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quest. John was first created a the climate, that he solicited the baron by Charles I.; and from him appointment to the government of was lineally descended the late ba- Jamaica. ronet, whose father, sir Ralph, At his seat at Aldenham, near married Jane, only daughter of Bridgnorth, in the county of Salop, Ralph Blackston, esq.

in his 80th year, sir Richard Acton, In Switzerland, the right hon. baronet, fourth baronet of the famiWilliam. lord Craven, lord-lieu- ly. He was sheriff of Salop, in Lenant of the county of Berks, 1751, and married, 1744, lady

At Donnybrook, pear Dublin, Apne Grey, daughter of the earl the right honourable William lord of Stamford, Chetwyod.

The right honourable lord ChetAt his house of Barras, in Scot- wynd. land, sir William Ogilvie, baronet. In Clarges-street, the lady of sir

November. Bamber Gascoigne, William Wake, baronet, after beesq. receiver-general of the cus- ing safely delivered of a son and toms.

heir the preceding day, Her death On her journey to Southampton, was occasioned by an incurable from which place she was to em- disorder in her stomach, supposed bark for the south of France, for of long duration. the recovery of her health, Miss The reverend John Shirley FerPercy, daughter of the late duke mor, brother-in-law to lord visof Northumberland, and half-sister count Conyngham. to the present duke, and to the At his seat at Hoddesdon, Herts, earl of Beverley:

sir John Baptist Hicks, baronet, of At his house in Lower Grosve- Beverston, in the county of Glounor-street, lieutenant-general Fran- cester. He is succeeded in title by cis Smith, colonel of the Ilth re. Howe Hicks, esq. of Whitcombegiment of foot.

park, in the county of Gloucester. At her house in Epping-forest, At Bath, sir Henry George RaMrs. Harrison, relict of the late vensworth Liddell, of Durham, rear-admiral Harrison.

baronet. At his house in Queen-Anne Wiliam Dutton Napper, esq. street, Westminster, sir Thomas brother to the right honourable Rumbold, baronet.

lord Shireborn. Miss Jenkinson, sister to lord December At Grantham, in Hawkesbury.

Lincolnshire, in his 70th year At Albyns, Essex, the lady of Francis Cockayne Cust, esq. memlieutenant-general sir Robert Boyd, ber of parliament, K. B. governor of Gibraltar. Aged 86, Evan Lloyd Vaughan,

Sir William Fagg, baronet, esq. of Corsygedhl, member of par

At Jamaica, Thomas Howard, liament in the two last and present earl of Effingham, lord Howard, sessions for Merionethshire North governor general of that island, and Wales. a colonel in the army. He had Of a long illness, George third been for some time in a dangerous earl of Orford, viscount and baron state of health ; and it was partly Walpole, baron of Houghton, and in the hope of amendment from (from the death of his mother in

She was

1781 ) baron Clinton and Say. He her heirs-male by the right honourwas grandson of the first earl of Or. able Hercules Langford Rowley; ford, prime-minister of George II. and she is succeeded in these ho . and was born April 1, 1730 ; and nours by her eldest and only sur. in the late reign enjoyed the places viving son, Hercules, born in of lord of the bed chamber, and of October, 1737, and who is yet unlord-lieutenant and custos-rotulo- married. She was the daughter of rum of the county of Norfolk, and Clotworthy Upton, esq. member of of the county and city of Norwich; parliament for Newtown, 1695 ; in all which he was continued by and for the county of Antrim, from his present majesty, who appointed 1703 to his death, 1725, by Jané, him also, 1763, ranger and keeper daughter of John Ormsby, esq. of St. James's and Hyde parks. He At Fern-hill, Windsor-forest, in was also steward of the corporation her 63rd year, lady Mary Knollys, of Yarmouth.

relict of sir Francis Knollys, baroAt Buckland, Berks, in his 90th net, and daughter of sir Robert year, sir Rob. Throckmorton, bart. Kendall, Cater of Kempston, in

At his seat at Winterdyne, in the county of Bedford. Worcestershire, sir Edward Win- married in 1756, nington, baronet.

At Edinburgh, the right honourSir George Richardson, baronet, able lady Mary Campbell, relict of of Abingdon-street, Westminster. Dougal Campbell, esq. of Glen

In her 88th year, honourable saddie. Mrs. Martin, sister to the right honourable lord Fairfax.

