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mittee to settle with Daniel Baxter, in which the concurence of this house is asked,”

Mr. Tripp moved to amend the bill by adding after the word « physican,” the words “or midwife.”

Which was disagreed to.

The bill was then ordered to be engrossed for a third read. ing.

Agreeably to previous notice, and by leave, Mr. Agry in. troduced bill No. 25, entitled “a bill for an act to revive the act entitled an act for the relief of inslovent debtors, approved January 13th, 1840.”

Which was read the first and second times and referred to the committee on the judiciary. . Mr. Long, from the committee on enrolled bills, reported that the committee did on this day, the 25th inst. present to His Excellency the Governor, for his approval, a bill entitled "ap act to authorize Henry Thien to build and maintain a dam on the Milwaukee river.”

The message from the Council returning a resolution rela. tive to a convention of the two Houses with amendments there. to, was taken up for consideration, and the amendments of the Council concurred in.

The following resolution from the Council was then read and passed, viz:

Resolved, That a joint committee of two from each House • be appointed to settle with Daniel Baxter, and that they be au. thorized to report by bill or otherwise,

The Speaker appointed Messrs. Crossman and Darling, of the joint committee under the said resolution.

The joint report of the select committee to which the paper of Daniel Baxter were referred.

Was read and ordered to lie on the table.
Oo motion of Mr. Hamilton,

Ordered, That the arms be directed to prepare seats in this Hall for the inembers of the Council.

Mr. Crossman, by leavo, presented the account of Joshua Boyles for services about the capitol.

Which was referred to the committee on Legislative expendi. tures.

On motion of Mr. Hamilton,

Resolved, That the clerk acquaint the Council that seats have been prepared in the Representatives Hall for the reception of that body preparatory to witnessing the destruction of certain bonds.

The Council appeared and took seats.
On motion of Mr. Strong,

Ordered, That the chief clerk of the House of Representa. tives be directed to procure from the office of the Secretary of the Territory,“ Joint Resolution to authorize the cancelling of certain canal bonds," approved March 2011, 1842.

The clerk having procured the said joint resolution and de. livered it to the President, it was ordered to be read, and was accordingly read.

When Mr. Crocker offered the following resolution, which was adopted. 1. Resolved, That a committee of two be appointed to acquaint the Governor that the two Houses have assembled in conven. tion, and are now ready to witness the destruction of certain bonds, pursuant to a resolution approved March 2011, 1843.

Messrs. Crocker and Walker were appointed the said com. mittee.

His Exellency the Governor appeared and took a seat in the convention, When on motion of Mr. Strong, The following resolution was unanimously adopted :

Resolved, That the convention pow proceed to the destruction of tbe cabal bonds in the following manoer :

That the Governor deliver them one by one to the President of the Council and Speaker of the House of Representatives, who shall examine them and deliver them to the chief clerk of the House of Representatives, who shall make a record of them and deliver them to the of the House, who shall buro them in presence of the Governor and the two Houses.

The boods having been destroyed in the manner designatod in the said resolution, the Governor retired from the convention when ihe President of the Council reported that the canal bonds of the Territory numbered from one to thirty, from thirty-seven to, from fifty-seven to one hundred, inclusive, of one thousand dollars eacb, and dated on the 15th day of March, 1841, had been destroyed in pursuance of a resolution of the Legislative Assembly of Wisconsin, approved March 20th, 1843.

On motion of Mr. Rountree,
The convention adjourned.
The House was then called to order, when,
On motion of Mr. Hunkins,
The Ilouse adjourned until 3 o'clock, P. M.


Mr. Hamilton, from the committee on the judiciary, made the following report :

The committee on the judiciary, to which was referred a res. olulion relative to certificates for the pay of members, report the following resolution for the consideration of the House.

Resolved. That the Speaker and clerk issue certificates, sign. ed officially, for the per diem pay for that part of the first seg. sion which was held in December, certificates for the per diem pay for that part of the first session which was held in January, certificates for mileage and per diem pay for the special session held on the 6th day of March.

Mr. Platt moved to amend the resolution by inserting in the fourth line after the words “per diem, the words "and mileage", when

On motion of Mr. Walker, the resolution and amendment were ordered to lie on the table.

Mr. Walker offered the following resolution, which was adop. e d, viz:

Resolved, That the sergeant-at-arms inform the Council that seats have been prepared for their reception in the Represent atives' hall, preparatory to the election of a Superinteudent of Territorial property and canal commissioners.

CONVENTION OF THE TWO HOUSES. The members of the Council having appeared and taken. seats, a motion was made by Mr. Newland that there be two tellers appointed to reeive and canvass the votes for a superin. tendent of Territorial property.

Which was agreed to.

Messrs. Newland and Darling were appointed the said tellers.

Mr. Newland nominated John Y. Smith for the said office.

And the votes having been taken and counted, the tellers ap. pointed for the purpose reported that thirty-six votes had been given for the said office, of which John Y. Smith received twenty two votes, and that blank received for the same office fourteen.

John Y. Sinith having received a majority of all the votes giy.

en was therefore declared by the President to be duly elected superintendent of Territorial property.

On motion of Mr. Hunkins,

The convention proceeded to the election of canal commis. sioners.

Mr. Hunkins nominated Luther Parker for the office of acting canal commissioner.

Mr. Newland nominated Joshua Hathaway for the office of receiver, and Clinton Walworth for register.

And the votes huving been taken and counted, Messrs. New. land and Darling appointed tellers, reported that thirty six votes had been given for canal commissioners, and of which Luther Parker received for the office of acting canal commis. sioner, twenty one votes.

John Y. Smith, received for the same office one vote. · Joshua Hathaway received for the office of receiver, twenty. two votes.

Clinton Walworth received for the office of register, twenty. two votes.

Gov. Doty received for the aforesaid offices one vote, and that blank received for the same office thirteen votes.

The President declared that Luther Parker had been duly elected acting canal comunissioner, Joshua Hathaway receiver and Clinton Walworth register, of the Milwaukee and Rock river canal for the year ensuing, they having received a major. ity of all the votes given for the said offices.

On motion of Mr. Crocker,
The convention a journed.

The Speaker called the House to order, when Mr. Hamilton offered the following resolution :

Reselvrd, That the Govergor be requested to coinmunicate to this House any written legal opinion ho may have received from the attorney goneral, or any o:her legal gentleman, in

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