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The following works are already published, or in preparation ; several others are in contemplation, and the Publisher will gladly receive any further suggestions. The Dramatic and Poetical Works of JOHN MARSTON. Now

first collected, and edited by J. O. Halliwell. 3 vols. 158. “A poet of distinguished celebrity in his own day, no less admired for the versatility of his genius in tragedy and comedy, than dreaded for the poignancy of his satire; in the former department the colleague of Jonson, in the latter the antagonist of Hall." - Rev. P. Hall.

The Vision and Creed of "Piers Ploughman. Edited by Thomas

Wright; a new edition, revised, with additions to the Notes and Glossary. 2 vols.

108. “Like all Middle-English Poems written on the principle of alliteration, the 'Vision of Piers Ploughman' abounds in philological difficulties ; and these are increased by the fact that no satisfactory edition of the text had yet appeared (till the present time). The poem itself is exceedingly interesting. Whoever the writer was, he wrote well. He was a keen observer of human nature; alive to the abuses which prevailed in Church and State at the period when he lived, and equally competent and willing to expose them. Along with the most pungent satire and the sternest invective there are interspersed, throughout his work, passages of a different character,-touches exhibiting a deep perception of the gentler feelings of human nature,-lines which in harmony and grace and beauty would not suffer by a comparison with the more admired productions of the courtly Chaucer.”—- Athenæum.

“The Vision of ‘Piers Ploughman' is one of the most precious and interesting monuments of the English Language and Literature, and also of the social and political condition of the country during the fourteenth century. :... Its author is not certainly known, but its time of composition can, by internal evidence, be fixed at about the year 1362. On this and on all matters bearing upon the origin and object of the Poem, Mr. Wright's historical introduction gives ample information.

In the thirteen years that have passed since the first edition of the present text was published by the late Mr. Pickering, our old literature and history have been more studied, and we trust that a large circle of readers will be prepared to welcome this cheaper and carefully revised reprint.”—Literary Gazette.

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