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to these assertions, and to repeat for you, are determined to employ my former declaration, that in their forces, and that the emperor leaving Paris, I had no intention and the king of Prussia have just but to go to Montmidi, and there contracted a mutual engagement to make to the National Assembly to do so. The sage Leopold, imsuch representations as I thought mediately after having confirmed necessary, on the difficulties ex- the tranquillity of his own states, perienced in the execution of the and restored that of Europe, signed laws, and of the administration of this engagement at Poelnitz on the the kingdom. I declare positively, 27th of last month, conjointly with that all persons who say that they the worthy successor of the Great have received such powers from Frederick. They have given the me, are guilty of a most culpable original into our hands, and for the imposition.

purpose of forwarding it to you, (Signed) Louis. we cause it to be printed at the

end of this letter, publication be

ing at present the only means of Letter from Monsieur and the Count communication of which


cruel D'Artoistothe King their Brother. oppressors have not been able to

deprive us. [The following Letter was circu

The other courts have the same lated in Paris, and we believe dispositions with those of Vienna through all France. Of its au

and Berlin. The princes and states thenticity and importance every of the empire have already proreader must judge for himself. It tested, in authentic acts, against may not be improper, however, to the injuries done to their rights, observe, that it is generally sup- which they have resolved to supposed to be the composition of the celebrated M. de Calonne.]

You cannot port with vigour.

doubt, sire, the lively interest Sire, our Brother and Lord, which the Bourbon kings take in WHEN the Assembly, which your situation. Their Catholic owes its existence to you, and and Sicilian majesties have given which has used it only for the de. unequivocal testimonies of it. The struction of your power, believes generous sentiments of the King of itself to be upon the point of con- Sardinia, our father-in-law, cansummating its guilty enterprize; not be uncertain. You may rely when, to the indignity of holding also upon those of the Swiss, the you a captive in the centre of your good and ancient friends of France. capital, they add the perfidy of wish- Even in the bosom of the north, a ing you to degrade your throne magnanimous king is ready to conby your own hand ; when they tribute to the re-establishment of even dare to present to you the your authority; and the immortal option of subscribing the decrees Catherine, to whom glory of no which are to occasion the unhappi- sort is a stranger, will not miss ness of your people, or of ceasing that of defending the cause of all to be king; we hasten to inform sovereigns. your majesty, that the powers It is not to be feared that the whose assistance we have claimed British nation, too generous to op


pose that which is just, and too en what we may do to restore it to lightened not to desire that which

you, with the measure of authointerests its own tranquillity, will rity which lawfully belongs to you, be inimical to the views of this cannot be suspected of any oppres. noble and irresistible confedera sive wish. On the contrary, to tion.

repress licentiousness is to revenge Thus, in your misfortunes, sire, liberty ; to re-establish the public you have the consolation to see all force, without which no nation can the

powers conspire to end them, be free, is to free the nation. and your firmness in the present These principles, sire, are your's: critical moment will have the sup the same spirit of moderation and *port of all Europe.

benevolence which characterises Those who know that they can your actions will be always the only shake your resolution by touche rule of our conduct; it is the soul ing your sensibility, will, no doubt, of all our measures at foreign represent the aid of foreign powers courts; and as the depositaries of as destructive to your subjects ; those positive testimonies of views that which is only meant in an equally generous and equitable, we auxiliary view, they will invest can guaranty, that they have no with purposes of hostility, and de- other desire than that of putting scribe your kingdom to you as you in possession of the governoverflowed with blood, distracted ment of your states, that your in all quarters, and menaced with people may enjoy in peace the dismemberment. It is thus that, blessings which you have destined after having always employed the them. most false alarms to cause real If rebels oppose to this desire a evils, they will use the same means conceited and blind resistance, to perpetuate them. It is thus which may force foreign armies to that they hope to continue the enter your kingdom, they only will wounds of their odious tyranny, by have brought them there ; lo them making it be believed, that what. alone let the guilty blood be imever opposes it would lead to a puted, which it may be necessary harder state of slavery.

