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Laws repealed, "An act to provide for the safe kecping and

and security of the public money,” approved

March 4, 1837 - • .:
"An act to regulate the interest on Auditor's

warrants," approved Feb. 21, 1833
“An act changing the place of depositing the

public money," approved March 1, 1839.
18ih section of "An act to consolidate the acts

relative to the Auditor and Treasurer, and
election of Attorney General," approved

March 20, 1833 :
31st section of "An act to incorporate the sub-

scribers to the Bank of the State of Illinois,".

approved Feb. 12, 1835 -
“An act to incorporate the President, Directors

& Company of the Bank of Illinois at Shaw.
neetown,” approved Dec. 28, 1816 -
“An act to extend for a limited liine the charter

of the Bank of Illinois at Shawneetown,” ap-

proved Feb. 12, 1835
“An act supplemental to an act entitled an act

to incorporate the President, Directors & Co.
of the Bank of Illinois at Shawnectown," ap-

proved Feb. 23, 1837 · · ·
“An act to incorporate the City and Bank of

Cairo," approved Jan. 9, 1918, so much there-

of as relates to banking privileges ·
all acts and parts of acis incorporating the town

of Chester - - -
21st section of “An act to extend the corporate

powers of the town of Pekin," approved Feb.

23, 1839 . .
6th sec. of "An act for the re-survey of the low-

er town of Carlyle, in Clinton county,” ap-

proved Feb. 20, 1811 - - i
6 An act regulating weights and measures," ap-

proved March 2:0, 1819 -
“An act to encourage the killing of wolves, ap-

proved Feb. 15, 1837 -
"An act to amend an act entitled an act to en-

courage the killing of wolves," approved Feb.

15, 18:37; in force December 10, 1939 .
Laws revived "An act to provide for settlers on lands purchased

by the Statc," approved Feb. 27, 1841 .
“An act supplemental to the charter of the

Springfield and Alto: Turnpike Road Com-

pany,” approved Feb. 27, 1811 - -
31st section of "An act concerning the public

revenue," approved Feb. 26, 1839 -












Laws revived, 3d section of "An act to provide for the pay-

ment of interest on the public debt," approved

Feb. 27, 1841
Library of State. (See State Library.)
Lien, landlord can hold lien on crop on rented lands for rent
Literary and Medical college of State of Illinois
Loan, Governor authorised to negotiate loan for canal

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court to aporalis de

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Macalister & Stebbins, settlement with
Manslaughter, f.ersons convicted may be confined in peniten-

tiary eight years - -
Manufacturing companies, Coltonville Steam and Hydraulic

... Galena -

Grand de Tour .

.: Rockford Ilydraulic
Masters in chancery, court to appoint' .
tenure of office

. ,
McGraw, John J., acts as justice of peace legalized . ..
McHatton, John J. (See Relief.) .
McIntosh, Elijah, acts as county officers legalised ....
McLean, Jonathan. (See Names changed)
McLean, Paiterson. 66 06 ..
Measures and Weights. (See Weights and Measures.)
Mechanical Association, Lamoille, Agricultural
Mechanics’ Institute, Chicago
Medical and Literary College of the State of Minois . .
Memorials and resolutions, rclative to a disconnection of the

State from the banks . . .
in relation to the fine imposed on
Gen. Jackson, by Judge Hall in

authorising the Secretary of State

to procure historical essay deliv-

ered by Judge Breese -
relative to the completion of one of

the vaults in the State House for
. trcasury. -
Governor to appoint committee to

investigate accounts of the State

Bank of Illinois
relative to the improvement of the

western rivers. - .
relative to the public lands -
relative to the importation of salt
relative to the redurtion of postage
in relation to the Northern Cross





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Memorials and resolutions, relative to Oregon Territory ...

relative to the settlement of our af.

fairs with Great Britain .
on the subject of pre-emption rights
in relation to the State debt ..
on the subject of the navigation of

the Mississippi river -
authorising a settlement with the
Fund Commissioner

in relation to certain plates
in relation to canaling the Des.

moines and Rock river rapids .
authorising the Governor to procure

the surrender of the lease of S. M.
Tinsley & Co. on the Northern

Cross railroad
Mill-dams, Henry H. Singleton authorized to build a mill-dam

across Crab Orchard creek, Williamson county.
Benjamin Vermilion authorized to erect mill-dam

across Raccoon creek, Clay county . ..
Benjamin B. Gates and David Higby authorized to

cxtend mill-dam on rapids of Mississippi river
John T. Davis and others authorized to build mill.

dam on Saline creek, Williamson county
Isaac Gordon authorized to build mill-dam across

Little Wabash river . . . .
Alexander Johnson authorized to build mill-dam

across Little Wabash river, Clay county -
John Vanfleet authorized to build across Fox river
William Talcott and others authorized to build
· across Rock river, Winnebago county •
John W. Smith and others authorized to build across
Rock river, Winnebago county

Price H. Howell and others authorized to build

across Little Wabash river, White county
William T. Ryburn and others authorized to build

across Big Muddy river, Williamson county .
on Spoon river . . . . .

acıoss Rock river at rapids
Mills and millers, penalties may be sued for and recovered be.

fore justice of the peace .
Mitchell, William Carroll. (See Names changed):
Monticello Female Seminary
Morgan Institute, Jacksonville
Mount Vernon Academy

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Names changed, Hannah Clark to Hannah Bedell

Lavina Joliff to Lavina Phelps
Lucy Robinson to Lucy Sullivan -
Elvira Pease 10 Elvira Horney .
Wm. Carroll Asky t) Wni. Carroll Mitchell
Patterson McLean to Patterson McLean Clark

Jonathan McLean to Jonathan McLean Clark
Naperville Cemetery Association . . . ..
Naturalization of foreigners, fees of clerks in cases of
Noble, James W. (Sec Pre-emption)
Notaries Public, term of office

how appointed . .




Oak Grove Cemetery Association ...
Officers liable for levying on property exempt from execution
Official bonds, additional security to be given or office consid.

ered vacant
of sheriff's
county commissioners court to examine bonds of

county officer
constables -

clerk circuit court - ,
· recorder. ..

probate justice peace -
justice peace
collector ..
clerk county court
administrators and executors
securities on may be released by filing notice

with clerk
Patents for State lands how issued .
Pease Elvira. (See Names changed)
Penitentiary, Dorsey and Greathouse allowed $555 67 for

receiving and distributing arms of State, and

for labor done, materials furnished - -
• inspectors lo dispose of depreciaicd bank paper

convicts to be imprisoned in, sheriff. to convey

convicts to, may employ forcc, compensation -
warden to receive and keep all convicts, convicts

not to leave prison yard but in cases where la-

bor is necessary outside . .
removal of convicts when necessary to repair prison
warden may be fined $800 for violation of law
when present leasc expires inspectors may re-leasc
funds derived from lease expended in additions -
corporal punishment forbidden unless sanctioned

by inspectors

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trial of right of and payment ce ved in

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