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Jones, Mr. Samuel, memoir of, ix. 201.—
Substance of his last sermon, 241.

Jones, Mr. John, of Ramoth, his death,
viii. 263.

Job, his prophetic character considered,
i. 370.

John the Baptist, in what sense superior
to the former prophets, vii. 36.

Jordan, the banks of the river described,

Joy, on the lack of it in modern profes-
sors, x. 135.

Justification, the doctrine of, explained
and illustrated, i. 257, 301,335.—ii. 376.
and vii. 326.—and viii. 195, 311.

Justification by faith, remarks on, v. 275.

Kalmucks, some account of the, ix. 8.

Kent, the Duke of, his death and character,

Kiltin, Mr. W. memoirs of, vii. 309.—His
life by Mr. Orme, ix. 391.

Kingdom of Christ, its gradual advance-
ment, iii. 167.

King, Dr. William, memoir of, viii. 33.

Knollys, Mr. Hansard, memoir of, viii. 1.

Knowledge of God, whence obtained, i.
38, 73.

Krudener, Madam, some account of, v.
41, 85,1S6.

Lancaster, Joseph, some, account of, v. 10.

Law of liberty, explained, iv. 107.

Law of God, how established by the gospel,
vii. 17.

Lay-preaching, remarks on, ix. 42.

Letter from a country pastor, with remarks,
viii. 236.

Leander Van Ess, quoted on the state of
the Catholic church, v. 354.—Some ac-
count of, vi. 193.

Liberality to the poor, enforced, vi. 12.

Lindel, a German minister, some account
of, vi. 321.

Lister, Mr. James,his Association sermon,
v. 28.

Living to God, enforced, x. 240.—Further
remarks on, 304.

Liturgy of the church of England, different
opinions concerning, ii. 13.

Letter, Vigil's, to a young minister, x. 129.

Letter to a Baptist church from three se-
ceding members, x. 302.

Liberty, Christian, in what it consists, vii.

Liniebeer, Mr. memoir of, vii. 358.

Lisbon, see Inquisition.

Lord's Slipper, considered as a positive
institution, iv. 113.—Enquiry respecting
its administration, viii. 165, and ix. 45,

Lord's day, on the duty of observing, v.
238, 277, 308.

Lord's prayer, on the public use of, x. 336.

Love to Christ, exemplified, i. 9.—How
it influences to obedience, vi. 9.

Love to God cannot be wholly disinterested,
ii. 129, 337.

Love of God to his people, how mani-
fested, vi. 195.

Love, Christian, illustrated, vii. 209.

Loyalty, how enforced on Christians, vi>
129, 172,197.

Mack, Mr. John, his Missionary sermon,
vi. 223.—Sermon for the Stepney institu-
tion, ix. 245.

Mack, Mr. John, his Missionary designa-
tion, vii. 206.

Macknight, Dr. his gloss on Eph. iv. 11,12.
refuted, vi. 110.

Macfarlane, Mr. of Glasgow, his case
noticed, ix. 389.

Man, essay on, x. 9.

M'Gavin, Mr. W. letter to him, viii. 302 —
Answered, 361.

Marrying only in the Lord, explained, ix.

Mackintosh, Sir James, his speech, v. 291.

M'Crie's life of Melville, quoted, viii. 49.

Madan, Martin, how he misled Cowper,
ii. 228.

Marked separation, thoughts on, iii. 268.—
Letter on, viii. 294, 326.

Marginal readings of the Bible, their
value, i. 307.

Marriages, unequal, reprobated, ii. 102.—
and v. 281.

Marriage of the Lamb, illustrated, i. 43.

Mason, Dr. J. M. some account of, ii. 299.
Sermon by, vi. 102.

Mather, Mr. his conversion from Socinian-
ism, iv. 13.

