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Therefore, I do hereby appoint a SPECIAL SESSION of the legislative assembly of Wisconsin, to be held at the capitol in Madison, at twelve of the clock meridian, on MONDAY THE SIXTH DAY of March next. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name and

caused the great seal of said territory to be affixed, at [L. S.] Madisun, the seat of government of said territory, this

thirtieth day of January, A. D. 1843, and of the independence of the United States the sixty-seventh.

J. D. DOTY, By the Governor:

A. P. I'IELD, Secretary,


: 101398087

REPORT Of the Treasurer of the Territory, and accompanying documents.


Madison, April 12, 1843. To the Hon. the House of Representatives:

In compliance with a preamble and resolucion passed and adopted by your hon. body on the 3d inst., I herewith enclose to you statements giving you the information called for by said resolution.

In answer to the question, whether the duplicate receipts required by said act, mentioned in your resolution, were deposited with the treasurer previous to the issuing of such drafts or bills: my answer is, they were;—and whether such drafts or bills so returned by the secretary, and thus received by the treasury, were cancelled by writing the word "cancelled” on the face of each, as required by law: my answer is, they were not;—and in further answer must state to your hon. body, that it is out of my power at present to furnish you with the number of each draft surrendered by the secretary to the treasurer, to accompany this report, but will endeavor to do so as soon as practicable, the labor attending the same being extremely arduous. And also whether any of the vouchers or receipts at first deposited, have been withdrawn by any person, and others substituted in their stead: to this last inquiry, I can state that nothing of the kind has been done. All of which is respectfully submitted.


STATEMENT of Duplicate Receipts delivered to Col. A. P. Field, Secretary

of the Territory, on the surrender by him of scrip or drafts to the Treasurer of the Territory, equal in amount to the duplicate rsceipts delivered to him by the Treasurer.

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STATEMENT of Duplicate Receipts delivered to Col. A. P. Field, Secretary

of the Territory, on the surrender by him of scrip or drafts to the Treasurer of the Territory, equal in amount to the duplicate receipts delivered to him by the Treasurer.--(CONTINUED.)

Date dup. To whom payable.

For what service. Amount. rec'ts 1842| George Beatty, Secretary council, &c.

625 00 Feb. John Catlin, Chief clerk H. of R., &c. 290 00

Thomas J. Mormon, Sergeant-at-arms, H. of R. 275 00
Charles H. Larkin, Transcribing clerk, do., &c., 375 00
Ebenezer Childs, Sergeant-at-arms, council, 130 00
Robert Moore, Carrying wood, &c. : 212 25
Thomas Dailey, Hauling and chopping wood, 227 75
W, T. Sterling, Services as librarian,

227 75 Elisha Starr, Printing for Isgislature, | 25 00 J. M. Clark, Chaplain, council,

200 00 Clark & Jones, Ch'g's, and storeage on books, 39 25 Otis & Gove,

Chairs, &c. for capitol, 360 00 R. B. Redford, Labor fitting up halls,

10 00 A. R. Clark, (Hauling sheet iron, &c. | 10 00 Rhenodyne Bird, Services asst. librarian, 100 00 S. B. Thrasher, Ser. sergeant-at-arms, H. R. 32 00 John Dowling, Stove pipe for legislative hall, 163 00 Gratiot & Child, Hauling stoves and pipe, | 89 00 Cole & Arnold, Furniture for legislative hall, 103500 David Brigham, ' Post master, Madison, 1678 95

$10,520 33


STATEMENT of Dunlicate Receipts remaining in the hands of the Treas.

urer, for which script or drasts have nol been surrendered by the Secretary.




To whom issued. For what service. - Amount. rec'ts 1842 Feb. D.A. J. Upham, Member of the Council, 253 50 19. Lorenzo Janes, do . do : 261 00 Wm. Bullen,



1264 00 James Collins,



445 50 Catharine Arndt, | Extra pay to C.C.P.Arndt,dec. 204 00 Joseph Knapp, Trans. clerk pro tem., council, 15 00 John F. Potter, Trans.clerk of do 210 00 J. É. Dodge,

Assisiant secretary do 136 50 T. J. Emerson,


do 126 00 J. C. Knapp,

Transcribing clerk H. of Ř. 210 00 Chas. C. Savage, 18 days do do 154 00 John F. Mead, Chief ass’t clerk,

270 00 Thomas L. Franks, Messenger

1190 00 David Bonham, Door keeper

193 00 Daniel F. Kimball, L do pro tem.,

1 15 00 Charles E. Brown, Ass't do.

do 1175 00 John Graham, do

council, $175 00 Wm. S. Derring, Door keeper, do 175 00 J. A Hebbard, Ass't door keeper H. of R. 15 00 R. L. Ream, Trans. clerk pro tem., do 15 00 W. G. Van Bergen,'| Making fire in Gov, room, &c. 202 50 Wallace Mygatt,

Furnishing newspapers to leg. 25 00 J. A. Noonan, Pub. laws 1841, and newspårs | 97 00 George Hyer, “ proceedings of H. of R. 150 00 Charles C. Sholes, Printing for legislature, &c. 481907 Harrison Reed, ,06 laws and newspapers, 1100 00 John Delany, Pub. laws of 1810 and 1841, \ 75 00 Boyd Phelps, Chaplain of the H. of R. 200 00 E. M. Williamson,

Ass. trans. clerk, of council, 16 00
J, A. Hibbard, Transporting laws,

5 50
Stephen F. Gale, Stationery for leg, assembly, 1509
La Fayette Kellogg, Rent sup.ct. clerk's office,&c. 26
Nicholas Smith, Sewing and binding carp't &c. 80 00
J. V. Saydam,

Furnishing newspapers to leg./ 10 00
Daniel Baxter, Candles, stationery and lumbor|105 00
Geo. P. Delaplaine, Transporting laws,

25 00 James Morrison, Issuing drafis,'

125 00 Wm. Pyncheon, Making boxes for stoves, &c./ 9 00 J. E. Arnold, Examining Min. Pt. Bank, 130 00 A. P. Field, \Postage,stationery hauling fur-|

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