io shed; the war will be their But, sire, the intentions of the work: the end of the confederated powers who will give you their as powers is only to support the sound sistance are as direct and as pure part of the nation against the delias the zeal which has induced us rious, and to extinguish in the boto solicit it; they have nothing som of the kingdom that volcano dreadful either for the state or for of fanaticisin, the propagated erupyour people. It is not to attack tions of which menace all emthem, it is to render them the most pires. signal of all services, that they Besides, sire, there is no reason would snatch them from the des- to believe that the French, whatpotism of demagogues and the ca. ever pains may be taken to inflame lamities of anarchy. You are wil- their natural bravery, by exalting ling to confirm more than ever the and electrifying their heads with liberty of your subjects, when the notions of patriotism and liberty, seditious have seized upon your’s : will long sacrifice their repose,

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their effects, and their blood, to are heard from one extremity of support the extravagant innovation the kingdom to the other. which has only made them un- Judge not, sire, of the disposihappy. Intoxication has but a tion of the greater number by the time; the success of a crime has movements of the turbulent; judge its bounds, and men are soon weary not of the public sentiment from of excess, when they are themselves the inaction of its fidelity and its the victims of it. Presently they apparent indifference, when you will enquire, Why they should were stopped at Varennes, and a fight? and they will find, that it troop of satellites reconducted you is to serve the ambition of a fac- to Paris. Surprise froze all minds, tious' troop whom they despise, and produced a deadly silence.. against a king who has always What they conceal from you, what shewn himself just and humane: sufficiently denotes the change, Why they should be ruined ? and which is daily increasing, of the they will find, that it is to gratify public opinion, are the marks of the avarice of those who possessed discontent which appear in all the themselves of all the riches of the provinces, and which wait only for state, making the most detestable support to break out more clearly; use of them, and being charged to it is the demand which many de'restore the public finances, have partments have made, that the Asprecipitated them into the most sembly should give an account of dreadful abyss: Why they should the enormous suins wasted during violate the most sacred duties? and their administration : it is the terthey will perceive, that it is to ror which the chiefs discover, and become poorer, more wretched, their reiteraced attempts to enter more harassed, more taxed than into an accommodation; it is the they have ever been : Why they . distress of commerce, and the re. should overturn the ancient go- cent explosion of despair in our vernment? and they will perceive, colonies ; the absolute penury of that it is in the vain hope of intro- specie; the refusal of the taxable ducing a system, which, if it was to pay taxes; the expectation of practicable, would be a thousand an approaching bankruptcy; the times more pregnant with abuse, defection of the troops, who, the but of which the execution is áb- victims of all sorts of seductions, solutely impossible: Why they begin to resent them; and the inshould persecute the ministers of creasing progress of emigration. God ? and they will perceive, that It is impossible to misinterpret it is to favour the designs of a proud such signals; and their notoriety i sect, which has resolved to destroy is so great, that the audacity even all religion, and consequently to of the seducers of the people cangive a loose to all crimes.

not contest their truth. : Even already all these truths Give no credit, sirė, to the exare become perceptible; already aggerations of danger by which the veil of imposture is torn in all they endeavour to alarm you. They parts, and the murmurs against an know that, regarding but little the assembly which has usurped all dangers which threaten only your powers, and abolished all rights, own person, you are tremblingly alive to those that might fall on facility they return to the path of your people, or strike the objects duty. Their manners are naturally dear to your heart: for these ob. too gentle for their actions to be jects it is that they have the bar- long ferocious; and their love for barity to keep you constantly in their king is too deeply rooted in fear, while they have the effrontery their hearts for a fatal illusion to to boast of your liberty. But they eradicate it entirely. have abused this artifice too long, Who can be more powerfully inand the moment is now come for duced than we to entertain alarms turning against the factious spirits for the situation of a brother, tenwho insult you, the weapon of derly beloved ? but by the accounts terror, which has hitherto consti- even of your most daring oppressors, tuted all their force.