M'Lean, Mr. Archibald, memoir of, i. 290,
321.—His address to the Baptist churches
in Scotland, ii. 9.—His letter to a back-
slider, 107.—On disinterested love, 129.
—His letter to Mr. Fuller, 76.—Defended
against the Eclectic Reviewer, 200.—
His letter on universal restoration, 161.
—His illustration of James i. 25. iv. 107.
—His thoughts on the extent of Adam's
transgression, 201.—On the witness of
the Spirit, Rom. viii. 15. 247.—His re-
futation of Sabellianism, 285.—On the
testimony of conscience, 383.—His sen-
timents vindicated, v. 32.—Letter to
Mrs. Stevenson, of Hull, vi. 74.—Illus-
tration of Heb. ix. 15. 82.—and of chap,
x. 37, 38. 138.—and of Gal. iii. 15—20,
330.—On receiving members, vii. 143.—
His sermon on the millennium, viii. 108,
131.—His illustration of 1 Cor. v. passim,
167.—His discourses on various subjects,
ix. 87.—His letters to Wm. Richards, x.

Malan, C. his proceedings at Geneva, iv.
404.—Letter to the Editor, v. 177.

M'Dougal, George, account of his death,
iv. 406.

Man, considered in his primeval state, vii,
259.—Enquiry respecting the nature, &c.
of his inability, viii. 284, 305, 341,369.

Mediation of Christ, illustrated, i. 65.

Mejanel, M. his interesting narrative, iv,

Melancthon, Philip, biography of, i. 205.

Melchisedeck, bis priesthood considered,
i. 369.

Messiah, on the prophecies concerning, x.

Methodists, the new, some account of, ix.

Millennium, the subject considered, viii.

Ministerial qualifications, considered, viii.

[blocks in formation]


Mistakes in religion, rectified, iii. 108.
Mixed communion, remarks on, x. 36.
Modification of matter, essay on, viii. 238 .
Moral duties, distinguished from positive

precepts, i. 247.
Moral law, its perpetual obligation, iii. 342.
More, Mrs. H. her writings noticed, i. 115,

Mortality of man, reflections on, i. 120.
Mosely,Mr. memoir of, vi. 225.
Moses, the faith of, illustrated, i. 144.—

His wise choise,x.97.
Mourning for the dead, on Christians

wearing, ix. 44.
Murthim, Mr. account of his death, iv. 27.
Music, instrumental, discussions on, viii.

13, 78,140.
Mysteries in religion, call for submission,

l. 166.
Mystery of godliness, whence called great,

vi. 270.

Napoleon Buonaparte, reflections on his
death, vii. 280.

Nazareth, its present state described, vi.

Nazarene, import of the term, vii. 385.

Newell, Mrs. Harriett, some account of,
ii. 169.

New-creature, explained, vii. 367.

Newton, Sir Isaac, eulogy on, iii. 116.

New England, state of religion there, ix.

New York, its present state described, x.

New year's day, ode on, iii. 32.

Noel, Hon. Charles, fined £40 for having
public worship in his own house, iii. 60.

Non-clericus, his defence of brotherly ex-
hortations, x. 104.

Nonconformist divines, their conscientious-
ness, ii. 212.

Notcutt, Mr. memoir of, vi. 161.

Uaths, judicial, not unlawful, v. 344.

Obedience to Christ, the surest test of
discipleship, iii. 193.—Should not be de-
layed^. 376.

Old age, its comforts considered, iii. 87.

Oldfield, Dr. Joshua, memoir of, viii. 161.

Omnipresence of Cod, thoughts on the,
i. 363.

Omnipotence of the deity, illustrations of,
x. 172, 269.

Oratorios, enquiry respecting, viii. 14.

Orme, Mr. his letter to the editor, vii. 357.

Organs, inquiry respecting, viii. 78,140.

Overs, Mr. his death, vi. 319.

Order of worship, in the first churches,
sketch of, viii. 267.

Original sin, remarks on, i. 95.

Orton, Mr. Job, quoted, v. 90. Note.

Owen, Dr. quoted on academies, ii. S06.—
On the pastoral office, 343.—His dying
experience, iii. 225.—Quoted on the in-
dependence of churches, iv, 169.—Me-
moir of him, viii. 15,81,112.

