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Geological specimens, clerks to post up preamble and queries

penalty for destroying copies posted up 155
Governor appointed ex-officio Fund Com'r

. 147, 148
to settle, compound, compromise and arbitrate all

residence of, in Springfield

Grand de Tour Manufacturing Company incorporated


arcu .
Great Western Railway Company incorporated.

Gold, Calvin. (See Relief.)
Gordon, Isaac. (See Mill.dams.) i

(Seeway Couring Sheld

Higgs, H. W., (See Relief.)
Hodge, Wm. H. (See Relief.)
Howell, Price H. and others. (See Mill-dams.)

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Incest, defined and how punished . .
Incorporations, academies and seminaries of learning -

Mount Vernon, to relieve -
Rockville, Will county

St. Charles
agricultural societies, Tazewell county Far-

mers' & Mechanics'

· associations, Lamoille, Agricultural and Me.

Oak Grove Cemetery •

Bridge Company, Rock River

College, Literary and Medical of the State of
: Illinois ' .

Institutes, Mechanics,' Chicago

Morgan, Jacksonville
insurance companies, lilinois Mutual Fire ..

La Salle county Mutual

manufacturing companies, Coltonville Steam

and Hydraulic
Galena. -
Grand de Tour.
Rockford Hydrau-

lic · ·
railroad companies, Great Western

Illinois and Rock river, ..
Northern Cross and Trans-

seminaries, Juliet

Monticello Female i

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Incorporations, seminaries, Rock river, Ogle county . . . 282
towns, Macedonia •

Winchester -

Water Company, Peoria

Insolvent debtors allowed property exempt from execution
Institutes, Mechanics' Chicago -

Morgan, Jacksonville.
Insurance companies, agencies of foreign to pay three per cent.

to State on premiums 165
failure will subject

agent to pay double 166

former law repealed 164
Illinois Mutual Fire, may pay all losses

annually, members witnesses in suits,

moneys how collected . : 166, 167

La Saile county Mutual Fire . . 164
Interest, to provide for th: payment of on the school fund, town
two south, fourteen west .

Internal improvement fund of Clay and Richland counties : 76.216.
Johnson, Alexander. (See Mill.dams.) si
Joliff, Lavina. (See Names changed.)
Judgments and exccutions, may issue against deceased judg.

ment debtor without reviving
against hcirs, • .

three months notice to executor .
or administrator

properly sold on, to be appraised

and sold for two-thirds value. 186
plaintiff may select property . 186
homestead of defendant last taken 186
mortgaged property when foreclo-

sure is by judgment or decree in
chancery, shall be sold under this
act - -

sales by commissioners or masters
: in chancery to be under this act 187

deeds of trust and all contracts to
· be governed by this act

public officers in default not includ-

debts due school fund may be stayed

by rencwal of note and payment
of interest . -

property fraudulently conveyed sold
without appraisement -

no morc property to be sold than is

sufficient to pay debt. .
interest in real estate may be sold 187
when property fails to sell second
execution may issue



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Judgments and executions, sales of personal property shall be

at residence of defendant
contracts for old debts subject to

this act
this law does not apply to lands sold

for taxes
Juliet seminary incorporated
Justices peace, official bond -

when jurisdistion shall extend to amount of $100
trial of right of property before
acts of Daniel S. Ebersol legalized .
acts of Jonn J. McGraw legalised
additional, Fountain Green, Hancock county

Amity, Bond county
Jurors, when court is not held and special term called, sheriff

shall sur mon grand and petit jurors
county commissioners' couris to select lists of jurors for

special terms of courts -. .
grand and petit, allowed seventy-five cents per day and

and five cents milcage one way
talismen suminoned and detained more than one day al-

lowed mileage

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Lamoille Agricultural and Mechanical Association . .
Lands and lots, county commissioners of Wayne to transfer to

Methodist church
Elisha 1). Ewing authorised to convey lands.
William Malony do do do .. 72
Governor to convey lots to E. J. Durbin

Mason county, lands in, may be sold

State lands, actual settlers allowed pre-emption
three years -

when sold, not taxed for five years
depot land at Cairo reserved from sale, may be

do do Naples do do do

Shiloh mecting house tract exempt from taxation 214
Lands, public, distributive share of proceeds to be received 194, 289
La Salle Mutual Fire Insurance Company - - - 164
Law books of State to be under control of Supreme Court -
Laws and documents of Congress to be distributed to counties 173
Laws and journals, binding to be contracted for after six weeks?

