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River Bridge Company, for the purpose of erecting a bridge over Rock river, at Grand de Tour in the county of Ogle, and by thatname and style are hereby made as capable in law iis natural persons to contract and be contracted with, to sue and be General pow. sued, to plead and be impleaded in all courts of law and equity, ers to make and use a common seal, to alter or amend the same at pleasure, and generally to do and execute all acts, matters and things which a body corporate or politic, or an individual could or may lawfully do, and the said company shall, in law, be capable of purchasing, holding, and conveying any estate, real or personal, which may be necessary to enable such company to carry out the expressed objects of this corporation and none others; the chartered existence of said corpora. tion shall cease at the expiration of twenty years from the passage of this act, and the stock thereof shall be deemed and considered personal property. .

Suc. 2. The capital stock of said company shall be ten Capital stock thousand dollars, and be divided into shares of fifty dollars cach, but said stock may hereafter be increased to any amount not exceeding twenty thousand dollars, should the said stockholders deem the said sum necessary to be by them expended in and about the erection of said bridge; and Solon Cumins, George Cushing and Salmon C. Cotton, of Ogle county, are hereby appointed commissioners to cause books for subscription to be opened at such times and places as the said commissioners, or a majority of them, may appoint by notice to be published at least four weeks in a newspaper printed at or nearest the place of opening said books of subscription. If the requisite number of shares shall not be subscribed at the time

ne me How taken and places appointed for such subscription, said commission. ers, or a majority of them, shall take such measures for completing said subscription as they may decm expedient and proper. Every subscriber shall, at the time of subscribing, pay to said commissioners the sum of one. dollar for each share. subscribed, and the remainder in such sums and at such times as the board of directors hereafter created shall think will best promote the interest of said company. F.

Sec. 3. As soon as one hall of the capital stock shall be: subscribed, the commissioners, or a majority of them, shall give notice to the stockholders in the manner aforesaid, to meet for the purpose of choosing a president, treasurer, and three directors, who shall hold their offices for one year from the first Monday in the month in which such election shall be held, or until their successors shall be appointed; and all subsequent elections shall be held annually, on the first Monday of the month in which the first election under this act shall be held, and at all elections held under this act, each share shall be entitled to one vote. The commissioners appointed to receive subscriptions to stock, or a majority of them, shall act as inspectors of the first election to be held under this act, and their

certificate of the names of persons elected shall be concliisive evidence of such elcction; and at all subsequent elections the

president, treasurer and directors, or a majority of them, shall Their powers inct as inspectors, and the said president, treasurer and direcand duties tors, or a majority of thein, shall have power to transact the

business of the corporation, and to inake such by-laws, rules and regulations as they shall deem expedient and proper for conducting the affairs of the corporation; Provided, the same be not repugnant to the constitution of the United States, and

in conformity to the spirit of this act. Navigation of Sec. 4. Said corporation, in the erection of said bridge, river not obe shall construct the same in such a manner as not to obstruct structed

the navigation of said river, and shall commence the same within two years from the passage of this act, and finish the same within two years thereafter, or all the rights and privj

leges hereby granted shall be forfeited. Bridge how . SEC. 5. The said bridge shall be constructed in a substanconstructed tial and workman-like manner, and shall be kept in a good

passable condition, so as to give a safe passage to all persons with their property over the same without unnecessary delay, upon the payment of the lawful toll, and if the said bridge shall be suffered to be out of repair so that the same shall be impassable for the space of sixty days at anyone time, the rights and privileges hereby granted shall be forfeited; Provided, that the destruction of said bridge or any part thereof, by firc, high water, or other casualty, shall not work a forfeiture of this charter, of [if] the said company shall proceed immediately to repair said bridge and prosecute the same to completion

without unnecessary delay. Corporation Sec. 6. Whenever the said bridge shall be completed, it inay take lots shall be lawful for said corporation to erect a gate at the end