Palestine, its scenery described, vi. 338.
Parable of the sower, illustrated, vi. 133.

167, 229, 289.
Party spirit, its baneful influence shewn,

Palmer, Mr. of Shrewsbury, original letter

from, x. 331.
Patience explained and recommended, i.

76.—ix. 287.
Pascal, M. quoted, v. 374.
Pastoral duties, enforced, iii. 19.
Pastors, how the first churches obtained

them, v. 104.—Their right to support,

vii. 313.—viii. 338.—ix. 161.
Paul, the apostle, his faith and practice, i.

Pastoral office, its connection with the

administration of'the Lord's supper, ii.

238, 263.—and iv. 46.
Peace of the wicked, how fallacious, v.

Pentycross, Thomas, memoir of, iv. 313,

Penitent Malefactor, his case illustrated,

ix. 319
Persecutor converted, illustration of, x.

Petition to Parliament in favour of free

discussioq, ix. 272.
Persian Magi, not magicians, i. 373. .
Perversion of ordinances, whence it often

arises, v. 136.
Pharisees, their righteousness how defec-
tive, iii. 77.
Pilgrim's Progress, its false theology ex-
posed, iii. 240.
Pilkington,Mr. his renunciation of Popery,

ii. 372.
Pike, Mr. Samuel, original letter from, ii.

236.—His biography, vi. 361.
Plainness of speech recommended to mi-
nisters, iv. 255.
Plurality of worlds, taught in Scripture,

iii. 346.
Poetry of the Bible excels all others, v.

Polytheism, its absurdity exposed, viii. 62.
Political discussions, how far allowable to

ministers, vi. 15.
Popery, prevalent among Protestants, iv.

118. and vii. 356.
Portlock, Mr. Charles, memoir of, v. 265.
Power of the gospel, iu what its excellency

consists, v. 212.
Prayer, essential to true religion, i. 362.—

the proper attitude in, x. 212.
Preaching and hearing, essay on, viii. 74,

Pre-existence of Christ's human soul, an

unscriptural tenet, iii. 329.—Remarks on,
iv. 77.
Priestcraft distinguished from true reli-
gion, i. 372.
Prize Essays proposed, viii.80.—awarded,


Progress of Dissent, ix. 237.

Prophecy had often a double sense, iii; 74.

Protestant Dissenters, often act incon-
sistently, iv. 325.

Psalms, observations on the book of, iii.

Psalmody,remarks on, vi. 111. and vii. 217,

Pomare, king of Tahiti, his letter, vi. 253.

Positive institutions considered, vi. 26.

Providence, doctrine of a particular, vin-
dicated, vi. 227.

Protestant nonconformity, Tenax's letters
on, iv. 9, 65,109.167,205,249,318, and
v. 13, 54, 83, 133, 166, 197, 230, 301.

Punishment of death in the case of murder
discussed, ix. 78, 110,129.

Puritans, their sentiments on the choice of
pastors, iv. 65.

Rash expressions censured, iii. 51,107.

Redeemer's glory, illustrated, iii. 37.

Regeneration, the doctrine of, illustrated,
vii. 366.

Rejoicing, religious, in North Wales, vi.
335, 372.

Religion, its nature, importance, and rea-
sonableness, iii. 198, 233.

Repentance, the doctrine discussed, viii.
201, 274.

Reading with profit, directions for, ii. 380.

Reasons for leaving a church, ii. 377.

Reasoning Philosophers, an allegory, vi.

Recollections of the leadings of Provi-
dence, iv. 355.

Reconciliation, how distinguished from
justification, i. 335.

Reformation, its pedigree traced, vi. 202,

Religious poetry, remarks on, i. 146.—
Liberty, iii. 52, 151.

Religion, reflections on its existing state
in England, iv. 103.

Reptile^ an allegory, iv. 407.

Resolutions, pious, on the Lord's day, i.

Resurrection of Christ, its import unfolded,
iii. 10.

Revelation, the doctrine in which it cen-
tres, v. 27.—Its divine original main-
tained, vii. 86.—Its value shewn, viii. 62,

Reverend, enquiry respecting the term,
i. 238, and viii. 336.

