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Bridges, across Rock river, may be purchased and made free
Sangamon river, James F. Reed to build pier

and abutments, how paid .

how made free -
Sangamon river

Elijah Iles and Levi Cantrill
agents to contract for build-
ing, agents failing to act, oth-
ers to be appointed, instal-

ments how obtained and paid
at Winslow, Stephenson county, county commission-

ers to assess tolls, may be purchased by

county -
Brown, Henry, compensation for services as State's Attorney

7th circuit -
Burying grounds, church yards &c. not exceeding ten acres ex-

empt from tax . .
Bush, Daniel B., tax money refunded to



Cahokia commons, supervisors allowed two per cent. on moneys

collected or to be collected not exceeding one hundred and

fifty dollars per year
Canal, Illinois and Michigan, completion of -

Gov. authorised to negotiate loan
holders of canal indebtedness may

take loan - -
when other persons may subscribe

for and take remnant of loan
canal and canal lands granted to

secure payment of loan
board of trustees how appointed,

tenure of office, powers and


contract between subscribers and

Gov. to pay subscription to loan
certificates of payment issued by

trustees to subscribers -
loan and interest how paid
canal shall be completed in two

and a half years
if not completed in three years all

lands and property to revert to

- •
tolls, rules, by-laws' - .
annual dividend declared, Ist, to

stockholders, 2d, to subscribers,
3d, non-subscribing bond holders,
4th, to the principal of bonds





Canal, Illinois and Michigan, when debts are paid canal shall

revert to State
damages of contractors to be as-

sessed and certificates issued to

bear interest
faith of State pledged to supply

defect of law
indebtedness of canal shall be re-

ceived for lands and lots .
Canal com’rs to pay back per centage on section 187,

to issue final certificate to Peter L. Updyke

and Edward B. Talcott
to pay contractors money and interest due

them -
Canal lands, persons who made improvements on lands

near canal may remove them -
indebtedness of canal shall be taken for

lands and lots
lots heretofore sold not included in grant to

no lands or water lots to be sold by trustees

till three months after canal is finished
water lots and surplus water at Ottawa may

be leased
Canal officers, to reduce number on canal
Cemetery associations, Chicago, lots in exempt from execution

on attachment
Oak Grove incorporated

Chancery, masters in, how appointed

term of office
Cheak James (See Relief)
Chicago (See Cities.)
Cities, Chicago, lands stricken out of corporate limits

Madison street to be widened
North Water street in
recorded plat of school section addition legalised

five additional precincts may be laid off
Springfield, common council may levy tax of two percent.

payable in State Bank certificates, being part

of the $50,000 for the Seat of Government
Cities and towns prohibited from issuing warrants to circulate as

Clark, Hannah (See names changed.)
Clerks county commissioners' court, official bonds .
Clerks circuit court, bond of .

fces in cases of naturalization -
where fees belong to old clerk, clerk shall

issue fee bill; look to party in case liable
Collectors, Clark county may collect tax of 1841, and sell lands

1841, 66






Collectors, delinquent, Auditor to institute suit on bond forth-
with -

Du Page county may col'ct tax of 1841, & selllands 221

1840, 6


1839, 66


1840, & sell lands 2:27
McLean "

1841, 66

1839, 66



1840, & sell lands 220

1841, 66 215,225
Schuyler "

1841, 65

official bond
College, Literary and Medical College of the State of Illinois

number of trustees, style, location and duration -
powers, officers, by-laws, meetings, degrees, studies,

- -
expulsion of members

secretary, treasurer and funds
Coltonville Steam and Hydraulic Manufacturing company in-

Cone, Henry B. (See Pre-emption.)
Congressional districts established
Constables, official bond

and other officers to collect fee bills
Contingent fund, $8000 appropriated for :

expenses of sale of public property to be paid

out of -
Conveyances, county commissioners Wayne county to convey

lot to Methodist church
Governor to convey lots in Shawneetown to E.

J. Durbin -
fraudulent conveyances, lands when sold not to

be appraised .
E D. Ewing authorized to vey real estate ..

William Malony66
Coroners, official bond
Counsellors and attorneys at law .
Counties, Adams, moneys to be paid Marquette shall be raised
by tax :

- -
Audobon, establishment and boundaries . .

to be voted for at August election
poll books and returns, election of county

officers and judges of election -
first meeting of county commissioners, debt

of counties to be paid in proportion .
county seat located at Audobon .









Counties, Audobon county attached to 2d judicial circuit, and

citizens to vote as heretofore for Senators

and Representatives • • •
Benton, formation of, boundaries - -

election in Morgan county for formation,

returns made to Sec. of State .
election in Greene county for formation,

returns made to Sec. of State -
tenure of office of county offices -
when organized, time and place of holding

court - -
suits commenced in other counties to continue

there, school fund to be paid over
location of county seat

to vote at elections with old counties
Bond, part of Madison county attached to .

collector of Madison county to collect tax due

in territory taken off

additional justice and constable in .
Boone, election to be held for part of Winnebago to

be attached to, returns of elections
Bureau, to borrow money, not to exceed $5,000 ..
Cass, election for location of county seat, how con-

ducted - - -
part of Morgan to be attached to by vote .
donation of lands for county seat, second elec-

tion for county seat
· election how contested
Christian, depreciated paper in treasury may be dis-

posed of
Clay, internal improvement fund to be settled, and

proportion paid to Richland county
Counties on Mississippi and Wabash rivers to have ju.

risdiction of rivers -
Cumberland, boundaries and organization -

election for county officers how conduct-

ed, county seat how located -
allowed one representative, term of of.

fice of county com’rs, tax list of lands
furnished by the Auditor -
school coin'r of Coles to pay over school

Fulton to collect moneys loaned from county treasury
Jackson to borrow nioney not exceeding $3,000
Jersey may build poor house
Knox, tax may be assessed for school purposes
Lake to pay one-half of McHenry county debt,

acts of com’rs legalised

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Counties, La Salle, to attach part of to Marshall, time and place

for election and how conducted
returns to Secretary of State ·
school fund of
depreciated bank paper of, may be disposed

of . .
Lawrence, school fund of -
Lee, to levy a tax for county purposes •

rooms in court house may be leased in
Marquette, created, limits, election of county offi.

cers, and term of office
returns of election, organization, time of

holding courts, appointment of clerk -
suits pending in Adams not affected, offi:

cers now in office to continue
portion of school fund to be paid to, al-
"lowed two representatives, election for

senator -
county seat to be voted for,second elec.

tion for county seat. .
commissioner to copy records of Ad.

ams, compensation
copies of record evidence, commissioners

to award to Marquette
funds of Adams to be paid to Marquette,
I division of lax of 42
moneys paid to may be raised by tax in

Adams county.
Mason, land in may be sold
Massac, created, boundaries, election of county offi-

in third judicial circuit judge to appoint time

of court -
school commissioners Johnson and Pope to

pay over school fund, election and donation

for county seat. • •
assessment of 42 not affected and part to

be paid over ...

part of boundary line changed -
.: McHenry, boundaries defined : -

Lake county to pay one half-county debt
McLean and Woodiord, boundary betweeny...
Menard, part of Sangamon attached to
Milton, to create, boundaries defined .

clection and returns for county officers .
to form part of 4th circuit, place of holding
courts . .

. .
suits begun in Vermilion to end there, school

fund to be paid over, county seat how loc'ld
county to be voted for

[blocks in formation]
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