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Almost awake? Why, what is this, and whence,

O ye right loyal men, all undefiled?
Sure, 'tis not possible that Common Sense

Has hitch'd her pullies to each heavy eye-lid?

Yet wherefore else that start, which discomposes

The drowsy waters lingering in your eye?

And are you really able to descry
That precipice three yards beyond your noses ?

Yet flatter you I cannot, that your wit

Is much improved by this long loyal dosing;
And I admire, no more than Mr. Pitt,
Your jumps and starts of patriotic prosing-

Now cluttering to the Treasury Cluck, like chicken,

Now with small beaks the ravenous Bill opposing; With serpent-tongue now stinging, and now licking,

Now semi-sibilant, now smoothly glozing

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Now having faith implicit that he can't err,

Hoping his hopes, alarm’d with his alarms; And now believing him a sly inchanter,

Yet still afraid to break his brittle charms,

Lest some mad Devil suddenly unhamp'ring,

Slap-dash ! the imp should fly off with the steeple, On revolutionary broom-stick scampering.

O ye soft-headed and soft-hearted people,

If you can stay so long from slumber free, My muse shall make an effort to salute 'e:

For lo! a very dainty simile Flash'd sudden through my brain, and 'twill just suit 'e!

You know that water-fowl that cries, Quack! quack !?

Full often have I seen a waggish crew Fasten the Bird of Wisdom on it's back,

The ivy-haunting bird, that cries, Tu-whoo!

Both plunged together in the deep mill-stream,

(Mill-stream, or farm-yard pond, or mountain-lake,) Shrill, as a Church and Constitution scream, Tu-Whoo! quoth BROAD-FACE, and down dives the

Drake !

The green-neck'd Drake once more pops up to view,

Stares round, cries Quack! and makes an angry pother ; Then shriller screams the bird with eye-lids blue,

The broad-faced bird! and deeper dives the other. Ye quacking Statesmen! 'tis even so with you

One peasecod is not liker to another.

Even so on Loyalty's Decoy-pond, each

Pops up his head, as fir'd with British blood, Hears once again the Ministerial screech,

And once more seeks the bottom's blackest mud !



Fire. Famine, and Slaughter.





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