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ilar ones have before been adopted, sioce I have bad the honor of occupying the chair.

It has heen a source of gratification to me, gentlemen, to wilness the uniform good feeling so eminently exhibited towards each other by the Hon. gentlemen in debate in the many exciting questions which have arisen. To this courteous deportment, [eviocing the greatest harmony of feeling] joined so an ud. wavering attention to public duty, do we owe it, that a greater annount of public business has been progressed in than by any former Legislature in the same time.

The session has been one of no ordinary character; never hefore, in the history of this country has an executive branch of the government, made such a flagrant attempt to usurp all power, and to set the Representatives of the people at open defiance. The cause of duty under these circumstances, has been overshadowed by doubt; and if the Assembly has seemed at all to yield to Executive encroachment, I cannot for a moment sup. pose but that motives of the highest patriotism. have governed gentlemen in their course : and it is a matter of congralulation that despite of this opposition we have heen able to proceed with the business of legislation. It having been deemed in. dispensible to hold another session to complete the unfinished business on our tables, we shall not seperate, but organize anew; I trust the same spirit of courtesy, good fceling, and assiduity in duty will mark our next session.

I cannot close without again thanking you gentlemen, for the unmerited praise contained in the resolution, and assuring you that this invaluable testimonial of your approbation, will be gratefully cherished while I live.

The question was then put and carried.

When the Speaker announced the House of Representatives adjourned without day.



Begun and held at Madison, the seat of government, on Mon. day, the twenty.seventh day of March, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty-three; being the day fised by the fifth section of an act fixing the time of holding the an. Dual sessions of the Legislative Assembly, and for other purpo. 808,” approved March 23, 1843, for the meeting of said Assem. bly :

On which day, at 10 oclock, A. M. the said House of Representa lives was called to order by John Catlin, the chief clerk. and the roll being called. the following members severally an. gwered to their names and took their seats, to wit;

Messrs. Agry, Bartlett, Capron, Crossman, Darling, Ellis, Elmore, Hamilton, Hicks, Hupkins, Judson, Long, Manahan, Masters, Mecker, Olin, Palmer, Platt, Parsons, Price, Thomp. son, Tripp, Trowbridge, Van Vlect and Walker.

On motion of Mr. Hunkins,

Mr. Walker of the county of Milwaukee was appointer Spea. ker pro tem.

On motion of Mr. Darling, William S. Anderson was appointed sergeant at arms pro tem. Oa motion of Mr. Hunkins, John Belanger was appointed messenger pro.tem. On motion of Mr. Platt, Leander Berge was appointed fireman pro. tem. Mr. Hamilton offered the following resoluting, which was a. dopted, to wit:

Resolved, That the organization of the last session stand for the present session, and that all the officers then chosen shall be and are hereby continued for this session.

On motion of Mr. Hamilton,

Ordered, that a committee of two be appointed to conduct the Speaker of the last session to the chair.

Messrs. Hamilton and Darling were appointed said cummit. tee.

The Speaker elect having been conducted to the chair, return. ed his chanks in a few appropriate remarks.

Mr. Darling offered the following resolution, which was a. dopted viz:

Resolved, by the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin, that the two houses of the Legislative Assembly at the present session, commenced on the 27th day of March, inst, will in all respects be governed by the same rules and legislations adopted at the session which terminated on the 25th inst., and will proceed to take up and consider all bills, resolutions, memorials and pctitions then pending, in the samo order and stage that they were in at the termination of the said last session, and will proceed to complete and finally dispose of all unfinished business in the same manner as it would have been done in case of an ordinary adjournment.

On motion of Mr. Hamilton,

The journal of the house of Representativee of Saturday the 25th inst. was read.

On motion of Mr. Hunkins,

Ordered, that the clerk inform the Council ibat this house is Dow organized and ready to proceed to business.

On motion of Mr. Trowbridge,

Resolved, that the committee on the judiciary inquire into the necessity of authorizing the Governor to offer rewards in certain cases, and report by bill or otherwise.

· Mr. Hunkins offered the following resclution, which was adopted, viz :

Resolved, the Council concurring, that a committee of two be appointed to wait upon the Governor and inform him that the Legislative Assembly is now conveped, and ready to receive any communication he may have to make.

Messrs. Hunkins and Hicks were appointed of the said com. mittee on the part of the house.

Mr. Crossman offered the following resolution,

Resolved, that the Chief Clerk of this House be, and he is hereby, authorized to employ George P. Deleplaine for an eno grossing clerk to this House.'

On motion of Mr. Darling, Ordered, That the said resolution do lie on the table. A message from the Council by their Secretary : “ Mr. Speaker-I am directed to inform this House that the Council have organised and elected the Hon. Morgan L. Mar. tin, of the county of Brown, President of the Council. Also, bave adopted a resolution that a joint committee of two from each house be appointed to wait upon the Governor and inform him that the two Houses have assembled, and are ready to receive any communication he may have to make to them. Also, have concurred in a resolution of this House relative to adopting the order of business of the last session, with an amendment, in which amendment and resolution I am directed to ask the con. currence of this house..

On motion of Mr. Hamilton,

The house took up the messege from the Council, when tho amendment of the Council to the resolution concerning the order of business to be done at the present session, was con. curred in. .

The resolution from the Council relative to the appointment

of a joint committee to wait upon the Governor was read and passed, when

Messrs. Hunkins and Hicks were appointed of the said com. mittee on the part of the house.

On motion of Mr. Hamilton,

The house reconsidered the vote by which the following resolution was passed to wit :

Resolved, the Council concurring, that a committee of two be appointed to wait on the Governor and inform him that the Assembıy is now convened, and ready to receive any communi. cation he may choose to inake.

The question then recurred on the passage of the said reso. tion, and it was determined in the negative.

So the resolution was rejected.

Mr. Hunkins, from the joint committee appointed to wait up. on the Governor, and inform him that the two houses have as. sembled and are ready to receive any communication he may have to make to them, reported that the committee had perform. ed that duty and that he would transmit a message in writing to the two houses immediately.

A message was received from the Governor of the Territory by Mr. Charles Doty, his private secretary, which was read and is as follows. . Gentlemen of the Council, and of the House of Representatives : 'I respectfully invite your attention to the various subjects pre. sented in my message of the sixth instant, which have not already received your consideration, and renew the assurance that I shall cheerfully co-operate with the Assembly in all such mea. sures as may be proposed for the public good, and upon which by the acts of Congress we have the right to legislate.

'The Supreme Court of the United States has lately decided that the laws in force when a contract is made, become a part of the contract, without any stipulation to that effect, and any

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