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Ashley, Lord, visits Bethnal Green joins in performance for the bene.

and Whitechapel with Dr South- fit of “The Sanatorium,” 84–
wood Smith, 70—his Bill relating letters from, 85, 86, 87, 89, 90, 91
to child labour in mines passed, -letter to, 88.

Edinburgh, Dr Southwood Smith
Bentham, Jeremy, death of, 43–Dr enters University as medical stu-

Southwood Smith delivers oration dent, 9-lectures in Philosophical
on, 45.

Institution, 141.
"Body-snatching," agitation in con- Education, article on, 36.
nection with, 36.

“Epidemics,” lecture on, 141.
Bristol, Dr Southwood Smith edu-

cated at Baptist College in, 7. Factories, need for reform in, 49 et
“ Broadmead
Benefaction,” Dr

seq. Factory Commission ap-
Southwood Smith holds the, 7. pointed, 53 — report by, 54 et
Brougham, Lord, letter from, 133. seq.-Factory Act, 1833, passed,

57-return showing working of
Chadwick, Mr Edwin, member of educational provisions of Act,

Factory Commission, 53-reports 58.
on the sanitary condition of the 'Factory System, The Curse of the,'
labouring population, 105.

by M. Fielden, M.P., quoted, 51.
Children, employment of, in fact-
ories, 49 et seq.

“General Board of Health,” Dr
“Children's Employment Commis- Southwood Smith appointed to,

sion,” Dr Southwood Smith a 127--work on, 132 et seq.-report
member of, 73-report by, ib. -- on “A General Scheme for Extra-
report on “Trades and Manu- mural Sepulture,” 133 — Board
factures," 76.

discontinued, 136.
Cholera, house - to - house visitation Gillies, Mr, Dr Southwood Smith

a preventive cure of, 132, becomes acquainted with, 48.
Christie, Miss Mary, marriage of Dr Haliburton, Hon. D. G., letter to,
Southwood Smith to, 16.


“Health of Towns Association,” 98
Dickens, Charles, speech by, 82— --founding of, 107.


“ Health of Towns Commission,” Palmerston, Viscount, letter from,

Highgate, Dr Southwood Smith's 'Penny Encyclopædia,' Dr South-
home at, 94 et seq.

wood Smith contributes to, 36.

• Philosophy of Health, The,' 47—
• Illustrations of the Divine Govern-

revision of, 140.
ment,' publication of, 12-fourth Procter, Adelaide, quotation from,
edition of, 13- quotation from 150.
preface to, ib.

Public Health Act, 1848, passed, 126.
Inglis, Sir Robert Harry, M.P.,
quoted, 99.

Quarantine Laws,” articles on, 31.
Italy, travels in, 147, 148.

Read, Miss Anne, attachment of Dr
Jeffrey, Lord, quoted, 33.

Southwood Smith to, 8—marriage

of, 9-death of, ib.
Kentish Town, life at, 3 et seq. Recognition of public services of Dr

Southwood Smith, 143, 162.
Lincoln, Lord, introduces a Sanitary Report on the Physical Causes of
Reform Bill, 110.

Sickness and Mortality,” &c., 61
London, Bishop of, moves in Ilouse -extracts from, ib. et seq.

of Lords for extension of Poor "Report on the Prevalence of Fever
Law Board inquiries, 71.

in Twenty Metropolitan Unions in
London, Dr Southwood Smith re- 1838,” 68.

moves to, 16-report on eastern Results of Sanitary Improvement,'
districts of, 61 et seq.

publication of, 141.

Ryland, Dr, reference to, 8.
Maclean, Dr, referred to, 18.
Martock, Dr Southwood Smith born Sanatorium, founding of the, 81.
at, 7.