Reviewers reviewed, v. 297, and x. 323,338.

Reviews, remarks on their want of impar-
tiality, ii. 80.

Revivalists, some account of, ix. 327.

Rewards, future, will have different de-
grees, iii. 285.

Righteousness of Christians, contrasted
with that of Pharisees, iii. 76.

Riland, Mr. John, of Sutton Colefield, his
death, viii. 128.

Rich men, their distance from the gospel,,
ii. 382. , .

Richards, Mr. W. account of his death, iv.
367.—His History of Antichrist quoted,
v. 210.—Memoir of his life, &c. 377.—Re-
view of his writings, vi. 53, 384.

Roberts, Mr. T. his Missionary sermon,
ii. 219.

Robinson, Robert, quoted, ii. 205.—Sketch
of a sermon, vi. 99.

, Thomas, memoir of, iii. 161.

, Benjamin, memoir of, viii. 97.

Roby, Mr. W. a short sermon by, vi. 101.
Roman history, an interesting subject, i. 80.
Rogers, Mr. Timothy, memoir of, viii. 193.
Ruth, her history illustrated and improved,

ix. 289. j

Ryland, Dr. his Missionary sermon, vi. 219.

Sabellianism, refutation of, iv. 285, and v.

Salvation of man, entirely of God, i. 354.

Samaria, described, vi. 305.

Saul of Tarsus, his conversion improved,
x. 161.

Sanctification, its different senses explain-
ed, iii. 341.—Is progressive, 842.—Essay
on the subject, viii. 10, 38.

Say, Mr. Samuel, some account of, ix. 97.

Saunders, Mr. S. his Missionary sermon,
account of, iv. 266.

Scriptures, their properties illustrated, ii.
231.—Their excellencies shewn, iii. 166,
—Importance of knowing them, ix. 71.
—and reading them in public, x. 245.

Schism, enquiry respecting, v. 349.

Scenes in India, ix. 213.

Serampore Missionaries defended, ii. 308.

Sceptic, queries of a, x. 214.—Answered,

Scott, Thomas, quoted, vi. 328.—His death
recorded, vii. 159.

Scottish Baptist churches, advice to, vii.
46, 110.

Self-denial essential to the Christian cha-
racter, i. 201.

Self, an idol worshipped by many mi-
nister iii. 18.

Senex, his reply to Humanitas, ix. 129.

Sermon on 2 Cor. iv. 7, i. 297, 338.

Psalm lxxxix. 19. i. 353.

Luke ii. 10,11. i. 385.

Dan. xii. 4, ii. 59. .

Sermons, disquisition on their various pro-
perties, x. 17.

Shirreff, Mr. particulars of his case, x. 27.
—His baptism and ordination at Glas-
gow, 30.

Signs of the times, adverted to, i. 60, and
viii. 86.

Siste Viator.' a poem translated by Mr.
Bowring, ix. 174.

Sin, its malignity evinced by the atone-
ment, vii. 19.—The unpardonable, ex-
plained, ii. 193.

Slave trade at Sierra Leone, revival of,
ix. 95,121.

Socinianism subversive of the gospel, iii.
354, 364.

Sound doctrine, on the nature of, x. 342,368.

Sovereignty of God, thoughts on, v. 45.

Spencer, Rev. T. memoir of, ii. 403.

Spirituality of mind important to ministers,
iv. 5.

Stennett, Mr. Joseph, original letter from,
viii. 42.

Spirits of the prophets, explained, iv. 75.

State of the world when Christ appeared,
i. 262.

Steadman, Dr. his Association sermon, v.
30.—and pastoral charge, 115.
3 F


Stock, Dr. his letter to Mr. Rowe, Hi. 274.
—Vindicated, iv. 38.

Sunday reading, ii. 197.

Superville, Mr. some account of, iii. 20.

Swedenborg, Emanuel, his system ex-
amined, ir. 361.

Strictures on religious magazines, i. 6.

Strict communion vindicated, v. 49, and
vii. 323.