the refusal of the Constitutional Great crimes are not to be ap. Resumption, which we understand prehended when no interest can to have been presented to you by be promoted by committing them; the Assemblyon the 3d ofthis

month, and when, if committed, there is will not expose you to the danger no means of avoiding a terrible of being deprived of the royalty. punishment. All Paris knows, all But of this there is no danger. Paris ought to know, that if a fa. Of what consequence is it that you patical or suborned wickedness cease to be king in the eyes of the should dare to attempt your life, factious, when you will be so more or that of the queen, powerful ar- solidly and more gloriously than mies, chasing before them a militia ever in the eyes of all Europe, and feeble from want of discipline, and in the hearts of all your faithful subdiscouraged by remorse, would jects? Of what consequence is it, instantly fall on the impious city, that by a foolish enterprise they prewhich had drawn down on itself sume io declare you deprived of the the vengeance of heaven, and the throne of your ancestors, whilst indignation of the universe. None the combined forces of all the powers of the guilty could then escape from are prepared to support you on it, the most rigorous punishments and punish those evil usurpers who None of them will expose them- have sullied its lustre? selves to such punishments.

The danger would be much But if the blindest fury should greater, if, in appearing to consent arm a parricidal hand, you would to the dissolution of the monarchy, see, sire, be assured of it, millions


appear to diminish of faithful citizens throw themselves your personal right to the assistround the royal family, cover you, ance of all monarchs, and if you if necessary, with their bodies, and seemed to withdraw yourself from shed the last drop of their blood to the cause of sovereigns, by consepreserve yours. Ah! why will you crating a doctrine which ihey are hesitate to confide in the affection obliged to proscribe. The danger of a people whose happiness you would augment in proportion as have not ceased for a moment to you should show want of confi. desire ?

dence in the means of protecting Frenchmen easily suffer them- you ; it would augment in proporselves to be misled; but with equal tion as the impression of that au


gust character, which makes guilt thing. We are supported by the shudder at the feet of royal majesty rights of the whole nation in rewhen worthily supported, would jecting decrees diametrically oppolose its force; it would augment, site to their wishes, expressed by as the appearance of abandoning the unanimous tenor of instructions the interests of religion might ex- to their representatives ; and we cite the most dreadful ferment.- disavow, on behalf of the nation, In fine, it would augment, if con- those treacherous mandatories, tenting yourself with the emply who, in violating their orders, and title of a king without power, you departing from the mission entrustshould appear in the opinion of the ed to them, have ceased to be its universe to abdicate the crown, the representatives. We will mainpreservation of which every one tain what is evident, that having knows is indispensably connected acted contrary to their title, they with those unalienable rights which have acted without power, and are essentially inherent in it. what they could not legally do

The most sacred of duties, sire, cannot be validly accepted. as well as the most ardent attach

Our protest, signed in conjuncment, induce us to lay before your tion with us by all the princes of eyes all the dangerous consequences your blood who are connected with of the smallest appearance of weak. us, should be common to all the ness, at the same time that we pre- house of Bourbon, whose eventual sent that

mass of overbearing claims to the throne impose on force, which ought to be the safe them the duty of defending the guard of your firmness.

august deposit. We will protest We ought still to announce to for you, sire, in protesting for

your you, and we even swear at your people, for religion, for the fundafeet, that if motives which it is mental maxims of monarchy, and impossible for us to perceive, but for all the orders of the state. which can originate only from the We will protest for you, and in excess of that violence and con

your name, against what can only straint which is only more cruel by bear its false impression. Your being disguised, should compel your voice being stifled by oppression, hand to subscribe an acceptance we shall be its necessary organs, which your heart rejects, which and we express your real sentiyour own interest and that of your ments, as they exist in the oath of people condemn, and which your your accession to the throne, as duty as king expressly prohibits; they have appeared in the actions we will protest in the face of the of your whole life, as, they have whole world, and in the most so. been displayed in the declaration lemn manner, against this illusive which you made at the first moact, and all that may follow from ment that you believed yourself it; we will show that it is null of free. You neither can nor ought itself, null by defect of liberty, to have any other, and your will null from the radical vice of all exists only in those, or where it the operations of the usurping as- breathes freely. sembly, which, not being an as- We will protest for your people, sembly of the states.general, is no- who in their delirium cannot per

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