Sanitary Reform, Dr Southwood
Metropolitan Association for Im- Smith's first writings on, 17—
proving the Dwellings of the In- beginning of the movement for,
dustrious Classes,” founding of, 93. 60 et seq.-struggle for, 102 et seq.
Metropolitan Sanitary Commis- - Parliamentary Committee ap-
sion ” appointed, 122.

pointed, 103-Mr Chadwick's re-
Mines, child labour in, 73.

port, 105 — “Health of Towns
“Model Dwellings,” building of Commission,"ib.—“Public Health
first, 94.

Act, 1848,” passed, 126.
Morpeth, Lord, quoted, 100-brings Shaftesbury, Lord, letter from, 142

forward Bill for “Improving the -quotation from diary of, 153.
Health of Towns in England," 122 Slaney, Mr, M.P., quoted, 99-ob-
et seq.-letter to, 128.

tains committee to inquire into

sanitary state of large towns in
Normanby, Marquis of, visits Beth- England, 103.

nal Green and Whitechapel with Smith, Caroline Southwood, 9.
Dr Southwood Smith,69--referred Smith, Emily Southwood, 9.
to, - his “ Drainage of Smith, Dr Thomas Southwood,
Buildings Bill,” 104.

author's recollections of, i et seq.

--birth and early years, 7-his
‘Origin and Progress of Sanitary Re- education and preparation for the

form,' by T. Jones Howell, quoted, ministry, ib.--cast off by his family

on account of religious views, 8-

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attachment to Miss Anne Read, “ Health of Towns Association,”
ib. — marriage, 9 — death of his 98, 107—his efforts on behalf of
wife, ib.-decides to study medi- Sanitary Reform, 102 et seq:-
cine and enters Edinburgh Uni- issues an "Address to the Working
versity, ib. conducts religious Classes,” 111-is appointed mem-
services in Edinburgh, 10—writes ber of the “ Metropolitan Sanitary
his Illustrations of the Divine Commission,” 122—appointed to
Government,' 12-starts practice General Board of Health, 127–
at Yeovil, 14-removes to London, letter to Lord Morpeth, 128--re-
16 — second marriage, ib. — ap- tires from public life, 139-revises
pointed physician to the London “The Philosophy of Health,' 140
Fever Hospital, the Eastern Dis- -writes pamphlet on 'Results of
pensary, and the Jews' Hospital, Sanitary Improvement,' 141
ib. -- his first writings on the lectures on “ Epidemics” at Edin-

Sanitary Question,” 17-pub- burgh, ib. -receives public recog.
lishes his “Treatise on Fever,' 24 nition of his services, 143-travels
-house at Trinity Square broken in Italy, 147-death of his wife,
up, 35-contributes to the ‘Penny 148—returns to Italy, ib.-death,
Encyclopædia,' 36 — assists in ib.
founding the Westminster Re-
view,' ib.-publishes pamphlet on Taylor, Mr, letter from, 157.
“The Use of the Dead to the Tooke, Mr, member of Factory
Living,' 40 — lectures at Webb

Commission, 53.
Street School of Anatomy, 42— "Treatise on Fever,' publication of,
delivers popular lectures at London 24 - opinion of "The Medico-
Institution and elsewhere, 43—- Chirurgical Review' on, ib.
his oration on Jeremy Bentham, quotations from, 25 et seq., 30.
46—publishes 'The Philosophy of
Health,' 47 — appointed to the Use of the Dead to the Living,
Factory Commission, 53-reports The,' 40.
to the Poor Law Commissioners
on eastern districts of London, 61 Westminster Review,' Dr South-
-member of “Children's Em- wood Smith's contributions to, 17
ployment Commission,” 73-as- -founding of, 36.
sists in founding “The Sana. Workhouses, Dr Southwood Smith
torium,” 81-correspondence with draws attention to state of, 66.
Charles Dickens, 85 et seq.—forms
the “ Metropolitan Association for Yeovil, Dr Southwood Smith begins
Improving the Dwellings of the practice and takes charge of con•
Industrious Classes,” 93-removes gregation at, 14-leaves for Lon.
to Highgate, 94 — founds the don, 16.




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