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HE works of Sir Thomas Overbury are

now, for the first time, collected into
one volume. They consist of his cele-

of “ The Wife;' racters, or Wittie Descriptions of the Properties of Sundry Persons ;” a paraphrase of the first and second parts of Ovid's “ Remedy of Love;" “ Observations in his Travailes upon the State of the XVII Provinces, as they stood, A.D. 1609;" and “ Crumms faln from King James's Table.”

Independently of their particular merit, the works of Overbury possess a certain charm from our recollection of the fate of their unhappy author. As a poet, he was perhaps not remarkable for any particular graces of expression, or smoothness of versification ; yet his poem of “ The Wife”-no small favourite in its day-contains some pretty passages, and a host of precepts which even the most fastidious

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