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said road district being taxed equally for that purpose, which taxes may be paid in money or labor, at the option of the persons so taxed : Provided, that no capitation tax exceeding one day's labor shall be levied for keeping the public roads in repair. SEC. 5. The General Assembly shall prescribe by law the duties, and fix the salaries, of all officers enumerated in this article, at its first session after the adoption of this constitution, and provide for carrying it into effect. But nothing in this article shall be construed as prohibiting the General Assembly from providing by law for any additional officers in any city or county. SEC. 6. No township or county officers shall hold more than one office at the same time, except that a constible may be the collector of his township, and any officer may hold either the office of School Director or Overseer of Roads.

AN ORDINANCE for the Government of Cities and Towns in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

- ARTICLE i. in each city or town in the State, containing a population of eight thousand (8,000) there shall be elected by the qualified voters of said city or town, One City Judge, Who shall hold a Corporation or Hustings Court of Said city or town, as often, and as many days in each month, as may be prescribed by law, with similar jurisdiction which may be given by law, to the Circuit Courts of this State, and who shall hold his office for a term of six (6) years : Provided, that in cities or towns containing thirty thousand (30,000) inhabitants, there may be elected an additional judge to hold Courts of Probate and Record, separate and apart from the Corporation or Hustings Courts, and perform such other duties as shall be prescribed by law. ARTICLE II. One Clerk of the Corporation or Hustings Court, Who shall also be the clerk of the Circuit Court, except in cities or towns Containing a population of thirty thousand (30,000) or more, in which city or town there may be a separate clerk for the Circuit Court, who shall hold his office for a term of six (6) years. t, ARTICLE III. One Commonwealth’s Attorney, Who shall be the Commonwealth’s Attorney for the Circuit Court, and Shall hold his office for a term of four (4) years. ARTICLE IV. One City Sergeant, Who shall hold his office for the term of four (4) years, and shall not be re-eligible to office for four (4) years. ARTICLE V. One City or Town Treasurer, Whose duties shall be similar to those of county Treasurer, and shall hold his office for a term of three (3) years. ty

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o FFERED BY M R. WooD so N.

The undersigned, a minority of the Committee on County Organization, beg leave to submit the following report. JOHN C. WOODSON.



1. There shall be, in each county of this Commonwealth, a court to be called the County Court, which shall be held monthly by a judge learned in the law, and to be known as the County Judge : Provided, that counties containing less than thousand inhabitants shall be attached to adjoining counties for the formation of districts for county judges. The county judges shall hold their offices for the term of six years, and shall receive fixed and adequate salaries, which shall not be diminished during their continuance in office, to be paid quarterly out of the public treasury.

2. The jurisdiction of said court shall be the same as that of the existing County Courts, except so far as it is modified by this constitution, or may be changed by law.

3. Each county shall be laid off into districts, as nearly equal as may be in territory and population. In each district there shall be elected, by the voters thereof, two Justices of the Peace and one Constable, who shall reside in their respective districts, and hold their offices for the term of four years.

4. The civil jurisdiction of a justice shall extend to actions of debt, detinue, trover and assumpsit, where the amount or thing in controversy, exclusive of interest, does not exceed fifty dollars, and to actions of tort, and for the recovery of pecuniary fines and penalties, where the amount claimed does not exceed twenty dollars, with the right of appeal to the County Court in all cases involving the constitutionality or validity of an ordinance or by-law of a corporation, or where the matter in controversy, exclusive of interest and costs, is of greater amount or value than ten dollars.

5. The power and jurisdiction of Justices of the Peace, the manner of exercising the same, and their compensation, shall be prescribed by law, except So far as the same is fixed by this constitution.

6. The Justices of the Peace, in connection with the County Judge—a }{18jority of whom shall be a quorum—shall, under such general regulations as may be prescribed by law, hold terms of the County Court for the superintendence and administration of the internal affairs and fiscal concerns of their county, including the establishment and regulation of roads, public landings, ferries and mills, the granting of ordinary and other licenses, and the laying, collecting and disbursing of the county levies. They shall, from time to time, appoint the places for holding elections in their county, appoint superintendents of the same, and shall be the judges of the election, qualifications and returns of their own members, and of all county and district officers.

7. There shall be elected, or appointed, in eaeh county a Clerk of the Circuit and County Courts, a County Surveyor, an Attorney for the Commonwealth, a Sheriff, and so many Commissioners of the Revenue as may be authorized by law, who shall hold their respective offices as follows: the clerk, surveyor and attorney for the term of four years, the sheriff and commissioners of the revenue for the term of two years. Overseers of the Poor and School Commissioners or Superintendents shall be elected or appointed as may be prescribed by law. The Attorney for the Commonwealth shall be the attorney for both the County Court and Circuit Court.

S. The officers mentioned in the preceding section, except the attorneys, shall reside in the counties or districts for which they were respectively elected. No person elected for two successive terms to the office of sheriff, shall be reeligible to the same office for the next succeeding term ; nor shall he, during his term of service or within one year thereafter, be eligible to any political office.

9. The justices of the peace, sheriffs, attorneys for the commonwealth, clerks of the Circuit and County Courts, and all other county officers, shall be subject to indictment for malfeasance, misfeasance or neglect of official duty, and upon conviction thereof, their offices shall be vacant.

10. The Legislature may establish courts in any incorporated town or city, under Such rules and regulations, and with such jurisdiction, as may be deemed proper.

11. All Officers appertaining to the cities and other municipal corporations, Shall be elected by the qualified voters, or appointed in the manner prescribed by law.

12. The compensation of the respective county officers shall be prescribed by law. -

13. The Legislature shall provide, as soon as practicable, for the establishment of an efficient system of education. They shall provide for the support of schools, out of the school fund—the net proceeds of the tax which may be imposed upon the oyster trade, and of fines and forfeitures accruing to this

State, under the laws thereof, and by general taxation on persons and property, Or Otherwise.

14. Provision may be made, by law, for the election, and prescribing the powers, duties and compensation of a general superintendent of free schools for the State; and for a county superintendent for each county; and for the election, in the several school districts, of such officers not specified in this con

stitution as may be necessary to carry out the objects of this article, and for

the organization, whenever it may be deemed expedient, of a State Board of Of Instruction. .

15. The Legislature shall encourage and foster scientific, moral, intellectual and agricultural improvement; they shall make suitable provision for the blind, mute and insane, and for the organization and aid of such institutions of learning, as the best interests of education in the state may demand.

16. The salary of a judge of the County Court shall be not less than $800, nor more than $2,000, to be apportioned according to the population of the county Or district.

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