of said bridge and demand and reccive the same rates of toll as is now allowed by the county commissioners' court of Ogle county, to the ferry established by said court, at Grand de Tour; Provided, that all persons, citizens of Ogle county, in going to or returning from any muster or election, and all grand and petit jurors in going to and returning from courts, shall have a right and be perunitted to cross said bridge free

of toll. Penalty for Sec. 7. If any person or persons shall wilfully or maliinjuring ciously do, or cause to be done, any act whatsoever, whereby hridge

the said bridge, or any thing appertaining to the same, shall be impaired, injured, or destroyed, the said person or persons so offending shall forfeit and pay to the said corporation treble the amount of damages occasioned thereby, to be recovered

by said corporation with costs of suit, in an action of trespass vion in any court having competent jurisdiction thereof. of Grand de Sec. 8. Atany time after the completion of said bridge the Tour or Ogle corporate authorities of Grand de Tour, or the county comcounty may missioners' court of Ogle county, sha!l have the right to pur. purchase bridge

chase said bridge by making the same free to all persons


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crossing the same, and paying to said corporation the cost of said bridge, and for the purpose of ascertaining the same the treasurer of said company shall keep a just and true account of all expenditures on account of said bridge and file a copy of the same, verified by oath, in the office of the clerk of the county commissioners court of Ogle county, within three months after the erection of a gate or the reception of any toll for crossing said bridge.

APPROVED, March 3d, 1843.

AN ACT to nuthorise :he County Commissioners of Stephenson county to In force,

assess the rates of toll on a certain bridge therein named. Mar. 4, 1843. Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That the owners of Co. com’rs to the bridge at the town of Winslow, in Stephenson county, are fix the rate of hereby authorised to ask and receive from all persons passing rolls for. cros.

sing bridge, said bridge, such toll as the county commissioners' court of said county may order from time to time; the said commis. sioners are hereby authorised to assess such rates of toll upon said bridge as may be reasonable and just.

SEC 2. Whenever the county commissioners of said coun- Co. com'rs ty shall deem it expedient to purchase said bridge and make may purchase

said bridge it free, they shall have the privilege to do so upon paying to the owners thereof the value of said bridge, to be ascertained by the valuation of three disinterested appraisers, to be ap- .. pointed by said court, who shall be sworn to a faithful and im. partial discharge of their duties as such appraisers.

SEC. 3. If any person or persons shall wilfully do or cause Penalty for to be done, any injury to said bridge, the person or persons so injuring offending shall forfeit and pay to the owners of said bridge oriage double the amount of such injury, to be recovered before any court having jurisdiction of the same..

Sec. 4. The said bridge shall be deemed a public high Bridge made way within the meaning of the laws providing for the punish- a public highment of injury, obstructing, or destroying, public bridges, in "ay any manner, or by any means . whatever. This act to be in force from and after its passage.

APPROVED, March 4th, 1843.

AN ACT authorising the erection of a bridge over the Sangamon river. In force,

Mar. 3, 1843. Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That James F. Reed is Reed author hereby authorised to build the west abutment, and to finish zed to build a the pier and the east abutmcut of the railroad bridge at James

bridge, and town, across the Sangamon river, and that he be also permitted to spring a bridge on that part of said abutments, pier, or piers,

hat part of and that he bridge at a finish other

as was interded for a free pass, by act of the Legislature, "creating the system of Internal Improvement,” and that

portion of said abutments, and pier or piers, so finished by Cost of finish. said Reed, intended for railroad purposes, the cost of finishing ing &c. by Reed to be paid to said Reed by any company chartered

to finish the Northern Cross Railroad; Provided, that the bridge ,80 constructed shall not in any case interfere with the rail.

road crossing said Sangamon river. To be capa- Sec. 2. The said bridge is to be made of good materials ble of bearing built in a workman-like manner, and to be capable of bearing wagons &c.

