, not exceeding one and one-half per cent. on every one hundred dollars worth of taxable property, for Expiration of county purposés, until the lands brought into market, at the land office at Dixon, on the thirtieth day of May, one thousand eight hundred and forty-two, shall become taxable. This act to be in force from and after its passage.

APPROVED, February 2d, 1843.

In force, AN ACT in relation to the taxes of Fulton county for the year one thouMar. 1, 1843.

sand eight hundred and thirty-nine.


Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, Collector of represented in the General Assembly, That Cannah Jones, col. Fulton co. for lector in and for the county of Fulton, for the year one thou1839 10 col.

noaici sand eight hundred and thirty-nine, be and he is hereby authortaxes for that ised to proceed to advertise, obtain judgment against, and sell year , all tracts or parcel of lands or town lots for which the taxes

for said year remain due and unpaid, in like manner as he . could have done had he sold said delinquent lands in said year

one thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine. Lands sold Sec. 2. All lands and lots sold under the provisions of this subject to re- act shall be subject to redemption the same as in other cases demption

of land sold at tax sales; Provided, that the redemption of lands sold under the provisions of this act shall not affect the necessity of redemption from prior tax sales. : :

APPROVED, March 1st, 1843.

In force, AN ACT to authorise the levying of taxes for school purposes in township, Mar. 4, 1843.

cieven north, range one east. . Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,

represented in the General Assembly, That whenever a majority Iohabitants of 100 hainats of of the legal voters residing within any one of the school dis. school district tricts in township numbered eleven north, of range one, east of muthorised to the fourth principal meridian, in the county of Knox, shall levy a tax to build shool deem it necessary to buy, build, or repair a school house or houses school houses, or to purchase a site for the erection of a school

house or school houses, in their districts, they may request the school directors of such district, in writing, to call a meeting of the legal voters within said district. The said school directors, upon such request, are hereby authorised and required to call such meeting, by posting up notices at five of the most public places in their district, of the time when, and the place where such meeting shall be held, at least fifteen days before the time of meeting; two of the said school directors shall preside at said meeting, one of whom shall act as clerk, and if a majority of the legal voters in said district shall vote to levy a tax for either the purposes aforesaid, then a vote shall be taken as to the sum to be levied, and the vote shall be first taken on the highest sum proposed, and so down, until a majority of

all the legal voters within the said district shall agree. Directors

Sec. 2. The school directors, if the said voters shall 'vote may appoint to levy à tax as aforesaid, shall appoint some suitable person an assessor to assess all property lying within the said district, and be

longing to the inhabitants of said district, who shall niake return of his assessment to the said directors within twenty day's after he shall be appointed. He shall receive such compen.

sation as the school directors may think reasonable; and shall take an oath faithfully to discharge the duties of his office.

SEC. 3. It shall be the duty of any constable of the justice's Which may precinct within which such school district may lie, upon being be collected directed by the said school directors, to collect all such taxes by a consta

Laacs ble as by the vote of the district shall be levied, and to pay over allmoneys, when collected, to the treasurer of the said township, within fifteen days after such collection, except five per centum, which he shall retain for his services, taking the receipt of the treasurer for the same; and the said treasurer shall keep all moneys so received separate and, apart from all other funds in his possession, and shall hold them subject to the order of the said directors, and shall be responsible for them, as for other school funds in his possession.

Sec. 4. The school directors of any such school district, or a majority of them, shall furnish the collector of the said taxes with a warrant in the following form, which shall be his authority to collect the same in the manner therein directed:

STATE OF Illinois,

To A. B., collector of school district numbered

in township eleven north, range one east, GREETING: In the Form of

warrant to name of the people of the State of Illinois, you are hereby collect commanded to collect from the inhabitants of said school dis- tax trict the several sums of money written opposite their respective names in the annexed list, and within sixty days after receiving this warrant, to pay the amount of money collected by you into the hands of the treasurer of said township, and if any one or more of the said inhabitants shall neglect or refuse to pay the same, you are hereby further commanded to levy on the personal goods and chattels of each delinquent, and make sale thereof according to the law regulating the collection of State and county taxes within this State. Given under our hands this day of , A. D. 184Tax list annexed.. C. D.

$2 00 M. Y
H. W.
1 50 C. H-


directors. And the said constable, and his securities in his official Constable & bond as constable, shall be responsible for the due perform- his securities ance of his duties in this behalf, as in other cases, when liable for the he may be required to collect and pay over moneys, or do any lecied

"money colother act of similar nature in his official capacity as consta. ble, and suit may be maintained against him and his securities aforesaid, in the name of the treasurer of said township, for any defalcation, dereliction, misfeasance, malfeasance, or non-feasance in the duties required of him to be performed by this act, and the sum or sums recovered in such suit or suits shall be for the use of and subject to the control of the school district by whose directors [directions] the said constable shall have been required to collect as aforesaid.

SEC. 5. As soon as a majority of the voters of any such

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