At Summer-bill, in the county SHERIFFS appointed by his Maof Meath, in Ireland (the seat of jesty in Council, for the Year 1791. her husband), the right honourable Elizabeth Ormsby Rowley, vis- Berkshire. Timothy Hare Earl,of countess Langford, of Langford- Swallowfield-place, esq. lodge, and baroness of Summer- Bedfordshire. F. Pym, of Hasell hill, in the county of Meath. Her hall, esq. ladyship married on the 31st of Bucks. Sir Robert Bateson HarAugust, 1732, Hercules Langford vey, of Langly-park, baronet. Rowley, esq. by whom she had Cumberland, Edmund Lamplugh issue three sons and four daugh- Irton, of Irton, esq. ters; viz. Hercules, member of Cheshire. Charles Watkin John parliament for the county of An- Shakerley of Somerford, esq. trim; Clotworthy and Arthur, both Cambridge and Huntingdon. Geo. deceased; Jane, married to Tho. Thornnill, of Diddington, esq. mas earl of Bective; Catherine, to Devonshire, Walter Palk, of Edward Michael lord Longford; Marleigh, esq. Elizabeth, and - Maria. She was Dorsetshire, John Calcraft, of raised to the peerage of Ireland in Rempston, esq. 1776, by the titles of viscountess Derbyshire. John Broadhurst of Langford, and baronese of Sum- Foston, esq. mer-hill, with limitations of the Essex. DonaldCameron, of Greathonours of viscount and baron to Ilford, esq.


Gloucestershire, Michael Hicks Wiltshire. John Audrey, of NorBeach, of Williamstrip, esq.

ton, esq. Hertfordshire. Matthew Raper, Yorkshire. Sir George Armytage, of Ashlyns-hall, esq.

of Kirklees, baronet. Herefordshire. Thomas Stallard Pennoyre of the Moor, esq.

SOUTH WALES. Kent. James Drake Brockman, of Beechborough, esq.

Carmarthen. George Griffith WilLeicestershire. John Frewen, of liam, of Llywynywermodd, esq. Cold Overton,' esq.

Pembroke. W. Wheeler Bowen, Lincolnshire. Robert Mitchell of Lampston, esq. Robinson, of Hanthorpe, esq. Cardigan. David Hughes of

Monmouthshire. William Harri. Veynog, esq. son, of Ragland, esq.

Glamorgan. John Richards of Northumberland. 'J. Wood, of Cardiff, esq. Beadnell, esq.

Brecon. Walter Jeffreys, of BreNorthamptonshire. Sir William con, esq Wake, of Courteenhall, baronet. Radnor. Thomas Jones, of Pen.

Norfolk. Sir John Fenn, of East kerigg, esq. Dereham, Kent.

Nottinghamshire. George de NORTH WALES. Ligne Gregory, of Lenton, esq.

Oxfordshire. J. P. Auriol, of Anglesen, Herbert Jones, of Woodcot, esq.

Llynnon, esq. Rutlandshire. Thomas Woods Carnarvonshire. Thomas Lloyd, the younger, of Brooke, esq.

of Hendre Fenws, esq. Shropshire. Thomas Pardoe, of Merioneth. Griffith Roberts, of Fairtree, esq.

Bodynllyn, esq. Somersetshire. Abraham Elton of Montgomery. John Moxon of Whitestanton, esq.

Vaynor, esq; Staffordshire. Moreton Walhouse, Denbighshire. John Jones, of of Hatherton, esq.

Cesncoch, esq. Suffolk, Sir William Rowley, of Flint. G. L, Wardle, of HartsStoke, baronet. County

of Southampton. Charles Poole, of Woolverton, esq.

Surry. Henry Bine, of Carshal. SHERIFF appointed by his Royal ton, esq.

Highness the Prince of Wales, in Sussex. John Drew, of Chiches- Council, for the Year 1791. ter, esq. Warwickshire.' Charles Palmer

County of Cornwall. Sir William of Ladbrooke, esq.

Molesworth, of Pencarrow, baroWorcestershire. Henry Wakeman, net. of Clalmes, esq.


heath, esq.