Sybilline oracles, Dr. Horsley's acconnt of,
i. 314.

Sufferings of Christ considered, vii. 107,
132,168, and x. 47.—Ought not to be re-
presented in paintings, viii. 80.

Sowerby, Mr. Thomas, some acconnt of,
v. 116.

Strictures on Mr. O'Donnghue, v. 15,—and
the Christian Observer, 18.

Stephen the Martyr, his case improved,
ix. 377.

Sutcliff, Mr. J. some account of, vi. 68.—
Original letter from, x. 246.

Taylor, Mr. Dan, memoir of, iii. 33. 129.

Taylor, Bishop Jeremy, quoted, x. 276.

Tamoree, king of Atooi, his letter, vii. 205.

Teignmouth, Lord, some account of, x. 333.

Tempt, meaning of in the case of Abra-
ham, i. 67.

Tenax's letters, see Protestant Nonconfor-

Testimony of conscience, illustrated, iv.

Thomson, Mr. his letters from South Ame-
rica, ix. 188, x. 58.

Thornton, Henry, Esq. memoir of, i. 97.

, John, Esq. original letter of, i.


Tiberias, its present state described, vi.

Time, a talent to be improved, i. 133.—Re-
flections on its brevity, ii. 311.—The
subject improved, iii. IS.

Toller, Mr. his death, vii. 159.

Tottlebank, letter from the church at, x.

Towgood on dissent, referred to, iii. 202.

Townsend, Mr. John, his address at the
grave of Mr. Hardcastle, v. 243.

Tuscarora Indians described, vi. 341.

Unbelief, its nature and criminality ex-
plained, vii. 343.

Universal restoration, strictures on, ii. 161.

Universal redemption not a Scripture doc-
trine, vi. 333.

Unitarianisin shewn to be untenable, iii.

Unity of the Spirit, on the duty of keeping,

x. 305.
Unpardonable sin, enquiry concerning,

iii. 321.

Vanity of man, reflections on the, iv. 18.
Virgil's Pollio, pointed to the Messiah, i.

Vigil's letter to a young minister, x. 129.
Vision of Zahid, i. 366.
Voltaire, M. his account of Ignatius

Loyola, ii. 13.

Waddell, James, ablind preacher, account

of, i. 11.
Waldenses, history of, vindicated, v. 371. and Albigenses, ii. 47, 211.—

Referred to, x. 237, 275.
Walker, Mr. J. strictures on, v, 400, 415.
Walking by faith, illustrated, v. 92.
War, its evils described, iv. 25.—Defensive,

allowable, x. 108.
Wardlaw, Dr. his character of W.Dnrant,

viii. 176.
Warburton, Bishop, what he thought of the

Church of England, iii. 209.—His ser-
mons quoted, x. 202.
Ward, Mr. of Serampore, v. 260, 425.—His

death recorded, ix. 278.—Memoir of, x.

1.—His Farewell Letters quoted, 132.
Watts, Dr. quoted, on the independence

of churches, iv. 249.
Watson, Mr. Thomas, some acconnt of,

ix. 15.
Watt, James, his notes on Mr. Evans's

Dialogues, vi. 271, 294, 323.—His death,

vii. 159.
Weekly communion defended, iii. 269.
Washing away of sin in baptism, explained,

ix. 388.
Whitfield, George, his popularity, vi. 3.
Winter, Dr. R. quoted, ii. 113, note.
Witnesses of the Apocalypse, who, x. 249.
Witness of the Spirit, explained, iv. 247.
Witsius, Herman, memoir of, x. 45.
Wolsey, cardinal, his soliloquy, iii. 111.
Worship, an ambiguous term, ii. 105,134.

—Of heaven described, 142.

Young men, important advice to, viii. 92.

Zeal, in a good cause, recommended, iii.

Zuinglius, persecuted the Baptists, x. 250.
Abode of Wisdom, iii. 124.



Adams, Hannah, her Dictionary of Reli-
gions, i. 173.

Adam, Alex, bis select passages, &c. viii.

