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froin Milwaukee, for an increased representation in the

board of supervisors, 232.
relative to a file engine cornpany, 243.
for an amendment of the charter of the town of Mil.

waukee, 261.
for the repeal of certain laws relating to lands sold for

taxes, 262.
for the addition of certain lands to Southport, 263,

for the alteration of a territorial road, 318.
PRINTING, proposals for, 41, 42, 59, 76, 80, 81.
PROCEEDINGS, of meeting relative to canal, 115.
Quorum, not present, 39, 40, 41.
REMONSTRANCES, against the setting off of the town of Monroe, 65.

against the division of the towns of Beloit and

Clinton, 53, 95.
against the erection of a dam on Rock river, 73.
against a division of the town of Union, 102.
against a division of Iowa county, 211, 212.
against a division of the town of Southport, 232.

against a removal of the seat of government, 232.
REPORTS, of committees to wait upon the governor, 6, 7, 46, 58,

175, 179.
of John Y. Smith, commissioner of public buildings, 7,9.
of receiver and register of Milwaukee and Rock river

canal, 9, 33.
of the joint commitiee to inquire into the legality of

the present session, 14 to 26.
of the joint committee of conference, on the resolutions

relative to the present session, 33.
of the joint committee to draft a menorial for the re-

moval of J. D. Doty, 34.
of the committee of conference on the resolutions to

authorize the purchase of stationory, 71.
of committee on petition from town of Rock, 77.
of committee to revise the standing rules of the council,

of committee to revise the rules for the government of

both houses, 78.
of committee on legislative expenditures, relative to the

appropriation of congress of December 24, 1842,

111, 112.
of the joint committee on enrolled bills, relative to the

conduct of the governor on the presentation of an
act, 114.

of the territorial auditor, 149, 151, 152.
joint report of the committee to ascertain the condition

of the library, &c., 151.
of joint commilice on the papers of D. Baxter, 166, 167.
of the judiciary committee, relative to the governor's

estimates for the expenses of the legislature, 205.
of commitee on incorporations, on the petition of J. F.

Chapman, 225, 237,238.
of joini committee on the settlement with D. Baxter,

of committee on territorial expenditures, on the ac.

counts of T. Erstman and J.A. Noonan, 251; on that
of W.W. Wyman, 255; on those of D, M, Whitney, T.

Eastman, J. A. Noonan and H. O. Sholes, 255.
of the committee on the judiciary, relative to the suit

commenced against the territory by W. Doughty, 274,
275, 289.
of committee on territorial affairs, on the message of

the governor relative to the share of Wisconsin in the

proceeds of the public lands, 275.

of committee to cancel scrip, &c, 353.
RESULUTIONS, of the Council

relative to standing rules of council; 5, 69.
relative to incidental printing; 8.
relative to a report from the territorial treasurer; 14,

74, 80.
relative to a quorum; 42.
to give the use of the hall to the territorial temper.

ance society; 54.
relative to postage; 66, 254, 256, 257, 267, 266.
relative to admitting the editor and reporters of the

Wisconsin Enquirer to seats within the bar of

the council; 74, 75.
calling on the treasurer of the territory for infor-

mation relative to territorial drafts; 77, 80.
relative to the indebtedness of the territory on ac-

count of canal lands, and right of territory in the

water power in Milwaukee; 79.
relative to fees of clerks in cases of naturalization;

79, 80. .
for referring the several subjects in the governor's

message; 81, 82, 83.
relative to newspapers for members; 83, 84, 87,

89, 90.
calling on the governor for a copy of his letter to

the sec'y of the treasury, relative to the indebt-
edness of the territory; 84.

requesting from the house papers relative to the

purchase of stationery; 85.
calling on the Milwaukee and Rock river canal

company, for a statement relative to expendi-

tures, &c.; 91.
authorizing secretary to employ persons to engross

and enroll bills; 100.
relative to the board of canal commissiovers, &c.

and for the redemption of the canal lands sold

for taxes; 103.
relative to the appropriation by congress for legisla-

tive expenses, of 24th Dec. 1842; 103, 104.
relative to a difficulty between A. Botkin and the

sergeant-at-arms; 108, 109,
relative to inviting a clergyman to open the sessions

with prayer; 111, 114.
tendering thanks to Hon. Moses M. Strong; 127.
relative to a law for the election of county officers;

calling on the governor for information relative to

canal bonds; 134.
relative to the refusal of the governor to receive a

bill and joint resolution; 136.
tendering the use of the council chamber to the

democratic territorial convention; 156.
relative to the county of St. Croix; 163.
relative to certificates of travel and attendance of

members; 172, 173, 261.
tendering thanks to the Hon. Morgan L. Martin;