Petition of certain considerable liament by the right honourable

Stockholders to the House of the chancellor of the exchequer ; Commons against a Bill for ap- the avowed object of which is to propriating the unclaimed divi- take back five hundred thousand dends 25th March, 1791. pounds, part of the sums that havo

been issued by the exchequer to To the honourable the Commons of Great Britain, in parliament bank of England, in pursuance of


governor and company of the assembled.

many acts ot parliament; and par. The humble petition of the sub- ticularly of the consolidated act,

scribers who are proprietors in passed in the 28th year of his prethe public funds of Great Britain, sent majesty, being part of the Humbly sheweth,

funds appropriated by law to the

payment of the public creditors, WHAT your petitioners are and expressly declared not to be

deeply interested in the public divertable to any other use or pur. funds of Great Britain.


whatsoever. That your petitioners have in That the principle of the said vested their property in those funds, bill appears to your petitioners to with the most perfect reliance on have a direct tendency to destroy the faith and justice of parliament, that confidence which many naand in full confidence and persua. tives and foreigners have hitherto sion that the legislature of Great reposed in the equity and justice Britain would never, without the of parliament ; to violate the public consent of the proprietors, make faith solemnly plighted ; and by any essential alteration, either in seizing on private property, accurespect to their securities, which rately described, and standing as consists principally in funds speci- such in the books of the bank of fically appropriated to the payment England, to excite alarms and apof their annuities, or in respect to prehensions of the most serious and the mode of their payment, ex. dangerous nature. pressly stipulated and delineated That your petitioners wish to in the several statutes that fix the be heard by counsel, if it shall ap conditions of the public loans. pear to them to be necessary; al.

That your petitioners have though it is a case that does not seen, with equal concern and asto- depend on nice and intricate subnishment, a bill brought into par- tilty, or on a deep knowledge of VOL. XXXIII.



the technical forms of law ; but on Half a pod of cotton being the rights of British subjects, which found on the islands, supposed to ought in no case whatever to be in- be brought there by a bird, and a vaded. They humbly petition for cocoa nut, which was perfectly no more than a sacred observance sound, and appeared to have been of national contracts, containing but a short time in the water, being express stipulations, easily under- thrown upon the beach, have given stood, and ratified by solemn acts some reason to suppose that both of the supreme legislature.

these articles will be found in some Under anxious apprehensions, island at no great distance. not more sensibly felt on their ac Lord Howe Island has been ex. count, than for the good faith, the amined, but no fresh water, or public credit, and the honour of good anchorage, being found, it the nation : and impressed with a can be of no other advantage to sense of the duty they owe not only this settlement, than occasionally to themselves, but to the com- supplying a few lurtle. munity at large, your petitioners I had the honour of informing humbly intreat this honourable your lordship, that a setilement house to take the premises into was intended to be made at a place their most serious consideration; I named Rose Hill. At the head and they pray, that no alteration in of this harbour there is a creek, their security for the better or the which at half-food has water for worse, may take place without large boats to go three miles up; their consent; and that the said and one mile higher the water is bill may into a law. fresh, and the soil good. A very

industrious man, whom I brought

from England, is employed there Extracts of Letters, &c. and Accounts relative to the Settle- tion one hundred convicts, who are

at present, and has under his direcments in New South Wales.

employed in clearing and cultivat

ing the ground. A barn, granary, Extract of a Letter from Governor and other necessary buildings, are

Philip to the Right Hon. Lord erected, and twenty-seven acres in Sydney, dated Sydney Cove, corn promise a good crop. The 12th February, 1790.

soil is good, and the country, for HEN the supply left Nor- twenty miles to the westward, which

not pass


folk island, the people is as far as I have examined, lays were all very healthy, and they well for cultivation; but even there, had vegetables in the greatest abun- the labour of clearing the ground dance; they get fish when the is very great; and I have seen none weather permits the boat to go that can be cultivated without cutwithout the reef, and, at times, in ting down the timber, except some such quantities, that fish is served few particular spots, which, from to the people in lieu of salt pro- their situation (laying at a distance visions. They make their lines from either of the harbours), can from the Aax plant, but unfortu- be of no advantage to us at present; nately we have not any person who and I presume the meadows mén. understands how to dress it. tioned in Captain Cook's voyage,


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