Address to Deists, on recent prosecutions,

Agnostos, his Thoughts on Baptism, v. 414.

Allen, Mr. John, on Modern Judaism ii.

Translation of Superville, iii. 20.

Outram on Sacrifices, iii. 373.

Andrews, Mr. his Sermons, ii. 353.

Ansteys, Mr. T. his Travellers, a poem. v.

Antidote to Atheism, v. 381.

Attempt to support the diversity of re-
wards, iii. 205.

Barnett, Francis, Memoirs of, ix. 223.

Barton, Mr. B. his Napoleon and other
Poems, ix. 81.

Baynes, Mr. Joseph, his Missionary Ser-
mon, ix. 219.

Belcher, Mr. Joseph, his Pastoral Narra-
tives, x. 318.

Belsliam, Mr. Thomas, his Epistles of Paul,
viii. 345, 377.

Bowring, Mr. his Russian Anthology, vii.
295.—Vol. ii. ix. 217.

Blair, Mr. on the Revival of Popery, v.

Boys, Mr. Thomas, his Sermons, vii. 393.

Brook, Benjamin, his History of Religious
Liberty, vii. 24, 48,83.

Brewston, James, his Testimonies to Re-
velation, viii. 319.

Browne, Joseph, his Marrow of Ancient
Divinity, vi. 56.121.

Brown, Mr. John, on Religion &c. v. 248,

, his London Missionary

Sermon, vii. 335.

-, Discourses on the Lord's

Supper, x. 90.
Brown, Mr. W. Selection of Passages, &c.

x. 222.
Brown, James Baldwin, Life of John

Howard, x. 52.
Brown, W. his Sermons for Families, vii.

Butler's Ray of Glorious Liberty, vii, 121.
Buddiconib's, M. Sermons on Faith and

Duty, ix. 84.
Bailey, T. his Poem, What is Life? vii.


Carnival of Death, viii. 212.

Sermon by a Layman, x.


Barclay, Mr. on the divisions in the Scot's
church, London Wall, i. 109.

Baxter's young Christian's Cyclopaedia, vi.

Bayford, Mr. on Messiah's kingdom, vii.

Beddoine's Twenty Short Discourses, vol.
IV. ii. 120.

Beauties of Mozart, &c. vii. 301.

Bennett, Solomon, his discourse on sacri-
fices, iii. 123.

Bonnatt, James, on the. errors of the
Church of Rome, iii. 55.'

- Support of the

Christian Ministry, vii. 187.

Bickersteth's Scripture Help, ii. 118.

Bernard, Sir T. on the comforts of old age,
iii. 87.

Bingley's, Mr. W. Biographical Conver-
sations, iv. 123.

Bible Class Book, iii. 244.

Birt, Mr. John, on the apostolic method of
preaching the gospel, i. 53.—His Sum-
mary of Popery, ix. 261.

Birt, Mr. Isaiah, on Adult Baptism, ix.

Bevan's, Mr. God in Christ, iv. 258.

Booker, Mr. his Euthanasia, ix. 85.

Biographical Dictionary of Living Authors,
i. 400.

Bishop of London's Charge in 1814, i. 16.

Chester, his Assize Sermon, v.


Bradley, Mr. his Sermons at High Wy-
combe, v. 141, and vii. 114.

Braidwood, Mr. his Remarks on Dr. Chal-
mers, ii. 347, 418.

, his Parental Duties, ix.


Bristed's Thoughts on the Anglican
Churches, ix. 185.

Brief Memoir of the Waldenses, ii. 50.

Buck, Mr. W. his Anecdotes, ii. 355.

Button, Mr. W. in Favour of Strict Com-
munion, ii. 178.

Burton, Mrs. her Poetical Effusions, iii.

Burden, Mr. H. F. his Mental Discipline,
viii. 281.

Carey and Lea's Geography of America,

ix. 118.
Christian Remembrancer, x. 26.
Churchill, Mr. James, his Anecdotes, vii.

Clark's Chart of the World, viii. 353. James, Observations on Forgiveness,

ix. 117.

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