176, 371.
continuing the organization of last session; 178.
directing the secretary to inform the house of the

organization of council and election of presi-

dent; 178.
relative to a bill sent to the house by “mistake;"

182, 183.
relative to business referred to committees at the

last session; 183.
calling on the governor for copies of his estimates

for the support of the territorial government;

relative to measures for presenting a proper esti-

mate to the treasury department; 198, 199,
appointing John P. Sheldon secretary of the coun-

cil; 201, 202.
relative to appropriation bills; 206.

granting the use of the council chamber to Rev.

Mr. Mathews; 227, 228.
relative to a memorial to congress concerning the

estimates for legislative expenses, &c.; 228.
calling on governor for information relative to the

share of Wisconsin in the proceeds of the pub-

lic lands; 254, 262.
relative to attendance and pay of members; 261,

relative to commencement of daily sessions; 262.

relative to the services of R. L. Ream; 263, 272.
RESOLUTIONS, (Joint and requiring the concurrence of both houses.)

of the joint committee to inquire as to the legality

of the present session, accompanying the report
of said committee, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30, 31, 32,

37, 38.
(C.) relative to a loan, by the commissioners of the

Milwaukee and Rock river canal, 31, 32, 35, 36.
(C.) relative to the election of commissioner of pub-

lic buildings, 35.
(C.) relative to adjournment, 36, 37, 38.
°C.) relative to the session of the legislative assem-

bly and the conduct of the executive, 46, 47,

48, 49.
(C.) relative to the adjournment of the legislative

assembly to "the 6th day of March next,” 52,

53, 54, 55, 56.
(C) relative to the north-west and south-west com-

mittee rooms of the capitol, 66, 68.
(C.) relative 10 a committee to revise the system of

town government, &c., 68, 71, 75, 82.
(C.) relative to the north-western boundary, 74, 86,

91, 92, 93, 94.
(C.) to authorize the cancelling of certain canal
bonds, 97, 99, 104, 108, 109, 114, 115, 121,

132-approved, 136.
(C.) relative to the present session of the assembly,

&c., 117, 118, 119, 124.
(C.) relative to depositing the territorial revenue in

the hands of responsible officers, 118 119.
(C.) relative to asking an appropriation of land of

congress for the establishment of asylums, 123,
124, 131, 133, 161, 219, 222, 223, 236—ap.

(C.) providing for the destruction of certain canal

bonds, 138, 139, 152.

(C.) relative to the adjournment of the session com-

mencing on the 27th March, 1843, 158 to 161.
(C.) for a joint committee, to settle with Daniel Bax-

ter, 167, 171.
(C.) relative to an appropriation bill, 187, 192.
(C.) directing the superintendent of territorial pro-

perty not to receive certain stationery, 200, 204.
(C.) relative to wood for the legislative assembly,

207, 298, 209, 218, 264, 268, 274, 281-ap-

(C.) relative to the mode of levying and collecting

territorial revenue, 212, 213.
(C.) for the distribution of American state papers,

relating to lands; 212, 214, 221, 224, 239, 245,

314, 321, 368, 369.
(C.) authorizing the committee appointed to settle

with Baxter to send for persons and papers; 220,

222, 223.
(C.) relative to the indebtedness of the territory on

account of the Milwaukee and Rock river canal;

221, 258, 266, 269.
(C.) relative to the distributive share of Wisconsin

in the net proceeds of the public lands; 226,
228, 257, 259, 266, 277, 287, 288, 295, 296,
313, 315, 319, 322, 359, 360, passed on re-

consideration, 364.
(C.) authorizing librarian to subscribe for gazetteer;

(C.) relative to the completion of the capitol; 246,

247, 257, 258, 259, 260, 261.
(C.) to provide for receiving from the United States

treasury certain moneys, and paying out the same;

246, 247, 257, 259.
(C.) relative to making a settlement with the Mil-

waukee and Rock river canal company; 265,

270, 277, 278, 283, 297, 298.
(C) limiting the introduction of bills in either house;
' 270, 279, 280.
(C.) relative to the election of a person to defend

in a suit against the territory; 275, 286.
(C.) relative to wood for the office of clerk sup.ct.;

310, 311.
(C.) relative to printing laws, journals, &c. ; 312,

315, 316, 361, 362, 364, 365, 366.
(C.) calling on the secretary of the territory for a

report, to be made at the next annual sestion ;
356, 365.

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