any wagon, carriage, or other weight usually crossed on bridges Citizens may

of the first class in this State, and after the said bridge is compurchase

pleted the citizens of the neighborhood on both sides of said bridge, shall have liberty to purchase of said Reed so much of the work done on the abutments, pier, or piers, by him, and

the bridge spring over the same, at the cost of finishing by Ten per cem, Recd, ten per cent. excepted, which the said Reed will disdiscount 10 count to purchasers, to have it a free bridge. If the citizens huve a free bridge


will n
will not buy said bridge, then the county commissioners of
Sangamon county shall have the same privilege to purchase
and the same discount as above. If they will not buy, then ihe

said Reed will continue it a free bridge for one year from the Proviso

completion thercof; Provided, that in all cases the said Reed · shall use the abutments, pier or piers, constructed or parily

'constructed by him, for supports for the construction of water Water power

power, which the said Reed shall use for his own benefit; Provided, it will not injure any person or persons above said

bridge. If the citizens or county commissioners will not purregulate voll chase said bridge, and one year will have expired, after comKouds to be pletion, then the county commissioners of Sangamon county Jocated

will regulate the toll from time to time of said bridge, as they may think just, and after the bridge is completed, the said county commissioners shall have located and kept open good roads to intersect, on the east side of said bridge, with the

Bloomington road, also with the Mechanicsburg and Deca. Road located tur road, and on the west side there shall be a good road locat

ed to intersect the Springfield and Decatur road at some suitable point, so as to do as little injury to property as possible;

Provided, however, that nothing in this act contained shall be No dem to be so construed as to authorise said Reed to construct any dam at erected

said point or above it, which shall at all elevate the water
above its present level at low water mark, at the coal.
bank ford, until after a bridge shall be erected at or near said
coal-bank ford. This act to be in force from and after its
• APPROVED, March 4th, 1843. .

In force, AN ACT to authorise the building of a bridge across the Sangamon river Mar. 4, 1843. Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,

represented in the General Assembly, That it shall be the duty

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of the county commissioners' court of Sangamon county to Co. com’rs of

Sangamon co. cause to be erected acro-s the Sangamon river, in said coun. ty, on the abutments now standing, at or near the point where bridge over the road leading from Springfield to Peoria crosses said river, Sangamou a good and substantial bridge, to be used by the public free of ve charge.

Sec. 2. That Elijah Iles and Levi Cantrill, of said county, Agents apare hereby appointed agents to carry into effect the first sec-pointed to

carry the first tion of this act, whose duty it shall be to contract with some section of responsible person or persons immediately, to build a bridge this act into across the Sangamon river as aforesaid; said bridge to be com-effect pleted within twelve inonths from the date of the contract, and shall be paid for in the following manner, to wit: one thousand dollars in four months, one thousand dollars in twelve months, from the date of the contract, or so much sooner as said bridge shall be completed, and the balance at such time as the county commissioners' court shall decm best for the interest of the county. It is further made the duty of said agents, to take bond with good and sufficient security, for the faithful performance of the contract, and with a penalty sufficient to secure the completion of the work.

Sec. 3. It shall be the duty of the county commissioners 1st & 2d in. court to cause to be collected, in any manner they may think stalments best, by loan or otherwise, the sum of two thousand dollars,

Ora how paid which was donated to said county out of the sale of the Vermilion salines, for the improvement of the navigation of the Sangamon river, to aid in carrying into effect the first section of this act, and for paying the first and second instalments on said bridge, as provided for in the second section of this act. :

Sec. 4. If either of the agents, or both, appointed under’rs 10 the second section of this act, shall fail to act, it shall be the gents in case duty of the county commissioners' court to appoint another ihe agents person or persons immediately, who shall forth with enter herein apupon the duties of his or their office. The agents appointed use to acă by this act, or by the court under the provisions of this act, shall receive for their services such compensation as the county commissioners' court may think reasınable and just. This act to take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

APPROVED, March 4th, 1813.

AN ACT in relation to burying grounds, church yards, and Innds used by In force, literary institutions.

Mar. 2, 1843. Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, Cerrain lands represented in the General Assembly, That it shall be the duty to be exempt of societies and corporations owning, using, and appropriating from laxation lands, not exceeding ten acres, for burying grounds, church grounds, and grounds for tlic use of literary institutions, to cause to be certified to the county commissioners' court of the proper county, by some credible person under oath, a full

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