Laws repcaled, proviso of 5th section of an “Act to incorpo-

rate the Kaskuskia Railroad Company," ap.
proved March 1, 1837 ..

part of Ilth section of "An act to incorporate

the Cairo City and Canal Company," approved
March 4th, 1837 . .













Laws repealed, section 4, 5, and 6, of "An act to provide for the

payment of interest on the public debt," ap-

proved Feb. 27, 1841 •
section 15 of "An act concerning public roads,"

approved Feb. 20, 1841 ..
“An act concerning the public revenue,” ap-

proved Feb. 26, 1839 .
“An act supplemental to an act concerning the

public revenue,” approved March 1, 1839 -
part of section 9 of "An act to amend an act

concerning the public revenuc, approved Feb.

26, 1839," approved Feb. 1, 18.10 .
first section of " An act supplementary to an

act concerning the public revenue,” appro.

ved March 1, 1839 •
all laws conflicting with “An act to amend an

act declaring Spoon riverá navigable stream"
all laws conflicting with "An act confirming the

survey and location of a State road from

Charlestor. to Peonia," approved Feb. 23, 1813,
part of 1st and 3d sections of "An act to pro-

vide for leasing the saline reserve lands in
Jackson county, and for granting a pre-emp-
tion right to certain persons therein named,"

approved Feb. 26, 1841 - · ·
“An act declaring the Big Vermilion a navigable

stream, and for other purposes," approved

Feb. 5, 1831, . . .
3d section of "An act to incorporate the town of

Ottawa and for other purposes," approved
July 21, 1837

part of 13th section of "An act to provide for

the establishment of ferries, toll bridges, and

túrnpike roads," approved Feb. 12, 1327 ·
so much of “An act to create and organize the

counties therein named," approved 15th Jan.,
1831, as gives Putnam county right to ferry

from west to east tank of Illinois :. :
part of 4th and 6th sections of "An act to es-

tablish a ferry across the Illinois river," appro.
ved Feb. 23, 1841

29th section of 5th division of “An act relative

to criminal jurisprudence," approved Feb.

26, 1933 -
“An act to regulate foreign insurance company

agencies estabiished in the State of Illinois,"

approved Feb. 27, 1841 - -
part of 14th section of "An to incorporate the

Illinois Mutual Fire Insurance Company," ap.
proved Feb. 23, 1839






canal, panico ved M30. T. 39 tion

911*ludes the approve to incor 1839", and wa

Laws repealed,“ An act to amend an act entitled an act relative

to criminal jurisprudence, approved Jan. 26,
1827, and to provide for the regulation and
government of the penitentiary," approved
Feb. 15, 18313

“An act to regulate t' e conipensation of sheriffs

for conveying convicts to the penitentiary,”

approved March 2d, 1339 - .
all acts and parts of an act entitled "An act

regulating ihe sale of property,” approved

Feb. 27, 1841 - .... • •.
sections 12, 13, and 14 of "An act supplemental

to an act defining the duties of Public Printer,
and fixing the time and inanner of perform-

ing the same," approved reh. 23, 1811 ·
all laws that provide for election or appointment

of officers on Ills. and Michigan canal
30 section of "An act to provide for selling wa-

tcr lots, and privileges on ihe Ills. and Mich.

canal," approved Feb. 22, 1839 · ..
so much of "An act to incorporate the City of

Chicago," approved March 4, 1837, as in,
i' cludes the w. hl. of sec. 20, T.39 N., R. 14 E.
9th section of "An act for the formation of the

county of Woodford," approved Feb. 27, 1811
all laws conflicting with "An act to authorise

county commissioners courts to assess taxes

for road purposes," approved March 4, 1843
16th section of "An act to establish circuit

courts," approved, Feb. 23, 1811 -
"An act to change the time of holding courts in

the third judicial circuit,” approved Feb. 26,

1841 -
so much of sec. 1, of "An act concerning es-

trays," approved Feb. 9, 1835, as makes it
the duty of the laker up of cstrays to have

the same appraised within ten days ...
19th section of "An act concerning judgments

and executions," approved Jan. 17, 1825 ·
"An act exempling certain articles from execu-

tion, in addition to those already exempt by

the laws of this Statc,” approved Feb. 1, 1840
“Ao act tu cxcmpt certain articles from execu-

tion," approved Feb. 26, 1841 • '.
part of lst and 3d sections of "An act to appor-

lion the representation of the several coun-

tirs in this Slate," approved l'eb. 26, 1841.
"An act concerning the payment «f the reve.

nuc, and for other purposes," appioved Jan.
16, 1836 -


10, 11

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