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Mr. Hamilton then moved to amend the amendment by striking out "twenty.five" and inserting “”

And pending the question thereon, Mr. Long from the committee on enrolled bills, reported the following to be correctly enrolled, to wit :

“An act to authorize Henry Thien to build a dam on the Milwaukee river.

The Speaker signed the same, and it was ordered to be present. ed to the President of the Council for his signature;

The question was then put on the amendment offered by Ms. Hamilton to the amendment, and it was determined in the nega.


The third amendment was then concurred in.
Mr Hamilton moved that the House do now adjourn.
Which was disagreed to.

The fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth amendments were then severally concurred in.

Mr. Hopkins moved that the bill be ordered to lie on the table. Which was disagreed to.

The question then being on concurring in the ninth amend. ment of the committee, which provided that the dam should be placed at the foot of the rapids, if any, on section 36, so that the lock should open to the deep water below the said dam for the passage of boats drawing three feet water.

When Mr. Hamilton moved to amend the amendment by in. serting after “thirty-six” the words " or within eighty rods of said section thirty six.”

And the question being put, it was agreed to And the ayes and noes being called for, Those who voted in the affirmative, are Messre. Bartlett, Capron, Crossman, Darling, Hamilton, Hicks, Judson, Long, Meeker, Olin, Palmer, Platt, Tripp, Trow.. bridge, Van Vleet and Ellis, (Speaker)-16,

Those who voted in the negative, are Messrs. Hopkins, Hunkins, Manahan, Masters, Parsons, Price Thompson and Walker-8.

The report of the committee as amended was then agreed to and the bill ordered to a third reading.

Mr. Darling, by leave, offered the following resolution, which was adopted :

Resolved, That the bo directed, and on the direction of the counmissioner of public buildings, to procure such as alteration of the store opd stove pipe of this Hall, as vill make more comfortable provisions against smoke ; and to change the present slove for one of the bos stoves, if they shall deem such alteration necessary.

Mr. Hamilton, by leave, offered the following resolution, which was adopted.

Rosolved. That so much of the Governor's message relative to ad act to provide for the election of a superintendent of tor. ritorial property and for other purposes, as relates to certaia defects in said bill orber than the right of tbe Council aod House of Representatives to elect said superintendent, be referred 10 the committee on territorial affairs.

And then the House adjourned.

Saturday, March 25, 1843.

The Speaker laid before the House a communication from Geo. Collier, Esq. on the subject of the debt due by the Terri. tory to Messrs. Collier and Petis, which was read and referred to the committee on Legislative expenditures.

Mr: Masters presented ihe petition of inhabitants of Azialan in Jefferson county, praying that the boundary between the said town and the town of Jefferson be changed.

Referred to the committee on corporations.

Also the petition of inhabitants of Dodge county praying the establishment of a territorial road from Aztalan in Jefferson county, to intercept the Madison and Green Bay zoad near Sey. mour Wilcox's in Fond du Lac county.

Referred to the committee on roads.

Mr. Walker, by leave offered the following resolution, which was adopted, to wis :

Resolved, if the Council concur, that the two houses of the Legislative Assembly of Wisconsin Territory will meet in con. vention in the Ilall of the House o. Representatives this 25th day of March, 1843, at eleven o'clock A. M. for the purpose of electing a superintendent of Territorial property.

Mr. Hamilton from the committee on the judiciary, made the following report :

The committee on the judiciary to which was referred the petition of Elizabeth Harlow, for a divorce, repori that they hove examined the subject and do not find that the appli. cation of the petitioner is based upon any circumstance which requires any interference on the part of the Legislature ; and therefore ask to be discharged froir any further consideration of the sane.

Mr. Platt from the same committee dissented from the report and stated that the prayer of the petitioner ought to be granted. .

The question then recurred on discharging the committee from the further consideration of the subject, and it was deter. mined in the negative.

So the said committee were noi discharged.

Mr. Capron from the committee on the militia asked and obtained further time for the said committee to make a report on the subjects referred to them.

Mr. Trowbridge gave notice that he should on a future day ask leave to introduce “ a bill to repeal an act entitled an act to provide for the inspection of certain articles therein mentioned.

Agreeably to previous notice, and by leave, Mr. Capron in., troduced bills of the following titles

Which were read the first and second times, to wit: No. 22 "a bill relating to set offs and justices of the peace.” No. 23,“ a bill to repeal the 8th section of an act entitled an act to amend an act concerning justices of the peace,”

Agreeably to previous notice and by leave, Mr. Walker in. troduced bill No. 24, entitled " a bill establishing the rate of in. terest."

Which was read the first and second times.
Mr. Platt offered the following resolution ;

Resolved, that the judiciary committee be instructed to in. quire and report forth with, whether there is any necessity for the settlement of the per diem allowance and mileage of members of the Legislature before the close of the special session.

Which was adopted.
On motion of Mr. Walker,

The house took up for consideration bill No. 21, (C. F.) en. titled “ a bill to construct certain dams across Rock river.”

Mr. Walker then asked the unanimous consent of the house to amend the first section of the bill, by inserting after the word "fod,” the words of the north line." Which was agreed to.


The bill was then read the third time, passed and the title thereof agreed to.

Mr. Palmer, by leave, presented the account of 1. Wash. Bird for recording the enumeration of the inhabitants of Dane and Sauk couuties.

Referred to the committee on Territorial expenditures.

Mr. Platt, by leave, presented the account of Messrs. Marsh and McKenny for publishing in the Wisconsin Whig, the laws of the session of 1841—2. • Referred to the committee on Legislative expenditures. On motion of Mr. Hamilton,

The house resolved itself into the committee of the whole House, Mr. Price in the chair, having under consideration bill No. 12. [II. of R, file] entitled “a bill supplementary to an act entitled an act concerning judgments and executions."

After a short time spent therein, the committee rose and re. ported the same back to the house wiih an amendment.

The question was put on concurring in the report of the com. mittee and it was determined in the negative..

Mr. Hamilton moved to strike out the enacting clause.
Which was disagreed to.

Mr. Elmore moved to insert before the word " practising," the word "resident.”

Which was agreed to.
A message from the Council by their Secretary,

“ Mr. Speaker-The Council have adopted joint resolution relative to a joint convention of the two Houses with amend. ments in which the concurrence of this House is asked.

I am directed to transmit to this house the report with accom. panying documents of the joint select comunittee to whom was referred certain papers relative to the Capitol, which has been adopted by the Council and ordered to be printed.

Also, a resolution relative to the appointment of a joint com.

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